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TeamMisha t1_jb2qbls wrote

My original post was referring to the N/W which does not have CBTC upgrades yet AFAIK. I know the Queens Blvd line is in the process but I believe it is heavily delayed.


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TeamMisha t1_jb7fpyr wrote

> NW is trash now

Yep I mean they don't call the N the 'never' for nothing! Even during RUSH hours, I'm consistently hitting gaps where I'm waiting 7, 8, even 10 minutes for a train. Why are we still constantly getting cancelled trains? Insult to injury they cut R service too, so even if you're lucky enough to live in the parts of Astoria where you're equidistant to both lines, the R is no saving grace. Plus no M service on weekends by us, so you are STILL waiting minimum of 12-15 minutes on the weekends whether you go to something on the N or say Steinway St.