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koreamax t1_jbias3l wrote

I'm waiting to hear back to see if I got accepted for mine


Die-Nacht t1_jbjjb2b wrote

If you don't get it, see if your CB has "public members". These are like board members, but:

  1. They can't vote on the main board meeting
  2. They don't have to show up to the main board meeting
  3. They are only assigned to one committee (board members are assigned to at least 2), which they have to go to, and they get to vote on

This is a great way to get involved, without the large time sink, and usually increases your chances of getting into the main board in the future. Also, note that the committees are where stuff usually happens. The main board vote is big and loud, but committees are the ones that actually get shit done.

Not all CBs have public members though. So email them and ask if they do. If they don't accept you, you may get automatically invited to be a member, but check with them anyways.