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thepobv OP t1_jd3zl6r wrote

> So many reporters here I just saw a reporter start interviewing someone but they turned out to be a reporter too

I thought this was a bit humorous lol


bigdirty702 t1_jd41zfi wrote

No one cares anymore.. plus gas is expensive and tolls and parking. It’s also a Tuesday. It’s also a nice day


pandagorillas t1_jd4gjg9 wrote

MAGA arrived in Manhattan completely unprepared for the price of parking and hotels.


StuntMedic t1_jd4s9bz wrote

Imagine their horror at seeing the menu at a Panera Bread.


RyVsWorld t1_jd4xdni wrote

Or Times Square applebees


NYCSexFiend69 t1_jd516r6 wrote

And yet, they wouldn't touch anything with the word "halal" with a 10 foot pole.


Cosmic-Warper t1_jd66fv4 wrote

9 dollars for a fucking grilled cheese get tf outta here


fvez_ t1_jd89iv0 wrote

Bro you can make like 5 grill cheeses with 9


StuntMedic t1_jd9oief wrote

Or in Brooklyn get one with five different cheeses for 18.


fvez_ t1_jdc9yfb wrote

I was gonna complain but sounds kinda good, where in Brooklyn


BringMeInfo t1_jd49qeh wrote

Nice days are better for protests though. It's just that no one cares.


sujihiki t1_jd7m7k1 wrote

Yah. But i don’t want to protest on a nice day. I want to hang with my kids. That said, i don’t want to protest on bad days either so


Vegetable-Double t1_jd4gsrl wrote

I also think the fact that people actually got prosecuted for 1/6 has his supporters second guessing whether it’s worth going to jail for this guy (who definitely doesn’t care about them - or anyone besides himself for that matter).


raven_kindness t1_jd5b7q0 wrote

this seems like an exercise in critical thinking of actions and consequences so i’m not sure they got that far


ExtraBitterSpecial t1_jd52kfp wrote

It's Noo Yawk Citay. Trump and his bullshit are old news here. Have been for decades too.

I'm sure his shenanigans still play in some red state, racist, ignorant, broke ass, cousin fucker areas. and even there it's getting stale.


CodedCoder t1_jd5izqh wrote

wish it was getting stale in Florida.


sujihiki t1_jd7md16 wrote

Only thing getting stale in florida are old new yorkers


hereswhatipicked t1_jd4wjqj wrote

Unfortunately the libs enjoy nice days, so Trump supporters hate nice days out of reflex.


Platonic_boy t1_jd4ftje wrote

No big deal. Many yahoos are actually rethinking the implications.


shant_jan t1_jd45hp4 wrote

reminds me of when they tried to do a second Unite the Right rally and it was like a dozen proud boys being protected by two hundred cops from one hundred counter protestors as a ton of press watched on.


TerraAdAstra t1_jd5hf7l wrote

So a dozen proud boy’s being protected by 200 other proud boys?


randomlydancing t1_jd5iio3 wrote

Around 13 years ago, they was a westboro baptist church protest in front of Brooklyn technical high school and there were far more counter protestors and police than there were ppl from the church


The_Lone_Apple t1_jd400bx wrote

I hope a lack of turnout really gets under Trump's skin and depresses him into a muddy malaise.


ericisshort t1_jd4dpeg wrote

I heard there are actually thousands if not tens of thousands of patriots there protesting, but the fake news media is just lying about the numbers like they always do. Any photos showing the lack of protestors are actually edited personally by George Soros. /s


[deleted] t1_jd4w0qn wrote



ericisshort t1_jd4wqi2 wrote

No “might” about it. There are definitely lots of people who actually think like this, which is why the /s was absolutely necessary.


Keyboard-King t1_jd5oh4u wrote

It’s sad to see how an obsolete corrupt politician still lives rent free in people’s head. Meanwhile we have our own politicians in NYC, lowering our quality of life, yet they never seem to get criticized. The masses are too easily distracted.


