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blakeley t1_jdybqdl wrote

We had perfect weather this weekend.


drumsplease987 t1_jdygxtb wrote

Just pretending Saturday didn’t exist, huh?


SeanFromQueens t1_jdyizs7 wrote

Maybe if you wanted to fly a kite with a little bit of rain, it was the perfect day for you.


nautical_nonsense_ t1_jdypzvf wrote

True, was the best of both worlds for a peaceful gloomy day and fun in the sun this weekend.


eyesRus t1_jdzqzpa wrote

It was totally ideal. One day with weather shitty enough to eliminate any guilt you might feel for staying inside all day. One day for awesome activities.


I__LOVE__LSD t1_jdys8t7 wrote

I legit love walking outside in the rain, so Saturday was perfect for me. Sunday was okay.


tyen0 t1_jdykwhm wrote

I went to the zoo just wearing a t-shirt sunday!

(well, and pants)


taybul t1_jdzizhv wrote

Just Winnie the Pooh'ing it on the weekends!


Tememachine t1_jdyvgnf wrote

This sunday was perfect. I've never seen Central Park so packed.


as1126 t1_jdzfy3m wrote

I decided Sunday would be the perfect day to take in the Orchid Show. Line went around the building, so we decided a walk around the garden would have to do. I’ve never seen the NYBG so crowded in my life.


AnneArchy123 t1_jdyhqwb wrote

Yea I'm like a little kid like today at work walking to lunch I still think it's cool to look up at the tall buildings.


_therisingstar t1_jdynejs wrote

When I’ve had a really really bad day I’ll look up at the buildings and feel so much warmth. If I’m miserable, at LEAST I am miserable here!!


Tememachine t1_jdyvkea wrote

On a bad day, I used to go to rooftops and order a coffee at like 1pm when I worked in Midtown.


OnFolksAndThem t1_jdzzo1o wrote

Working in nyc has ruined the skyscrapers for me. I know in each little window is a stressed out person.

Maybe not anymore in the age of wfh. But I know what it represents.


Batchagaloop t1_je04y9u wrote

Wow, I mean I guess. You can also imagine someone who works doing what they love and making a ton of money doing it.


donodank t1_jdz0l0n wrote

Lol I feel the same walking to work. While also pondering "I wonder what's going in those buildings?"


Titan_Astraeus t1_je02fu7 wrote

They really can be beautiful, and there's always new features that you probably never really appreciated on the same buildings you pass many times.. Especially some of the older ones with really intricate brickwork and other designs.


--------rook t1_je09jr8 wrote

I just read an NYT piece about NYC landmark buildings, and I'm not usually interested in architecture all that much but I'm so fascinated by the types of architecture there is in one city, and they're all so beautiful and with interesting stories, too. It's a dream for me to go there one day.


AnneArchy123 t1_je0cbg7 wrote

Yea I passed the Solow Building yesterday I like those 70's curved buildings like that and the Grace Building.


shitthatmakesmelaugh t1_jdyf72t wrote

People, in general, always remember & fixate on the negative. But there’s a reason so many people live here :)


afunnywold t1_jdyx2qc wrote

Could just be a positive person who likes to travel and share their favorite things from different cities...


sudosciguy t1_jdzl58w wrote

Agreed, the paranoia and cynical thinking seems pretty unjustified.


ego49er t1_je07kvc wrote

Maybe not a troll post but definitely copy and pasted from the original


-mh3 t1_jdydbhf wrote

The greatest city in America!


I__LOVE__LSD t1_jdyshgp wrote

> The greatest city. in America!

Maybe I'm being closed-minded, but I've been to many of the other great cities of the world, and I don't believe there's any city as great as NYC.


Tememachine t1_jdyvn1p wrote

I agree. There is no better/more cosmopolitan city in the world.


tripsafe t1_jdzpasv wrote

What do you mean by cosmopolitan? The literal definition is about how diverse and what proportion of immigrants make up a city's population. Cities like London, Toronto, and Sydney have New York beat in that respect.


RainbowCrown71 t1_jdzsddu wrote

Sydney and Toronto are not more diverse than New York. They’re largely Asian and White. New York has everything.

London is a worthy competitor though.

And diversity =/ immigrants. There’s racial, religious, socioeconomic, ethnic, age, political diversity. All are just as valid as “% who are immigrants”


oldtrenzalore t1_je01ez1 wrote

> They’re largely Asian and White.

I’m not going to argue that Toronto is more diverse. I think the UN seals the deal for NYC. But this is a weird statement to make. Toronto is less white than NYC, and “Asian” over simplifies a diverse group, which includes 14% South Asian (Indian, Pakistan, etc), 10% Chinese, 6% Filipino, 2.5% West Asian (ie middle eastern), 2% Southeast Asian, 1.5% Japanese, and 1.5% Arab.

