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asforem t1_jdjwgt7 wrote

Huh, I guess that’s the one thing he didn’t do.


jimberley t1_jdkap10 wrote

And he still won’t resign.


flimspringfield t1_jdkiwpm wrote

They won't let him. Thin margin in the House.

Why do you think the Cons haven't condemned him en masse?


jimberley t1_jdkk7nr wrote

Because they don’t do that to their “team” ever. There are literal seditionists and members of the House GOP calling for secession and they don’t condemn them publicly. They are craven and often beyond the pale in their desire for power and retribution for perceived wrongs. In short: bunch of fucking egomaniacal, narcissistic, failsons (and a few daughters) treading on our constitution and the promise of this country in the pursuit of money and power.

And, before anybody says it, fuck your “both sides” shit. Politicians are all fucked up and corrupt, but only one “team” is out there picking up votes by stating that they’d like to erase queer kids and hand out tax breaks to rich people.


Acrobatic-Order-1424 t1_jdl0h9h wrote

Yep. When Weiner and Franken’s sexual allegations came to light, we called them out for it and called for their resignation. And when it comes to Gaetz? Moore? Trump? Silence from the other side. Disgusting.


Orion1021 t1_jdlr1q2 wrote

Despite being a conservative, I’m still angry Franken resigned. I felt he raised the average IQ on the floor by 10 points.


Tall-Ad5755 t1_jecu2fm wrote

All my life the left has been slicing the throat of its best talent…for reason but still….at one time Spitzer, McGreevy, Cuomo, Edwards, Grayson, Franken, OMalley, Dean, Newsom, we’re considered the future.

The fallacy of the left is expecting the other side to do something because you did it. They play the long game; that’s why they’ll have the SC for decades 😫


beefJeRKy-LB t1_jdlxngr wrote

There are a bunch of republican state assembly people and senators asking him to quit but no one on the federal level to my knowledge.


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdm55ge wrote

Like who


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdmgxkw wrote

Not sure why I got downvoted for asking who lol

The funny thing is republican leadership that got him elected KNEW about half of this beforehand and still decided he was good enough. I'm pretty sure he'll never resign and keep getting that sweet government money.

Very infuriating when you're the average Joe wondering when your next check is gonna be enough to cover bills and food.


beefJeRKy-LB t1_jdmhn0l wrote

I didn't down vote for what it's worth. Tbh the NY democrats completely fumbled things and are a major reason there's a narrow GOP majority in the house right now.


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdmju0e wrote

I don't know if I can blame New York Democrats for the everyday person voting for a garbage candidate. Millions of people voted for Donald Trump knowing he was a criminal but choosing to believe it was all just the hoax and made up.

I'm 100% sure that the vast majority of New York Republicans would easily vote for George Santos if it meant that it kept the Democrat out of office. That's like blaming Hillary Clinton for people voting for Donald Trump like that's absolutely stupid.


_allycat t1_jdkmq9l wrote

More like they're twisting their cartoon mustaches while plotting how to use his deplorable talent for grifting.


SpudPlugman t1_jdm9o8m wrote

They don’t give a fuck. As long as he votes right


hbomberman t1_jdlc9ox wrote

Remember when Romney yelled at him at the state of the union? He wasn't telling Santos "shame on you, resign you fraudster." He was saying that Santos should've sat in the back (and thus not helping the GOP look good)


myassholealt t1_jdl3d4k wrote

I don't even think him not resigning is the worst part of this.

If I have no ethics I wouldn't resign either. Six figure income guaranteed for two years. Don't really need to actually work. Benefits. Privileged access. Networking. Shield from the law. Why would anyone resign?

Everyday Santos remains in office is a day the GOP approves of his actions. Until they decide this is a step too far, it will be just another thing they don't mind as long as it's a Republican doing it.

And I can't think of a greater symbol of a broken nation than 1/2 of its government holding this position.


RE5TE t1_jdl5g68 wrote

>And I can't think of a greater symbol of a broken nation than 1/2 of its government holding this position.

Do you think this has never happened before, in America or other countries? In Germany, after WW2 there were former Nazis allowed back into the government.

>German President Walter Scheel and Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger were both former members of the Nazi Party.


IsNotACleverMan t1_jdlky97 wrote

Yeah, most nazis quietly resumed their positions of influence. If you look at those who might have been more opportunist than ideological adherents to Nazi beliefs, such as industrialists, bureaucrats, etc., it gets even worse.