The_Lone_Apple t1_jd78jlu wrote

People can have two different thoughts at the same time. If that's hard for some, maybe Prevagen will help (or kill them...whichever).


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdm67gj wrote

You mean one of the most hated ex presidents whos currently running for office again and has a habit of inspiring bigots to be hateful? And you can't see why people would keep an eye on his career?


BringMeInfo t1_jd49n4j wrote

In which case, perhaps the media should stop covering those protests. I've seen far bigger protests at City Hall that struggled to get any press coverage.


ButteredBeans40 t1_jd4xbde wrote

Stop coverage? It’s trump related- so it will be CNN headlines for at least the next 2 weeks. Nothing else important going on in the world except trump protest.


qroshan t1_jd5d97c wrote

It's funny that there are multiple Trump related posts on r/nyc and yet redditors point to CNN claiming moral high ground.

Irony can be pretty ironic


Whend6796 t1_jd5n2h7 wrote

The people dictate what the media covers. After all, even your interest brought you to this thread.


sokpuppet1 t1_jd6cz35 wrote

As a former member of the media—the people don’t dictate shit.


[deleted] t1_jd5owim wrote



Whend6796 t1_jd5tkpz wrote

Reddit forces you to read and participate in comment threads that you aren’t interested in?


sokpuppet1 t1_jd6cvzy wrote

Yeah but the other protests go against the corporate overlords so of course no coverage


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_jd46hh2 wrote

It’s easier to scream “revolution” from the keyboard than it is to show up in NYC and face real consequences


0hmyscience t1_jd8hpw5 wrote

Hey, they want to help, not get smacked in the face


ButteredBeans40 t1_jd4xeqy wrote

What consequences are there for a citizen exercising their first amendment right to protest peacefully?


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_jd4z6uz wrote

If nothing else, to be ridiculed by 10x as many citizens also exercising their 1st amendment rights


ButteredBeans40 t1_jd51129 wrote

So, none.


Titan_Astraeus t1_jd5nz98 wrote

Rights only protect you from government overreach, you're not free from the ridicule of other people for voluntarily showing how much of a dumb asshole you are.


ButteredBeans40 t1_jd5qxdq wrote

Right, a few blue haired weirdos screeching isn’t much “consequences” as it is embarrassing for them.


Ok-Faithlessness1903 t1_jd8rsm8 wrote

Then why did no one show up


ButteredBeans40 t1_jd8tg8a wrote

Cause no one gives a fuck about trump. Has nothing to do with “consequences” or legality of protests


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdm6cs9 wrote

I mean trump is polling ahead of every other Republican for president lmaooo. So it's a obvious lie. Republicans are still obsessed with him and he lives rent free in their heads.


SpiceyPorkFriedRice t1_jd4f5ie wrote

People have way too much time on their hands.


smallint t1_jd4iv92 wrote

This. I upvoted but I always want to emphasize. 🤷‍♂️


PZeroNero t1_jd49u31 wrote

MAGA punks fuck off


Keyboard-King t1_jd5nr5g wrote

This is Biden territory and don’t you forget it. Eric Adams is going to save the city! Let’s never change.


casicua t1_jd472pk wrote

What a classically impotent MAGA result.


Vigolo216 t1_jd47cop wrote

Maybe they learn after all. Last time they answered his call, they got ratted out by friends and family and got dragged in front of a court.


Vegetable-Double t1_jd4haer wrote

Wtf is that costume???


SpudPlugman t1_jd55tp7 wrote

He was pizza rat for Halloween and just never put regular clothes back on…

Cocaine is a hell of a drug


TheSchweekly t1_jd4tf3h wrote

Reporters have definitely proven to be a kind of Trump supporter


Grass8989 t1_jd45mcj wrote

Reddit told me there was going to be a bunch of NYPD cops there supporting Trump, tho.


mike_pants t1_jd48x1p wrote

There was. They just happened to be working, not marching.


Deluxe78 t1_jd4y1fs wrote

Well it’s hard to protest something that might not happen


HashtagDadWatts t1_jd51fjj wrote

Right wingers usually don't have a problem making things up to be upset about.