My go-to metric is language. There are 700 spoken in NYC. Toronto is 200, and London is 250. (All approximate)


RainbowCrown71 t1_je01x75 wrote

No, New York is 31% European White, 29% Hispanic, 20% Black, 14% Asian. Toronto is 44% European White, 37% Asian, 10% Black, 3% Hispanic.

81% of Toronto is White or Asian. That doesn’t scream super diverse to me.

Diverse would be Queens: 28% Hispanic, 26% Asian, 24% European White, 16% Black.


oldtrenzalore t1_je03299 wrote

> New York is 31%

Yes, if you choose to subdivide white people in this manner. If that’s the case, why lump all Torontonian Asians together?


RainbowCrown71 t1_je03cjh wrote

I’m following the Census Bureau categorization. Those are the official splits in the US: White, Asian, Black, Hispanics (of any race).


oldtrenzalore t1_je03u29 wrote

US Census asks about race and ethnicity—that’s why we have two different numbers that are both correct. A great deal of Hispanic New Yorkers identify as white.


RainbowCrown71 t1_je044nu wrote

I’m aware. I even mentioned that above: Hispanics (of any race). Census usually shows “non-Hispanic” for the Asian, Black, White groups.

It’s why Census data is usually presented as four groups:


oldtrenzalore t1_je04fx7 wrote

The point was was originally making was that this is a weird way of talking about diversity, since there are so many disparate groups in these groupings.


the_bionic_investor t1_jdz04bh wrote

I agree, Shanghai is nice, clean and safe… but… there’s no diversity, everyone is the same, the culture seems so manicured.


4694326 t1_jdzagh6 wrote

SH is pretty international and a helluva lot safer than NYC. That being said NYC >Shanghai.


numba1cyberwarrior t1_jdz73x5 wrote

At some point comparing mega cities like NYC just becomes a matter of pros/cons.


what_mustache t1_je07qdk wrote

It's top 5. Only other city I'd compare it to is London. There are other nice European cities but nothing is quite the same scale. Paris is a close one, but I've never been there when there wasnt a debilitating strike.

But I havent been to Japan or Korea.


what_mustache t1_je075lo wrote

>The greatest city in America!

The ONLY city in America, I'm told.


AceContinuum t1_jdyapne wrote

Glad you enjoyed your visit! Especially glad to hear you ventured beyond the usual tourist traps and checked out Flushing. Though, speaking of tourist traps, if you didn't check out the (free) Staten Island Ferry this time, definitely do so on your next visit!


ProcessTheTrust t1_jdyccgo wrote

lol is this a meme post of the one from /r/chicago?


Red__dead t1_jdzyeiu wrote

All city subs seem to have these cringe tourist posts. And they always get upvoted because they make the people living there feel good about themselves.


haharrison t1_jdymey4 wrote

Reminder to all that Prince St Pizza is owned by racist people and while they "stepped down" they are still owners.


I'm sure most of y'all don't care and that's your right to not care and enjoy the pizza, but I'm also sure a lot of you just straight up don't know but do care, so there it is.


kaput2 t1_jdzta8a wrote

I remember when BLM was becoming a more widely known movement, Prince St immediately put up a big "Blue Lives Matter" sign.

The blue lives matter stuff was always intended as a counter to BLM. It was always a dog whistle and it was always racist.


Tedlassosgirl t1_jdysdjg wrote

My friend brought me to prince street and I thought it was gross and didn’t understand the hype. Went to scarrs right after to make up from garbage prince


ProGamerMatt OP t1_je071hf wrote

Unfortunately I learned about this AFTER I ate there


RepresentativeAge444 t1_jdymkvk wrote

Wait. People that post from Peoria say it’s a crime ridden hell hole! How is that possible??


Dry_Mastodon7574 t1_jdzr7fl wrote

I have relatives in Florida who love to tell me about the crime here and then don't listen to me. It's adorable.


Die-Nacht t1_jdzufrf wrote

I remember the first time I told a relative who said that (also lives in Florida) that Florida has a worst crime rate, they looked shocked.

Idk why, they've told me about insane shit that has happened right in their housing complex and to people they know. But in their heads, that's not "crime". Well it is, but not the kind of abstract crime that gets talked about in the news.

It's also funny that whenever I visit, they have NYC news on.


Swagyolodemon t1_jdzwgwb wrote

We just have the most influential “local” media in the world. People from all over the country read the damn NYT, WSJ, NY Post, the New Yorker etc. IIRC NYC is literally the safest large (>1M people) in the country


Die-Nacht t1_je00wb7 wrote

Yeah, the sad reality is that outside of NYC (and other major cities such as Chicago and Boston), America is pretty starved for local journalism.

