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bklyn1977 t1_jbhylhq wrote

Nobody in this sub knows how a community board works. You can join yours. You can speak at yours. You can participate. If you don't like the board, get involved and take over.

These votes equate a recommendation to the city and the Councilmember. It does not block the rest stop from proceeding.

If you are spending all your time being mad on the internet, maybe you should get involved with your block and speak up at a board meeting.


ObjectivePitiful1170 t1_jbj31pb wrote

> You can speak at yours.

Not at BK CB11. They pride themselves as the most efficient CB in the city since normally they don't take input from the community. Webex mute button made it possible.

What most people don't realize is that different CBs are run differently. Some are more democratic, while others just organize an event to vent grievances to each other and have a very strong political or social agendas. They don't even have to live within CB's boundaries.

Also, the same people get the spot at the CB as long as they reapply, so good luck trying to get on it.


Die-Nacht t1_jbjidfn wrote

CBs are supposed to allow a Public Comments section at the beginning of every meeting. All you have to do is sign up to speak and they have to let you speak. There are also committees for all sorts of topics, where you can sign up to present and get resolutions passed.

> Webex mute button made it possible.

Randomly speaking during the meeting isn't ok. Webex made that simpler, but CBs have to meet in person now, so that's out of the window.


ObjectivePitiful1170 t1_jbjn9k2 wrote

> CBs are supposed to allow a Public Comments section at the beginning of every meeting.

Again, different CBs are run different ways. CB11 prides itself in not doing it when they don't want to. They called it efficiency. It is, in fact, the most efficient CB in the entire city!

> There are also committees for all sorts of topics, where you can sign up to present and get resolutions passed.

Stop by the BK CB11 transportation meeting when the DOT is coming over briefly suggesting safety improvements to realize how little the CB has to do with the community. You will see some real marvels that day.


Die-Nacht t1_jbjuoug wrote

I may be spoiled, as I'm part of Queens CB6. Though it has its nimbys, they don't seem to run everything.


TheDoct0rx t1_jbkx02b wrote

Staten Island CB3 is 100% NIMBY town. They but threated DOT when they wanted to put in bike lanes. (which they did anyway, fuck you nimbys)


Die-Nacht t1_jbl9vf4 wrote

Yeah, I suspect Staten Island, as well as the other more suburban parts of NYC will be 100% NIMBYs. My CB covers a good amount of suburban areas in Queens, but all the density along Queens Blvd may be canceling it.


bklyn1977 t1_jbjiry4 wrote

This is certainly true, but it seems the common response here is just defeatist and accepting that nothing can ever change.


Unfair t1_jbixdew wrote

You can’t just join one - community board members are appointed by the borough president.


curlycake t1_jbj19k3 wrote

you can absolutely show up and speak


trainmaster611 t1_jbjfy56 wrote

And they're completely free to completely ignore you because they're not democratically elected officials.


Die-Nacht t1_jbjisxk wrote

I mean, elected officials can ignore you too. The point is to get your voice out there because complaining on Reddit isn't gonna do anything.

And if they are still ignoring you, well that means you're easy to ignore. You gonna have to build a small movement. Having a petition signed by ppl locally usually gets their attention.


bklyn1977 t1_jbjj3bj wrote

They president appoints members based on applications. I have done a two year term. I am not wealthy or white.


Unfair t1_jbkwj7x wrote

What was the application process like? Was there an essay and an interview?


bklyn1977 t1_jblpeu8 wrote

I had been active at meetings for a while. The application may have been more a formality. They need a range of voices so you need a good mix of parents, homeowners, students and so on. Get involved and push out the dead weight.


MissCherryPi t1_jbji4wj wrote

But you can apply to be appointed


b1argg t1_jbjj81v wrote

Which you won't be if you aren't politically connected


MissCherryPi t1_jbkvpph wrote

Not necessarily. Being a CB member is a lot of work and a pain in the butt. It’s not always easy to fill seats.


mowotlarx OP t1_jbj6pr3 wrote

Council members almost always back up Community boards and kill projects like this. These CBs, especially rich white ones in Manhattan, have insane amounts of actual power despite not having a binding vote. Let's be real here.


bklyn1977 t1_jbjipb4 wrote

My board meetings are all about getting our council rep to work for us. That's the whole point. Let's be real here, your participation in your community shouldn't stop at voting.


mowotlarx OP t1_jbjk3ic wrote

>My board meetings are all about getting our council rep to work for us.