Charming-Fig-2544 t1_jdmg1la wrote

Same thing happened after the Civil War. Hardly anybody was actually punished, and Confederates quietly went back to their cities and became Mayor, Sheriff, Chairman of the School Board, etc. Jim Crow laws and the Klan really took off from there, and by the mid-1920s it had an estimated peak membership of 6 million. Eugenicists also got super popular at the time, and hundreds of thousands of people were forcibly sterilized under laws that we'd call proto-Nazi. And they literally were, because the Nazis copied some of these 1920s eugenics laws almost word for word when they took power in the 1930s.


ShrimpCrackers t1_jdkxhne wrote

But the GOP is the party of values and morality.

Yup. Low values, zero morality.


Rubberbabybuggybum t1_jdl4003 wrote


Aren't those fucking FELONIES? His job is the least of his problems.

Lock him the fuck up!


nhorvath t1_jdm4cbr wrote

Statute of limitations. Also I didn't read that carefully but I think it took place in Brazil.


RyzinEnagy t1_jdm795y wrote

The crimes in question here were in Brazil and part of a plea deal. The only shit he admits is the shit he did down there, like the drag pics and now this.


gerd50501 t1_jdmgxzj wrote

Why would he resign? He has a guaranteed 2 year contract. He gets paid $180,000 a year plus other benefits. I would not quit either. Most of the people calling for him to quit are democrats.

amazing how people on here think you can just guilt people into resigning. If I was George Santos I would just take the money and not quit. I have a high paying job for 2 years.


nixplix t1_jdk4869 wrote

His Netflix docuseries & "tell all" book deals came through. Time to make real money.


BigAssQuanta t1_jdk2vn6 wrote

Why is it always a Republican?


Apprehensive-Elk5366 t1_jdkchkj wrote

Because the democrats get all the good lobbyist checks, the republicans have to scrape by with whatever options are left


ifiwereaplatypus t1_jdkepp6 wrote

Lobbying hasn’t worked that way for a while now, especially after Citizens United.


Silvery_Silence t1_jdn7c40 wrote

Hahah yes they have such a lack of funding from the Koch brothers alone. You’re a moron.


Rpanich t1_jdog6bx wrote

If the democrats were in the pockets of big corporations, why is it that the republicans are the ones giving them massive tax cuts?


oceanblue966 t1_jdkn7fp wrote

Couldnt have said it better myself friend


RepresentativeAge444 t1_jdl0fcd wrote

That’s actually scary considering how abysmal his comment was. Friend.


magnetsinmyfingers t1_jdl8osg wrote

look at the comment history on these wow. its like the dumbest trolls of trollville from russia.


jackwoww t1_jdk2x4i wrote

Good thing the dumb fuck craves attention and put himself in the national spotlight


Traditional_Way1052 t1_jdk9rtw wrote

Anyone else who needs a paywall-free version


Black_Reactor OP t1_jdkb1n7 wrote

I think it is best to support the hometown paper. A dollar-a-month option is the cheapest plan


RedditSkippy t1_jdku8kb wrote

Okay, so why isn’t this guy getting arrested, never mind staying in office.


GKrollin t1_jdlx23c wrote

It happened in Brazil and it’s a civil offense there which you would know if you read the article


aaronwe t1_jdko4xa wrote

Oh brother this guy stinks


Beerbonkos t1_jdlzre6 wrote

Santos is the GOPs canary in the coal mine. They are all watching him. If he can get away with lying about literally everything, they will be emboldened to get even worse.


Lovat69 t1_jdl1xn8 wrote

Still a congressman.


Leather-Heart t1_jdlndyc wrote

Leaves a lot to be desired as a drag queen


earlydivot t1_jdm61xy wrote

Misleading title…he didn’t publicly admit to anything. News outlet obtained legal docs of the settlement in Brazil. Would love to see him admit one thing he did wrong..


rucb_alum t1_jdm75tb wrote

So now we have an admitted felon in Congress?


captainktainer t1_jdmmga9 wrote

We did while Alcee Hastings was in office. There's no prohibition on felons serving in Congress, and rules like Florida has that prevent felons from holding federal office are certainly unconstitutional. It's just that few felons run for public office at all, let alone federal, and of course their status doesn't help in the election.


Butt_Sauce t1_jdl54cp wrote

He’s not looking too good these days. All the stress is getting to him I presume.


flamethrowerfire9 t1_jdm913v wrote

Why the hell is this guy still taking the salary of a public official despite all of these allegations and now admissions?? Answer: Republican Party is where fraud is a virtue and rewarded.