SuperAsswipe t1_jd4v186 wrote

I do find the poorly educated fascinating..... but only when I don't have to deal with them personally in any way, shape, or form.


jumbod666 t1_jd53z54 wrote

As expected. Media was hoping for something to report


capitalistsanta t1_jd592c9 wrote

Ironially reflective of this whole situation. Media gave his dumb pill popper so much free press per usual


Souperplex t1_jd59txm wrote

Reminds me of the first day of early voting in the mayoral elections: Kathryn Garcia came to my polling site to vote. There were more reporters covering her voting than there were voters.


BeBackInASchmeck t1_jd56gim wrote

Just goes to show you how desperate the media is to get this guy back in the news for anything.


m_jl_c t1_jd6cr2s wrote

National run on banks LMAO. Like these hillbilly clown MAGA idiots have any money in banks to begin with.


rdizzy1223 t1_jda822m wrote

They have all their money tied up in commemorative nascar 24k rimmed ceramic dinner plates.


ctguy54 t1_jd7lp9k wrote

Their biggest decision is wether to donate to tump’s presidential run or his defense fund. It will all end up in his pocket, but ….


Iwentforalongwalk t1_jd56j2s wrote

When will the press learn to stop covering that asshole


-blourng- t1_jd6iruo wrote

Tired of hearing about this idiot.


DeepThinkingMachine t1_jd5xh55 wrote

Typing proud gets you these two emojis 🥲🥹 I wonder if the Nazis know that 😂


wreckballin t1_jd678kw wrote

People need to know the ship is sinking and the rats need to abandon ship.

But be aware these rats will look for another ship to sail and THAT one will need to be sunk as well!

This is a long fight to stop the crazy!


_oksure_ t1_jd71sec wrote

And everyone with a brain expected this, but the media needs this because it’s ability to help Biden is waning.


LoKi_802 t1_jd7frrx wrote

Yup, I was there eating lunch nearby and it just looked like a reporter convention


GeoBk t1_jd4fvfn wrote

I think this city should throw a party when they put him in handcuffs


mtempissmith t1_jd4x7x0 wrote

Sounds good to me. Biggest block party ever is definitely warranted IMHO if he actually gets convicted and goes to jail. As a convicted felon he'd be barred from office and that would be an awesome reason to celebrate.

Democrat or Republican I don't get why anyone would think of supporting Trump now. The man is clearly mentally ill and unfit for office. Only his most diehard, fascist followers are left now.

Even if he is not convicted on this he will not land in the Oval Office again. This whole farce of a presidential campaign is just to line his pockets one more time and to puff up his ego. No way he will get the nomination. The Republicans have got to know what a disaster it would be.

They could run a donkey up against Trump and the donkey would win. Except for his diehard followers, and they are fewer by the day, everybody loathes him and thinks he's crazy. Nobody wants him near the nuclear launch codes at this point. The very thought is just alarming.


ALuk21 t1_jd53hol wrote

Back than people came to save the President, not politician or a businessman.


bbqcornnuts312 t1_jd8q6k1 wrote


There's so much gassing up about a hoard of right wingers descending, like the "planned day of hate"; it turns out to be a fucking hoax; and there's zero reflection about any of it or what the motivations of those promoting these ideas might be.

But summer 2020 vandalism and arson stretching from Union Square into Chinatown (including residential blocks), Fordham Road, all over the city? Probably millions of dollars of damage in Midtown?

Just "burning the Target", as some goblin described it here...140 cities, one Target each. I guess. "Peaceful but fiery" and virtuous. You still see the remnants walking through Lower Manhattan, all the disgusting graffiti.

Fuck the media and fuck the political agents who own the coasts to an absurd extent, who mysteriously dominate every election from the top to the bottom of the ballot, even when they run candidates that would probably be better suited to a shitty NGO internship (or a mental ward) than public office...but still have to gaslight about a big scary oppositional bogeyman in blue America to leverage power. It's disgusting. It's not even QAnon levels of conspiratory, it's just openly mendacious and stupid.


downonthesecond t1_jd9sc1a wrote

I mean nothing happened, why would protesters stay?