Like I said, community boards wield a ton of power despite not being elected officials or being representative of a community. They have Council members under their thumbs for the most part, and especially in wealthier areas the boards are able to kill most public projects that would benefit someone other than themselves. It's a travesty.


bklyn1977 t1_jbjm95c wrote

Are you expressing this travesty to your rep? Your borough president? Those council members won't be there forever. The next one should be you.


mowotlarx OP t1_jbjng6t wrote

Oh please spare me with this phony civic duty crap. It is justifiable to criticize Community Boards (whose members ARE NOT ELECTED) and the elected Council members who bow down to them to the detriment of the rest of the city and surrounding neighborhoods. Telling people to vote (I do) and run for office (lol there are 51 council members in a city of almost 9 million) is lazy. The CB system is corrupt and outdated and our elected are too scared of them to ever change the system.


bklyn1977 t1_jbjohfa wrote

I would love to invite you to my community board to see all the corruption. Instead you will just stay mad on the internet.

edit: our meeting and hearings are announced here where you can register to attend:


mowotlarx OP t1_jbjs5mc wrote

Oh of course, your Community Board isn't like other Girls.

Are the members elected by popular vote in an open election in your district?


bklyn1977 t1_jbjthwr wrote

I served for two years. I think we need more younger people involved. Members are not elected by popular vote as this is not a role in public office.

I will advise you that you should have a record of attendance and involvement with your community board before applying as that will factor into the decision. Call directly to your borough president office (you may have elected that person) and they will guide your through the process.

You probably have much to bring to the table.


koreamax t1_jbias3l wrote

I'm waiting to hear back to see if I got accepted for mine


Die-Nacht t1_jbjjb2b wrote

If you don't get it, see if your CB has "public members". These are like board members, but:

  1. They can't vote on the main board meeting
  2. They don't have to show up to the main board meeting
  3. They are only assigned to one committee (board members are assigned to at least 2), which they have to go to, and they get to vote on

This is a great way to get involved, without the large time sink, and usually increases your chances of getting into the main board in the future. Also, note that the committees are where stuff usually happens. The main board vote is big and loud, but committees are the ones that actually get shit done.

Not all CBs have public members though. So email them and ask if they do. If they don't accept you, you may get automatically invited to be a member, but check with them anyways.


139_LENOX t1_jbjw3gz wrote

This is kind of naive. Sure I'd love to contribute to my CB meetings, but I have a full time job and not a lot of free time. I'd imagine that lots of folks are in the same boat.

You know who has the time to participate in CB meetings? Old rich retirees. Which is why CBs are universally full of curmudgeonly NIMBYs.


TheHonorableSavage t1_jbk1anl wrote

Literally a system where the least productive members of society control the city’s development.

A well-adjusted person doesn’t have time to show up and debate every time a parking spot is added or removed, a bike path installed, a liquor license awarded, or a building refurbished. They elected a representative to make those calls. This just rewards the 10 people radically against something in the face of the 1000 people moderately for it. And many of these people’s identities revolve more around what they are against than what they are for.


bklyn1977 t1_jblh1we wrote

Community Board meetings are full of working professionals. You seem to be making massive assumptions about something you never participated in. You should attend your own. They run late and are probably all online at this point.


b1argg t1_jbjj37x wrote

CBs are unelected and should be abolished


bklyn1977 t1_jbjji2w wrote

Or instead of abolishing community involvement you should take part instead.


b1argg t1_jbjmjsq wrote

there's no "involvement" when the "representatives" are unelected. CBs are an overcorrection from Robert Moses and simply exist to empower NIMBYs.


bklyn1977 t1_jbjootl wrote

The participants at my meetings are neighbors and lifelong residents. Taking away this forum is a disservice to the community. Why fight for less means of involvement?


b1argg t1_jbjwf1f wrote

Make them elected then, not political appointees. It's still a bastion of NIMBY power though, and that power needs to be eroded.


kapuasuite t1_jbolhh7 wrote

That's what elections are for - we vote for people to make and enact policies, we shouldn't need to get "involved" beyond that to help counterbalance the miniscule number of people who make it onto a Community Board.