Urban Sprawl makes local journalism difficult.


Ocean_Hair t1_je04gj5 wrote

Also newspapers cutting staff because journalism isn't as prosperous a sector as it used to be.


NotAwesome4th t1_jdylfvm wrote

Glad you had fun during your visit. We welcome you back any time


Lolito666 t1_jdys61y wrote

Hmm interesting post after I posted exactly the same about Chicago . We are either extremely connected , or you loved my post. Either way, glad you had a great time


spare_oom4 t1_jdysp1s wrote

There’s a conspiracy going on. Check out what was posted in r/chicago

Chicago is absolutely gorgeous

Spent all day in Chicago with my family, and It was amazing.
Metra was quiet and clean. Bagels and coffee , delicious. Art museum, absolutely amazing. Millennium park , beautiful and full of awesome people. Walk to the river, mind blowing. Italian food , delicious . Taxi to the Metra station, great experience. All and all 10/10


seafoodgodddd t1_jdysy91 wrote

They call it a Metra??? Between that and the "pizza" they serve I'm starting to understand why it's the "second city"


idiot_orange_emperor t1_jdyusse wrote

In Chicago, CTA trains which run inside the city are called L.

Metra trains are trains (usually with Diesel Engines) that run to the suburbs.


seafoodgodddd t1_jdyv0rq wrote

Oh nice that's Interesting! I need to take a trip there eventually and learn about the city


Adapid t1_jdyiwpj wrote

happy you enjoyed it. got decent weather for a march trip


little_traveler t1_jdyr34d wrote

I thought this post was a joke, and now I realize I’m completely jaded from living here. Thanks for reminding me of the good things :)


Glorious_tim t1_jdym4e0 wrote

So happy you enjoyed the weekend and props for trekking out the flushing it’s a gem!


Eric_the8th t1_jdyodia wrote

Hey let him have this ! It does happen and it can be great .... That said it don't happen often , but when the clouds part it is the greatest city on earth


cadetickle t1_jdz8ewa wrote

It’s beautiful, nothing like it


Kevinm2278 t1_jdzlyuk wrote

Yeah? Try commuting there in the winter


Ok-Strain-9847 t1_jdzseom wrote

NYC can be quite the adventure, if you take certain things into account of what Not to do. Like go to Central Park at night, stay out of the strip joints, stand away from the platform edge. Even things you don't think about, like turning your engagement ring around while riding on the subway.

Just think safe and you will be safe.


Wiknetti t1_jdzur9c wrote

Flushing is incredible for Asian cuisine, namely Chinese and Korean. What’s fantastic is that the 7 train line will have stops that have varying cuisines from Filipino, Latino, Indian, Thai etc. the newest stop at Hudson yards has an incredible Spanish eatery/marketplace. I’d recommend it on your next visit.


Hand-Of-Vecna t1_je01tgf wrote

I'm glad you went to Prince Street Pizza. I'm across the river in Hoboken and go into the city about every couple of months just to eat there and get two pepperoni slices from them. Also the cupcake place across the street from there makes for a nice dessert.


Pfunk4444 t1_je02ahl wrote

I was amazed by how easy getting around the city is now thanks to iPhone. Gone are the days of fighting with my wife about going down the wrong subway portal, so much nicer. I was so happy with everything when we were in the city for a wedding in September, going back with my 6 and 8yo girls and excited to show them all the hustle and bustle of the big city. Amazingly, I had not a single pice of pizza or bagel, so I must return and correct this mistake!


Agitated_Jicama_2072 t1_jdyl2dk wrote

I still get smitten with the city. It gets in your bones. It really does.


derekjeter3 t1_jdyvdmq wrote

Best food in the country for sure


-ego t1_jdznjpx wrote

mostly on point but transit is hell on earth.


berridcub t1_jdzonvi wrote

Please let us know where you were visiting from, so we have a baseline for comparison


Xenos298 t1_jdzv7ir wrote

NYC has its problems that get better or worse depending on who’s in office, etc. BUT I still think it’s the greatest city in nation!


Deap103 t1_je03yjo wrote

It's nice to visit. Glad you had a good experience. Living here though... maybe 2/10.


iv2892 t1_je06e12 wrote

Like in all cities , I’m sure the living experience is directly related to your type of work , income , neighborhood and personal life .


