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pixel_of_moral_decay t1_jb3e9l1 wrote

This was always a place to test technology they hoped to eventually sell as a service to merchants.

They don’t need it anymore, they have WholeFoods which can do the job.

What’s odd is how long they kept it going.

Amazon eventually wants a cut of every stores revenue by powering them the same way AWS powers so much of the internet.


TheTeenageOldman t1_jb394fl wrote

Don't understand why Amazon feels the need to operate what's basically an upscale bodega...


spicytoastaficionado t1_jb4vdl6 wrote

As u/pixel_of_moral_decay's comment said, it was ultimately a proof-of-concept for their "Just Walk Out" technology.

The long-term plan for Amazon is to sell this tech to retailers across the world.

They've had five years to fine-tune the weight sensors, deep-learning, cameras, etc.


_allycat t1_jb3szuz wrote

To test their creepy AI surveillance checkout system.


thebruns t1_jb3loip wrote

They didn't even manage to be cheaper


Shawn_NYC t1_jb3vqs6 wrote

That was the surprise to me. I visited a couple times but outside of the novelty, I couldn't see a reason to ever visit one.


Tatar_Kulchik t1_jb69zhn wrote

i know some office workers liek it to be able to quickly pick up something to eat and no liens


phoenixmatrix t1_jbbl49m wrote

I love Amazon Go. Go in, pick stuff, get out. Using the palm scanner I don't even need to take out my phone or wallet. Great if I just want a quick snack or drink.

My only issue with them is the way they cycle their inventory. If I want popcorn chicken, its a gamble if they're gonna have it or not and seems semi-random. The breakfast options completely suck too.

But I really like the store's concept.


baofa13 t1_jb3ics0 wrote

Hopefully they start selling this technology to pharmacies so Duane Reade and others can unlock everything again!


HusdonRiver t1_jb4v23c wrote

People will take anything not bolted down. And then they come back with bolt cutters.


baofa13 t1_jb4ye2b wrote

Not if they can’t get in without being identified and tied to a credit card. That’s the beauty of amazons tech


kiklion t1_jb5zcx6 wrote

I thought NYC had a ‘must accept cash’ law passed not too long ago? How would this circumvent that? Or am I mistaken?


baofa13 t1_jb62w39 wrote

That’s a stupid law that should not be in place


Tatar_Kulchik t1_jb6a3zp wrote

Well, their logic was illegal immigrants and disppropriation amount of poorer people and minorities are non or under banked and therefore rely on cash


[deleted] t1_jb6z01f wrote

Indeed. I am homeless and a good chunk of my income is in cash (yes income, I work). I cannot describe how frustrating it is being mad hungry and being a vegetarian and not being able to buy my damn burrito bowl at chipotle. It also caused problems when Manhattan Mini switched to not accepting cash. It made paying my bill a circus to get money onto a card to pay and was part of the reason I closed my unit last month. So even though it's law, some folks still don't all oblige.


phoenixmatrix t1_jbbl8ib wrote

Amazon Go doesn't have much worth stealing. If it was used in a legit pharmacy people would just jump the gates.


baofa13 t1_jbblgf8 wrote

Wow that solves like an unsolvable problem!


MemoLePewPew5 t1_jb35ykd wrote

“Im shocked” I claimed, with a straight face.

With all the tech layoffs, Im not surprised. Also, pretty sure the brains atop figured they can just save costs & take all that merchandise into the Whole Foods stores, saving on rent munnies, products and everything else in-between.


thereallysososantini t1_jb4xj02 wrote

A lot of hate for Amazon Go stores in this thread, but working in an office complex that has one has been great. Food and drink are far cheaper than any place else in the neighborhood. I can pop in and (yes) pick up milk at lunch to take home, a coffee, a fountain soda, a soup, a salad, bagel, yogurt, ice cream, headache pills or a Slim Jim for lunch. The selection is great, the prices are great, and the just walk out tech is amazing. You can literally be in and out in under a minute most of the time.