Barnabas_Stinson17 t1_jbkt9i1 wrote

Reddit would cease to exist if people actually got involved instead of being mad on the internet


dumberthenhelooks t1_jbhte75 wrote

The one on the upper east side is being paid for by chic fil a, bc of how much everyone hates the rows of bikes outside their location on 86th street. DoorDash and Uber should be renting the spaces tbh.

Ofc I still think they should have a space, but clearly no one wants it on their block. And the people who are ordering their lunch burrito from chipotle done exact go to community board meetings


sumgye t1_jbi07nv wrote

If Doordash/Uber/Grubhub want to do business in our city, we should charge them a fee. They charge us enough fees. Charge them a fee and put that towards these rest stops.

Edit: let me clarify, we do charge taxes, so do they. We should charge an additional fee for them. There is no way they will pass that extra cost down to the consumer. They won’t have the nerve.


Mrsrightnyc t1_jbi7nma wrote

Exactly - why can’t they rent a space for the people that make them money and offer them bathroom access and break spot.


marclande t1_jbighln wrote

The funny thing is DoorDash doesn’t actually make money, they reported a net income loss of over like a billion bucks, but people are stupid enough to still invest in them so I guess they could probably afford it


AnacharsisIV t1_jbk8jgt wrote

Because that would be an "employee perk" and these guys are explicitly not employees.


spoil_of_the_cities t1_jbi2mlj wrote

They pay a fee it's called tax


jewkidontheblock t1_jbi7pkk wrote

I take your point but the slew of unsafe e-bikes speeding down already busy avenues is a negative for everyone else that they should take responsibility for (separately from their taxes)


heiebdbwk877 t1_jbibdaf wrote

Agreed, NYC can amend tax law to capture this new externality no one predicted 30 years ago but oh the angry billionaires


AnacharsisIV t1_jbk8nb8 wrote

We pay for the NYPD with our taxes, if the ebikes are unsafe it's the NYPD's job to enforce traffic laws. Don't be mad at Uber, be mad at the cops


heystarkid t1_jbjktlq wrote

There’s no way they’ll pass the extra cost down to the consumer? That’s exactly what they’ll do. Uber makes users pay the congestion surcharge if you travel below 96th st.


CGNYC t1_jbjr17a wrote

These delivery services are not a necessity… if the cost of them go up to make the drivers job halfway decent while making it fair to the community in which these rest stops are, I have no problem with that. If paying delivery fees and service charges are not within your budget, pick up.


heystarkid t1_jbjswlv wrote

I agree! Just wanted to point out that it’s unrealistic to think that it wouldn’t be passed down to the consumers.


MobileJackfruit8 t1_jbkzwdu wrote

Yep. Of course they will. When VC money starts to run out and companies need to turn a profit the prices go up. Happened with ride share and will happen/is happening with food delivery


Linearts t1_jbl21gw wrote

>We should charge an additional fee for them. There is no way they will pass that extra cost down to the consumer. They won’t have the nerve.

This is complete nonsense. Of course they will pass extra costs onto customers. The only way that would not happen is if supply is completely inelastic (they cannot change how much food they deliver, for any amount of money) and/or demand is completely elastic (food sales would drop to 0% if any of the fee goes into the final price of delivered food).


Shreddersaurusrex t1_jboo6lu wrote

They’ll pass it on to the drivers by paying them less or just charge the customers more


Soap_ t1_jbiycwy wrote

Then they won't operate in your city, and you won't have delivery service. The margins are poor as it stands already.


coldbruise t1_jbjfrgn wrote

There's no way in hell a delivery service would decide to not operate in NYC.


Soap_ t1_jbm6j40 wrote

Even with negative margins?


someliskguy t1_jbjn8ov wrote

I was so confused when I first walked past that location because it has a chick-fil-a logo on the door and I thought they’d opened some kind of mini store or something.