Federal_Carpenter_67 t1_je0e7zk wrote

Being a native I’m always curious how non-natives (I can tell which ones are/aren’t) feel living here cuz yal talk about it like it’s something out of a movie and I’m like 🤔


roguemedic62 t1_jdyyins wrote

I'd say Prince St Pizza is probably definitely one of the best in the whole city.


johnatsea12 t1_jdzqv9r wrote

Thank you I love my home as well


blackboyx9x t1_jdzsnbe wrote

This is a refreshing review. So many people like to shit on NYC, especially right-wing media. But NYC is really a beautiful place if you look past media narratives.


stpetepatsfan t1_jdzurq8 wrote

You want neighborhood exploration: YouTube: Cash Jordan. Nuff said.


Brooklynyte84 t1_jdzusrg wrote

I'm so happy that you didn't have a really bad experience that soured your whole experience, because unfortunately that CAN happen... And to the uninitiated of can be almost traumatic, while to a NY'er its just another bad day. I like when people enjoy our city, sometimes the bad rap we get is exaggerated, but unfortunately too often it ends up being accurate.


fppfle t1_jdzxu99 wrote

I lived across the street from Prince Street Pizza for 7 years. It truly is the best grandma slice ever. It stayed a secret for a few years, then something happened, it turned on a dime and everyone knew about it. Lines around the block. 90 minute+ waits. I never got to go unless it was a torrential downpour and there was no line. Very glad you got to enjoy it.

Next time you’re back try Sauce (my favorite traditional slice), Scar’s (the kids’ new favorite), and the best sit down wood fired pizza, Little Frankie’s.


Aceboogie0314 t1_jdytqcc wrote

Prince street zza 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


Late-Purpose396 t1_jdz5xw6 wrote

But why does NYC always smell like gutter and sewage ? Every time I hit the streets, the smell becomes obnoxious


ScreamingMonky t1_jdytyol wrote

New York is a brand…..rats, assaults, robberies, and crime!!!!


Carmilla31 t1_jdyakn9 wrote

Ive lived here all my life and disagree lol.


NCreature t1_jdyfkxj wrote

LOL its definitely different when you live here. It's no different than say LA or Miami where there are moments where you're like "this is breathtaking" like taking the ferry in across the river or a spring walk on Fifth Ave along the park and other moments where you're like "this place is a dump."


seafoodgodddd t1_jdyg0wz wrote

>and other moments where you're like "this place is a dump."

Me walking past a park eating a slice of pizza when a pigeon shits directly on to the slice. New york giveth, new york taketh away


AceContinuum t1_jdyi1j8 wrote

>Me walking past a park eating a slice of pizza when a pigeon shits directly on to the slice. New york giveth, new york taketh away

Well, technically you're getting two things in this scenario: 1. Free shit (literally), and 2. Cool story to tell the next time you're at a bar.


seafoodgodddd t1_jdykixq wrote

I gotta give the little bastard credit, he sniped that slice lol


RaptorCheeses t1_jdyq342 wrote

You should move. It’s easy. Literally…just go anywhere.


Carmilla31 t1_jdznuun wrote

My job is too good to move honestly. Once i retire i probably will.


nydutch t1_jdy9qla wrote

Place is covered in dog shit and garbage but ok.


CiscoKid1975 t1_jdyizmn wrote

I tell all potential visitors that the city is pretty slimy these days. We’re still feeling the pandemic. It’s same in Paris and London-all of our cities are just a little bit off these days.


caspiam t1_jdymuou wrote

Yeah pretty sure there was just as much shit and piss pre-pandemic


nydutch t1_jdzcjai wrote

There was dog shit everywhere before the pandemic.


nydutch t1_jdye9qt wrote

Lol lots of downvotes. You people must not live here.


apstls t1_jdyh0xm wrote

They probably just live one one of the many, many, many neighborhoods not covered in trash and dogshit


nydutch t1_jdzcca1 wrote

I live about 1000 feet from the Met and every morning I watch people spray the sidewalks down to rinse away the piss and shit.

Imagine paying $13M for a place to live and then watching that.


apstls t1_je01tju wrote

You see people cleaning the streets every morning and your inference is that they must have been covered in piss and shit, like the fact they’re cleaning the streets daily is a bad thing? Or you’re telling me you literally see multiple turds being flushed away each morning? We need a crew to powerwash out the bullshit you’re spewing lol


nydutch t1_je17ph1 wrote

I watch the turds roll into the streets where unsuspecting car owners end up stepping on them.


caspiam t1_jdymwy2 wrote

Then they're living in the burbs, not nyc


apstls t1_jdynkrn wrote

No, they’re not. There a ton of beautiful neighborhoods in nyc, if you somehow haven’t been to one that’s on you


nydutch t1_jdzcewp wrote

Please invite me to your imaginary utopia.