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Plays_On_TrainTracks t1_jb139nw wrote

Its a still picture of a bunch of guys waiting for that giant piece of track to be placed down by the crane.


Comprehensive_Heat25 t1_jb1zpt8 wrote

Yah. All the I’m sure they have a specific task quotes still doesn’t help convey the image of “hard work” when they can’t do anything on time or on budget. How does it go… If you want it cheap and fast it won’t be good. If you want it cheap and good it won’t be fast. If you want it fast and good it wont be cheap.


Plays_On_TrainTracks t1_jb2aj5r wrote

I'm not sure what you think this job is, but you'll need a bunch of people to remove the old panel, then install the new panel. They pick the ties up disconnect the rail joints and it's a big job.

Then they have to wait while the new one is put in the install and connect it.

Even the yellow hats in the corner are there doing the signal side of this with all the work related to signal equipment.

Power department too connecting the third rail

Notice power in grey hats and signal in yellow don't have a ton of guys because the work is less labor intensive.

Would you rather in this example shown above, have the people all leave and go do something else in the time being while the crane does they're thing?

You picked a weird picture to bitch and moan about people not working as hard as you want them to.


Comprehensive_Heat25 t1_jb36kh8 wrote

I’m not sure you understand what the word ‘optics’ means.


Plays_On_TrainTracks t1_jb72de8 wrote

Go ahead and explain what you mean by optics


Comprehensive_Heat25 t1_jb73b7h wrote

Oh, sure. It’s where perception matters more than the reality of whatever a business or government publishes. So, this image and the discussion that has followed is a prime example. The perception from those not “in the know” makes it look like they are just standing around, even though the reality, as you’ve pointed out is completely opposite. Unfortunately despite you being 100% correct, it truly doesn’t matter. You see this in politics all the time as well.


Plays_On_TrainTracks t1_jb78mzl wrote

So you want people to look busy for 30 minutes because your feelings? Kinda stupid.


Comprehensive_Heat25 t1_jb797pu wrote

LOL. If you still don’t get I’m not going to continue wasting my time, but here’s one last shot.

Not saying that the people don’t ever do work. Not saying they need to look busy 24/7. The point is, if you want to try and paint a picture of “hard work” showing a picture of a bunch of people standing around aint the way. The OP coulda selected a better image for that. Imma just sit over here with my feelings while you play on your train tracks.