Most_Interaction_623 t1_jd4ogcd wrote

So is he arrested or what?


chengjih t1_jd50k98 wrote

The NY Times noted that the earliest date the grand jury could return an indictment was Wednesday. The whole "I am going to get arrested Tuesday" came from Trump himself, getting the process wrong.


thereia t1_jd7wb8m wrote

Tail trying to wag the dog.


co_matic t1_jd87xlk wrote

Turns out you can, in fact, stump the Trump.


sinkwiththeship t1_jd8cdkm wrote

That's most Trump/GOP events lately. Look at actual full photos of CPAC. That auditorium was MAYBE 1/3rd full.


madison-Layla t1_jd8qpv6 wrote

The Trump supporters stayed home, so more lies could not be constructed. We are still here


walrusgumboot167 t1_jd9yrdb wrote

This isn’t Portland. Proud boy not gonna be met with vibes and crystals here


johncester t1_jd4pxe8 wrote

Apparently facial recognition is the main deterrent 😆


StuntMedic t1_jd4soft wrote

Which actually works in their favor because they'll be cross analyzed with ZZ Top roadies to the point of error.


-686 t1_jd5vvxm wrote

Sucks to suck Donny


BodheeNYC t1_jd7wyak wrote

Trump needs to start paying his “protestors” as well as Soros does.


Ok-Strain-9847 t1_jd51zvl wrote

Trump Played the audience. He is laughing his ass off.


ButteredBeans40 t1_jd4x2zv wrote

So this sub is all up in arms that the protest better not happen.

Then it doesn’t happen, because no one really gives a fuck, and you still have shit to say. Incredible.


Dr_Pepper_spray t1_jd544zv wrote

It's funny, but it's also a relief.

Edit: hopefully they continue to stay home and grumble on backwater social networks.


SSG_SSG_BloodMoon t1_jd55cn2 wrote

Where the "shit to say" in question is "ha" and "good" and "morons"? Are you trying to point to some irony or what? What's "incredible" about it? Seems like a pretty consistent "get fucked, maga" outlook


[deleted] t1_jd41g02 wrote



BringMeInfo t1_jd49wy6 wrote

Trajectory matters. This isn't the start of anything.


[deleted] t1_jd4bkth wrote



BringMeInfo t1_jd4bsb6 wrote

Yes, that’s the only plausible explanation here. Champion critical thinking!


[deleted] t1_jd4c0e9 wrote



BringMeInfo t1_jd4c72y wrote

You thought I was a Proud Boy for pointing out a logical fallacy, so no, I don’t think you know who I am. 😂


[deleted] t1_jd4cbis wrote



thepobv OP t1_jd4gw1p wrote


You went from someone simply pointing that no one showed up to this protest, there's no momentum and it's not going anywhere to fully calling that person Proud Boy and Nazi Sympathizer with 0 other reasons.

Quick glance at the redditor post history and you clearly see they support LGQBT and seems to lean liberal.

immediate name calling, and antagonizing is exactly the toxicity that is the problem. You make things worst.


BringMeInfo t1_jd4cgdn wrote

What can I say; your teacher lied: there are stupid questions.


thepobv OP t1_jd4h0sl wrote

That person was an ass. hope you don't take it to heart


234W44 t1_jd467os wrote

Awe poor orange pus face... and those PAID protestors commanded by that guy from the Bronx that tells people that if they go, he'll get them green cards...


werdnak84 t1_jd49dnz wrote


But they're still falling for Trump's trap. He intentionally got the date wrong because then that will put the FBI, NYPD, and DOJ off guard when Bragg actually releases the verdict.


nonlawyer t1_jd4bkcu wrote


Trump got the date wrong because he doesn’t know when the indictment will drop. No one does except Bragg’s office, unless it leaks.

And an indictment isn’t really a “verdict,” it’s an indictment.

Trump isn’t playing 5D chess he’s just kind of an idiot