NatLawson t1_jdmfyoi wrote

George Santos is a criminal struggling to get the best prosecution agreement possible. He has escaped justice many times. He is emboldened and desperate.

Jail and poverty is in his future.


Wishiwashome t1_jdmgpnt wrote

Surprised? When I think of some GREAT public servants who resigned for NOTHING, and I see the shitshow of the GOP now, I am amazed. They simply cannot be shamed.


LWSNYC t1_jdn53oy wrote

Resign Santos!


NYCFIO t1_jdnb51i wrote

As long as unscrupulous degenerates with severe antisocial personality disorders continue to be acceptable candidates and representatives (as long as they’re wearing the color I like), we should not be shocked to watch the walls crumble further around us.


Lacrettta t1_jdlrdbw wrote

First that one guy stealing luggages, now this LMFAO


wdomeika t1_jdmfimh wrote

Since he's admitted it, the only thing to conclude from his confession is that he didn't do this particular crime...


jazzeriah t1_jdlbkpa wrote

George Santos is dead.


wickatoid t1_jdlqvty wrote

Everyone watch what France is doing.


Ok-Strain-9847 t1_jdlscv0 wrote

He admitted to buying clothing with a bad check-which he reimbursed.

No story here.


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdm5bkk wrote

Stealing and fraud is okay if you apologize after? Lol such a right wing sentiment


Charming-Fig-2544 t1_jdmgpva wrote

It's built into their religion (which many of them don't even believe in but it gives good cover). You can be a murderer, a rapist, etc., and you can just convert to Christianity at the end and go to Heaven.


Ok-Strain-9847 t1_jdmlvj3 wrote

All I am saying is that it doesn't preclude him from running or being elected. How many other members of Congress have records of one kind or another. Hell, Edward Kennedy killed someone yet held office for decades.


Silvery_Silence t1_jdn7ujh wrote

Did you read the article mouthbreather??? He fled prosecution. He’s only admitting to it now and paying restitution because they reopened the case against him in Brazil and he’s trying to avoid more severe penalties. You’re not too smart.


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdmt47n wrote

I get where you're coming from but my standards are extremely high for the representatives that I have. I don't expect politicians to be perfect cuz they're human and I know for a fact as much as I want to virtue signal about how great I could possibly be... My integrity isn't high enough to turn down the possibility of making more than 150K a year and then barely doing your job.

I come from a not very great living situation and a lot of my experiences of push me to the point where I don't feel like a good person So I can understand. That's why I wouldn't want somebody like me in office but also I'm extremely transparent so it's not like I would hide shit like that I would be extremely forthright with it immediately cuz I feel like it's a selling point but to hide it seems disgusting.

And not only that but to know that they could have chosen so many other non-problematic Republicans and that was the best that they could find? Like wow.

Being a criminal does not preclude him or prevent him from running for office. It's just not surprising but sad how many Republicans decided they would rather him than any Democrat regardless of whether or not the Democrat had their best interest at heart or whether or not the Democrat had zero convictions or zero things on their record.

My only point being I can understand exactly where you're coming from but like that shouldn't be a defense. Personally I would love if there was a means where they had to effectively stand trial not in the criminal court but in the court of public opinion and have all of their shit, all of their past, shared with the world. And then let the people decide. Because even a scummy as I might be the last thing I would do is lie about it knowing my decisions affect millions.


Silvery_Silence t1_jdn7opi wrote

Haha that’s actually a crime genius, and it only took him ten years to pay any consequences because he fled Brazil before he could be prosecuted. What a hero.


oceanblue966 t1_jdjvx4a wrote

So? Not like democrats didn’t use fraud to obtain their current positions. They should be focusing on the purge literally happening daily in the streets, not a patriot who made a few mistakes


Amon213 t1_jdjyiga wrote

Oh fuck you and your enabling bullshit. The reason you call him a patriot is because you're equally full of shit.


oceanblue966 t1_jdjzdi4 wrote

Lots of hostility here but no arguments to even bother making your point. He’s a child of immigrants who came to America for a better life and struggled, raising someone of high moral values who came from nothing and rose through the ranks to serve the community.

However, I’m not petty and won’t insult you for not liking him, its your right to have your opinion. Have a nice day.


takeyourdrugs t1_jdk7o54 wrote

Trying too hard to troll. Tone it down a bit and it’ll work out. None of this matters


youjustdontgetitdoya t1_jdkbw5q wrote

I know this is trolling but it is also probably verbatim the logic someone like my dad would have.

