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StoryAndAHalf t1_je51j17 wrote

Good for them. Don’t have time to read the article, but I’m guessing they are now raising the dead? Necromancy is really an untapped market.


shant_jan OP t1_je54e71 wrote

lol per The City's Instagram post that brought me to the article, they are focusing their retirement on community organizing in their neighborhood and trying to get a youth rec center built


namedafteracartoon2 t1_je58ls7 wrote

Damn what legends, I had no idea they existed ... but wow after learning about them, what legends


marlowescoffeemaker t1_je5dsxw wrote

"Life after Death" was right there as a title and the writer didn't use it??


Delylah25 t1_jebcvo5 wrote

Salute to you guys. Thanks for all your services 💜