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George4Mayor86 t1_jb5mt9r wrote

> The perpetrators also told each other to cover their faces to evade prosecution and to use the term “Zionists” instead of Jews, apparently to avoid allegations of antisemitism.

But very serious people assured me “antizionism” is never just a cover for antisemitism.


BigDickJimmy1123 t1_jb653d3 wrote

Gee I wonder why mods hid this post for 22 hours and it’s at 64% upvoted? This sub is usually very outspoken about hate crimes


NetQuarterLatte t1_jb6qy8e wrote

>A federal judge in New York City on Friday sentenced a pro-Palestinian activist to 18 months in prison for a series of attacks on Jews in 2021 and 2022.

Meanwhile, that rapist case is pending from 2019 and was roaming free.

TIL: the NY justice system is so shitty that the federal justice system is more efficient.

As one of the leading states in the nation, how proud can we really be about NY's judicial system?

>Masoud later messaged a Jewish Instagram account that posted about the incident, saying, “I feel bad for you zionist people when judgment day comes and we slaughter all of them like sheep.”

This guy should've been convicted on terrorism charges, to be honest.


chumboschrute t1_jb6dbsz wrote

What this guy is quickly gnna realize in prison is that he may hate Jews but the AB hates Muslims just as much as this prick hates Jews.


spicytoastaficionado t1_jb6m6ui wrote

Considering the scope of the attacks on multiple people from 2021-2022, he should have gotten significantly more time.