There are some weird blind spots for people when politics comes up and they look at someone who is obviously a bad person who constantly takes advantage of others and sees instead someone who just needs someone to believe in them so that they can transform into a good person. They believe that this person wants to be a good person but, like them, makes mistakes. (Trump)

It is sad because it is the flip-side of someone everyone understands is a good person and who always tries to do the right thing. When this person makes a bad decision, this same type of thinking sees them as fundamentally a bad person who was pretending to be good until they revealed their true nature: bad. (Hillary)

A really good example of this is the (kind of terrible) tv show Under the Dome where one character is obviously selfish and cruel, constantly killing people for stupid reasons and yet the other characters constantly give this man another chance, a chance to be good, that he again fails, harming them in horrible new ways. There is another character who everyone trusted at one point but then he did something that made it seem like he was actually selfish, for the rest of the show the characters wanted nothing to do with him, some how he had proven his character while the selfish one had not.

It seems to be the nature of abusive relationships.


PurpleSailor t1_jdl5q0t wrote

>... raising someone of high moral values

He has no morals and lies about practically everything. How you can think that's moral is beyond me.


Silvery_Silence t1_jdn8elj wrote

Hahaha there is literally not a single sterling thing in this guys record. He’s a con man, serial liar and fraud with a line of victims. Multiple evictions, stealing from veterans for crying out loud, people like you are just so vile and disgusting.


CaptainObvious t1_jdjw3av wrote

Shit troll continues to be shit. More news at 9.


oceanblue966 t1_jdjxpii wrote

Can you actually bring some counter points to the table or are you just babbling with nothing to contribute to this discussion?

Edit: I genuinely want to hear what is so bad about George Santos, I wish I could have voted for him in my district.


CaptainObvious t1_jdjzzev wrote

You are not interested in conversation. You just want to waste my time. Fuck off loser.


jay5627 t1_jdk87iz wrote

> I genuinely want to hear what is so bad about George Santos

Said he was Jewish and that his grandparents fled the Holocaust, when questioned he said he was "Jew-ish"

He claimed his mother died as a result of 9/11 when there are documents indicating she was in Brazil that day

He worked financial firm called Harbor City, which the Securities and Exchange Commission accused of running a Ponzi scheme and was later shut down.

Lied about his employment at Goldman & CitiGroup

He claimed he lost 4 employees in the Pulse nightclub shooting (he didn't)

A staffer working for Santos’s election bid would call rich donors and pretend to be Representative Kevin McCarthy

In 2008, Santos was charged with fraud by Brazilian prosecutors for stealing the checkbook of a man his mother was working for and then spending nearly $700 using a stolen checkbook and a fake name. He admitted to this in 2009 and then again in 2010.

He raised $3k for a homeless vet's dying dog and stole the money.

Sadly, this is only part of the list

You'd vote for this person?


IsNotACleverMan t1_jdllhws wrote

You know, when you see all this listed out like this, you really have to (not really) admire his chutzpah. You need giant balls (and zero shame) to pull off those lies.


Jonas_Venture_Sr t1_jdk5h4n wrote

You offer nothing to the conversation. You’re saying that it’s cool for Santos to do it because everyone does it. Why even prosecute any crimes whatsoever because everyone is doing it? If you commit a crime and get caught, you get punished. Seems pretty fucking simple to me.


LazyLamont92 t1_jdkp09c wrote

They’re calling you a troll because instead of addressing the topic at hand, you straight up went, ‘but what about the Democrats?’

It makes it seem like you’re saying Santos committing fraud is fine if the others do it as well.


jackwoww t1_jdk2b0o wrote

So…Santos should get a pass because other politicians are corrupt? What’s your point?

You sentient tin of Spam


mahabraja t1_jdk48u5 wrote

My goodness only your mother thinks your smart.


[deleted] t1_jdk9zwf wrote



oceanblue966 t1_jdl90kj wrote

Personal attacks for peacefully expressing an opinion? Real tolerant and mature of you. I’ll pray for you.


Whiskey_Fiasco t1_jdk822k wrote

Criminals exist therefore I should be allowed to break the law is the dumbest argument around


DM725 t1_jdkbj6u wrote

Condolences to those that are normal in your life.


DeathPercept10n t1_jdkji4w wrote

This must be the loser wearing an animal costume crying about supporting Trump last week.


Genetics t1_jdl1iir wrote

You’d be cool if it was your parents’ or your checks that were stolen and used by an immigrant? Sure, bud.