I love Amazon Go.


kjuneja t1_jb6lfzr wrote

Great for kids too.

Family from out of city thinks it's magic.

1 in 4 times the sensors miss an item too. Big saves there


Burrito_Chingon t1_jb7sgo6 wrote

I went to Amazon Go next to WTC last year and was a great experience.

Went to the store in the morning since I was in hurry and didn't want to go to local bakery due to wait on the line. Took me only less that 4 minutes to pickup what I need. The food quality was similar like getting from airport but overall food was fresh and have no complaints.

I wish we can have this we're I live.


pompcaldor t1_jb4qpvr wrote

There are 10 of these things in Manhattan (including the combined Starbucks ones). They’re closing 2.


D_Ashido t1_jb5mdn6 wrote

They didn't even tell us the location of the NYC stores that are closing. Here are the rest of the details they skimped on:

> "In New York City, the two Amazon Go stores at the cross-section of Maiden Lane and Pearl and on Park Ave South will permanently close down on April 1, Gizmodo reported." ~ K. Masing on 3/6/23.

  • Location 1: 110 Maiden Ln

  • Location 2: 315 Park Ave S


kjuneja t1_jb6l8ao wrote

I was sure it was going to be the one at 165 Broadway.

Thx 👍


GVas22 t1_jb4mu9a wrote

The tech was kind of neat but I didn't really see the point.

They're mostly located around office buildings rather than residential areas. Nobody was going in to grab a half gallon of milk during work hours, and their lunch selection was a bunch of pre-made refrigerated sandwiches and wraps.

Also, it's not like check out times are crazy long at a standard bodega and this was a solution.


Strawbalicious t1_jb4s1vg wrote

I'm one of the few that lives close to one of these, and I pop in once a week to get some snacks, fountain soda, and some frozen dinners and dessert. Prices are comparable to other convenience stores and the novelty definitely is, well, novel. But I've never once seen it busy.


The_Wee t1_jb4yxj9 wrote

It was good for breakfast on the way into the office. Grab a yogurt, the cup with 2 hard boiled eggs and spinach, and when it was on special a coffee.


kjuneja t1_jb58u9v wrote

The one by Brookfield Mall is popping during lunch hour


Classic_Weakness_455 t1_jb4vx50 wrote

There's a huge Amazon version of this in NJ, it's a game changer. Totally different when you go to the size of a real grocery store, it's going to change everything once it gains steam and gets implemented everywhere.


Tatar_Kulchik t1_jb6a7zr wrote



Classic_Weakness_455 t1_jb6g5qv wrote

Paramus, they're building another one nearby that location.

Seriously mind blowing. 🤯. I wasn't impressed with the Amazon bodegas but it's a different experience when you're hand picking the fruit, ordering meat from the butcher, going to the bathroom, etc. Literally just put things in your carryout bag and walk right out. Soooo seamless and convenient.


shant_jan t1_jb39z0m wrote

god the commercials for those were so strange


Tatar_Kulchik t1_jb6ad0f wrote

never saw one. what made it strange?


shant_jan t1_jb6b95h wrote

it was a ballerina-model joyously dancing through what looked like a particularly drab looking convenience store to grab some prepackaged "fresh" food and tap her card at the kiosk to checkout without any cashier.

like the selling point was that these stores had all the fun of a bus station Quick Check but without any people around.


payeco t1_jbaoy0u wrote

IMO the entire purpose of these stores was as a stop to impress your parents when they visit from the suburbs.


mallgoethe t1_jblgoff wrote

post-modernity won't be punished, post-modernity is the punihsment


MrFishpaw t1_jb3nryu wrote

I always thought these were creepy and dystopian. I don't need 300 cameras watching me pick out a fucking sandwich.


ForlornKumquat t1_jb4e5bz wrote

You already have 300 cameras watching you every time you go to any major store. At least these do something cool that actually benefits you.


2heads1shaft t1_jb43191 wrote

Uh, you do, to pay. That’s the point. If you don’t like it, then you don’t go in.