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StoryAndAHalf t1_jbas6nr wrote

Been there for more than 2 decades actually.

E: to address those kitschy stores - Ridgewood has had stores open and close every year. I remember Ridgewood theater, I remember FYE, the Wendy’s before current one, ABC moving 3 times, KMart, even a damn beepers store. A decade ago, there were like 4 locations of Esparks (like Starbucks, but blue). So it’s not just last 4 years. It’s been like this as far as I remember.


iknowyouright t1_jbavuam wrote

Well I'll believe you since you've been here so long, but damn if rents haven't skyrocketed alongside these Williamsburg-lite stores. It certainly feels like gentrification


StoryAndAHalf t1_jbaw7ao wrote

My parents bought their house for 200k in late 90s. Before then we lived in Brooklyn. By the time I was looking for homes in the area, maybe 2012 or 2013, they were 750k average. Now over a million. So yeah, it’s been crazy trying to stay in the neighborhood.