It’s a great thing though— it has among other things alleviated the delivery people from taking over the public space at 84th & 3rd and provides these folks with much needed bathrooms and a climate controlled space to rest.


StrngBrew t1_jbhu7ws wrote

Story does mention that the chik fil a one doesn’t allow e-bikes


dumberthenhelooks t1_jbhucnd wrote

no one wants the e-bikes in their actual building because of the fire hazard.


Defiant-Sentence-303 t1_jbjekf3 wrote

Putting NIMBYism aside, which is a huge problem on the UWS. One of the main issues here is how unsafe refurbished lithium ion batteries are. A recharging station that brings them all together, especially on the same circuit, is a good way to cause an explosion. I would be way more receptive if the batteries were regulated in some way.


L0L303 t1_jblw1jr wrote

thats not how electricity works ...


Defiant-Sentence-303 t1_jblx6g7 wrote

It's not an issue with electricity it's an issue with the bikes being in close proximity to each other


UniWheel t1_jbn3gw4 wrote

>It's not an issue with electricity it's an issue with the bikes being in close proximity to each other

You could design to handle that in the sense of preventing one burning from putting adjacent ones in thermal runaway.

Of the places to charge these things, an outdoor location dedicated to that purpose would by far be the best, even if there are a bunch of them there.


atheros t1_jbleq0k wrote

> A recharging station that brings them all together, especially on the same circuit, is a good way to cause an explosion.

Did you just make this up?

Putting e-bikes together in one non-flammable place is safer than spreading them out into various places, some of which are flammable. Putting them on one circuit isn't particularly risky. If the bikes are each three feet apart, the probability that a fire will spread between them is low.


Defiant-Sentence-303 t1_jblfwap wrote

Did you read the articles I linked?

Lithium batteries, especially refurbished ones, can overheat and can cause fires/explosions especially when overcharged. What do you think will happen when one battery explodes when it's in proximity of a bunch of other batteries with the same issues? This is why newer buildings are moving towards fireproof bike rooms


atheros t1_jblhdai wrote

I did.

I am well aware that they have fires and explode. Did my comment imply otherwise? It did not.

To answer your question, I think that if one e-bike-sized battery explodes three feet from other batteries then the fire has a very low probability of spreading directly to the other batteries. This is because the outside of these batteries are much less flammable than combustible substances like wood. I doubt that there is a single instance of one e-bike directly igniting another e-bike without the fire first spreading to the surrounding structure.

EDIT: I see that you edited your comment and added the sentence: "This is why newer buildings are moving towards fireproof bike rooms". You see that that contradicts the rest of your comment and supports mine, right?


No_Cap_3837 t1_jbi7x34 wrote

It's interesting to see how businesses like Chic Fil A are stepping in to address the issue of bike clutter in front of their stores, but it's unfortunate that it's come to this point. It's important for the city to find a solution that works for both delivery workers and local residents.


dumberthenhelooks t1_jbjivxz wrote

They are definitely not stepping in out of the goodness of their hearts. They are opening a second location that is about equidistant from where they put this pit stop. I’m also pretty sure that the number of complaints they’ve been getting means they have to do something to ease the congestion. The community will act at some point is they don’t


hollow-fox t1_jbjq87a wrote

It’s almost like we could convert two free parking spaces that serve two people for a hundred or so bikes. Why are they competing for sidewalk space?


dumberthenhelooks t1_jbjyrom wrote

I’m always happy to get rid of parking spaces, but the reason they congregate where they do is bc it’s an easy location for them to pick up deliveries and that’s the fault of the apps. So it would be a moving target at which point you’re giving a business free real estate. I would like the apps and the restaurants to pay for this inconvenience personally. I should note. I don’t use DoorDash or Uber eats and almost never seamless, I’d rather just call a local restaurant with its own delivery people and not a chain restaurant


hollow-fox t1_jbjzckd wrote

I stopped ordering door dash after VC stopped subsidizing it - maybe like 5 years ago haha. I just realized the solution was for me to call a restaurant for pickup and bike myself. Turns out it was quicker, cheaper, and plus side of exercise.

