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jimberley t1_jdkk7nr wrote

Because they don’t do that to their “team” ever. There are literal seditionists and members of the House GOP calling for secession and they don’t condemn them publicly. They are craven and often beyond the pale in their desire for power and retribution for perceived wrongs. In short: bunch of fucking egomaniacal, narcissistic, failsons (and a few daughters) treading on our constitution and the promise of this country in the pursuit of money and power.

And, before anybody says it, fuck your “both sides” shit. Politicians are all fucked up and corrupt, but only one “team” is out there picking up votes by stating that they’d like to erase queer kids and hand out tax breaks to rich people.


Acrobatic-Order-1424 t1_jdl0h9h wrote

Yep. When Weiner and Franken’s sexual allegations came to light, we called them out for it and called for their resignation. And when it comes to Gaetz? Moore? Trump? Silence from the other side. Disgusting.


Orion1021 t1_jdlr1q2 wrote

Despite being a conservative, I’m still angry Franken resigned. I felt he raised the average IQ on the floor by 10 points.


Tall-Ad5755 t1_jecu2fm wrote

All my life the left has been slicing the throat of its best talent…for reason but still….at one time Spitzer, McGreevy, Cuomo, Edwards, Grayson, Franken, OMalley, Dean, Newsom, we’re considered the future.

The fallacy of the left is expecting the other side to do something because you did it. They play the long game; that’s why they’ll have the SC for decades 😫


beefJeRKy-LB t1_jdlxngr wrote

There are a bunch of republican state assembly people and senators asking him to quit but no one on the federal level to my knowledge.


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdm55ge wrote

Like who


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdmgxkw wrote

Not sure why I got downvoted for asking who lol

The funny thing is republican leadership that got him elected KNEW about half of this beforehand and still decided he was good enough. I'm pretty sure he'll never resign and keep getting that sweet government money.

Very infuriating when you're the average Joe wondering when your next check is gonna be enough to cover bills and food.


beefJeRKy-LB t1_jdmhn0l wrote

I didn't down vote for what it's worth. Tbh the NY democrats completely fumbled things and are a major reason there's a narrow GOP majority in the house right now.


AnotherNYCPhotog t1_jdmju0e wrote

I don't know if I can blame New York Democrats for the everyday person voting for a garbage candidate. Millions of people voted for Donald Trump knowing he was a criminal but choosing to believe it was all just the hoax and made up.

I'm 100% sure that the vast majority of New York Republicans would easily vote for George Santos if it meant that it kept the Democrat out of office. That's like blaming Hillary Clinton for people voting for Donald Trump like that's absolutely stupid.