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JordanRulz t1_jb1b8sj wrote

you know how bad things have gotten when californian public transit can be positively compared in any way to public transit here


Luke90210 t1_jb1gsuy wrote

Thats not completely true. Parts of the BART system are now reaching end of life stages where the very concrete is wearing out. It wasn't designed to be used so heavily by so many. In contrast the NYC subway is designed and expected to move millions 24/7.


Jokershigh t1_jb1fp6o wrote

I don't think it runs 24/7 and I believe the systems are massively smaller


NoodleShak t1_jb2myd6 wrote

Former bay area resident, it does not run 24/7 and they have 50 stations to maintain whil we have over 400 I believe.

Really what I want to know is why the PATH system sucks, its like 10 stations? How do they have such shitty service times and delays.


Makeyoownmoney t1_jb2v6b6 wrote

I only know San Diego, the Coaster and the Blue and Orange lines. Plus the 235 bus. They were all great. Like 6.50 for a day pass - was $5. Vagrants like to hang out and pee off the bus station benches in the daylight.


caffeine314 t1_jb398w0 wrote

Granted, this was the 90s. I'd take MUNI from SFSU to my house in Sunset. Usually clean, pretty reliable. Pretty far from the San Francisco nonsense of downtown.