But yeah, in reality pedestrians suffer because the side walk is so much smaller than roads with parking for cars. I am all for eliminating all free parking and returning the space to bikes and pedestrians.


Die-Nacht t1_jbi6wce wrote

Community Boards may be advisory, but their advice is often the only one heard by council people.

If you ever wonder why your local politician seems to only do boomer shit, it's because only boomers are going to these meetings and talking.

Wanna change that? Get involved.


soliejordan t1_jbiejai wrote

So true, the unfortunate part is people don't know how to get involved. Boomer shit happens because boomers were taught civics.

Want to change America, engage in civics.


sanjsrik t1_jbhsat1 wrote

Solution: let the people on the UWS go and get their deliveries themselves. After all, they aren't THAT entitled (are they?)


Head_Acanthisitta256 t1_jbhsizp wrote

It’s amazing how technology has made society as a whole become lazier and in this particular case more entitled. Agree with you 100%.


tonka737 t1_jbjmc26 wrote

Entitled to what? They are paying for the service.


switch8000 t1_jbhxbu7 wrote

If they thought about it, they'd realize it would cause an increase in delivery workers in the area thus they'd all get their food faster.


xoxofeebzz t1_jbi1opv wrote

There are empty office buildings in every neighborhood. Can’t these apps afford to rent a lobby as a hub for delivery workers? Their net worth is in the billions and they only make everything worse in the cities which in they operate


_allycat t1_jbi6vpp wrote

By afford you mean shift things like CEO pay, bonuses, and bullshit expenses to actual operational business they're not going to do that. Otherwise these companies *finger quotes*make no money*.


xoxofeebzz t1_jbi98oo wrote

I know they won’t actually do it. I’m just saying we should all acknowledge exactly what you’re saying


olli_bombastico t1_jbj4heb wrote

I wouldn't want a ticking bomb with unauthorized ebikes on my tax dollars either. Why are we subsidizing multi-billion dollar companies that are not contributing anything to society?


supremeMilo t1_jbk1evb wrote

At the end of the day you aren’t just subsidizing the companies, you are subsiding the customer/end user.


MajorAcer t1_jbjgm8g wrote

One could argue that the service they provide is their contribution to society.


pandapantsnow t1_jbkegb6 wrote

They could but they’d be wrong. Delivery service existed in Nyc before them. They’ve just made everything more expensive. We need to bring back in house delivery services and leave Uber out in the suburbs.


MajorAcer t1_jbm43hk wrote

Ay, all I’m saying is society is using it.


StrngBrew t1_jbht5i6 wrote

This is part of Adams’ plan to turn old newsstands into charging stations for e-bikes.


ertebolle t1_jbj7jc0 wrote

People who pay the current crazy prices for delivery != people who have the free time / energy / inclination to show up at community board meetings


mowotlarx OP t1_jbjk8df wrote

Oh, they'll continue to get their expensive Citarella deliveries. But they don't want to have to see the poor wretches who bring them their food. Ick!


mallgoethe t1_jbjdq28 wrote

same though went through my head. how are people with the most leisure time simultaneously the most entitled??


Tkain61 t1_jbi52xs wrote

If they're set on making a delivery rest stop, at least put it a block south; 71st and Amsterdam is loaded with delivery bikes as-is.


mrchumblie t1_jbiabdg wrote

Yeah this area is easily the most densely packed pedestrian hub in the neighborhood. I definitely think they deserve a rest and re-charge spot, this just doesn't seem like a great spot for that.

It's definitely time for younger ppl to get involved with the community boards regardless.


tonka737 t1_jbjm75k wrote

Can't they rest at the park 2-3 blocks from there?


hatts t1_jbi96dh wrote

if we've decided as a society that this huge volume of deliveries should be a part of life here, we need to acknowledge that there is a role that society needs to play.

i understand the POV that these delivery services add a strain to the city's infrastructure and that they should do more to accommodate the waiting/resting element of these services. creating hubs throughout the city makes sense as a burden they could bear. but i'm not convinced that it would be desirable (people already cry that delivery costs too much; this new cost would be passed on to customers) nor would it be sufficient (are they really gonna put rest stops in college point? in inwood? will the companies share?)

with the drivers widely distributed across the city, sometimes in sparse numbers, we need a way for them to wait/rest in a more informal or small-scale capacity.

the schumer plan strikes me as refreshingly smart and like a bit of a win-win. by voting against it, the UWSers are choosing sloppy, improvised solutions. right there in the article one of the drivers is quoted saying “The community has to understand that, whether they want us or not in that community, we are already in that community.”


tonka737 t1_jbjmoht wrote

What percentage of society do you think uses delivery services enough to warrant society footing a bill for a QoL improvement?


odeebee t1_jbvhn9e wrote

People in this thread are conflating voting against this location and voting against the idea. Those that know the neighborhood know it's a stupid location to put this. Won't be hard to find a better spot and try again.


_Maxolotl t1_jbhtu2i wrote

Blandest neighborhood in the city has a predictably NIMBY community board.


ooouroboros t1_jbiccl1 wrote

"we want our packages delivered to our doors on time and in perfect shape but don't want the delivery people to work in decent conditions"


bsanchey t1_jbixyi7 wrote

People want their food delivery just don’t want to acknowledge the human beings doing the work.


spacelyspocet79 t1_jbj4dlw wrote

You know the upperies aren't having that oh no never lol


Jimmy_kong253 t1_jbin0fs wrote

It could make sense if there was the proper fire suppression devices installed in case one of these batteries blew up at these sites


Brooklyn-Epoxy t1_jbk2356 wrote

I'm all for a charging station and rest stop, but that empty newsstand was great when it was a little coffee space that served everyone in a public plaza. We should not have to give up a great-looking newsstand when there are plenty of other charging bathroom options in the area that could be used.


serene_penguin1 t1_jbke2ra wrote

Good, they’re already bad enough flying through the city creating hazards, can’t imagine them all conjugating in one place.

Seriously its NYC, they can go rest in central park or any other public space. Why are we dying on the hill of defending these delivery riders like them and rideshare drivers aren’t one of the biggest issues with this city right now polluting the streets with their negligent and downright bad driving/biking.

I as a tax payer owe these people nothing and do not want to support this god awful unregulated gig economy.


AfroPanther t1_jbjs3uy wrote

The delivery people should def have somewhere to go. But this specific block is too packed as it is. It would be a madhouse at the 72nd 1/2/3 train stop if it was also packed with e-bikes. Broadway and Amsterdam cross over at this exact location so it’s already very packed with the subway, pedestrians, and cars.


Entire-Builder-9836 t1_jbjzzbz wrote

Ok what if we clap and bang our pots and pans in the streets at 7pm instead


yoshimipinkrobot t1_jbl2b7z wrote

Get rid of community boards. These things only give retired affluent people with free time extra power beyond the ballot box


Shreddersaurusrex t1_jboo0v1 wrote

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Deliver my overpriced juice for meager base pay and $2 tip


GettingPhysicl t1_jbpya8z wrote

we gotta start making these binary - 2 things good for everyone, one of them is going to happen. Locals get to pick 1 - not encase land they don't own in amber because they like the vibes.

you get a rest stop for delivery workers or a new skyscraper housing development. if you vote neither you get both.


1AngryBrotha t1_jbmbt9c wrote

Surprise surprise. Wisconsinites in uproar.


SeaworthinessOne2114 t1_jbkzsrj wrote

Rich people they do like to bitch. Someone below says Door Dash et al should rent the spaces because of the fees they charge? How about you don't use any of those services and you won't get charged any fees. Walk to the deli instead of abusing the delivery people.

Must be the same kind of people that resent tipping wait-persons as well. The complainers live on the upper west side, they're well to do and entitled. They do not want the unwashed masses anywhere near then the ones making a stink should move to Vermont.

The people who use those bikes are working people so of course the well to do denizens of those hoods don't want to have to look upon the lower classes.


[deleted] t1_jbi23if wrote



bklyn1977 t1_jbi47m4 wrote

Actually no. You can watch board meetings from all over the city including this one to hear the concerns of residents.

Plenty of residents support this as a reasonable solution. For instance: