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grambell789 t1_jc2eqno wrote

ok, ok, i took the wagon at the center and compared it to the with of the road on a pixel basis and it comes out to about 100ft which is about the width of broadway now. makes sense who ever did the illustration did reasearch ahead of time to make it right. I stand corrected.


TonyzTone t1_jc2k0v2 wrote

I think further down the street where the wagons are is Bowling Green, which widens and is more of a town square. So you might be right that there it’s closer to 200ft. and maybe more.


Adriano-Capitano t1_jc306kc wrote

If you pull up Wall Street and Broadway on Google Maps Streetview, it does not look this wide today.

NYC ZOLA website shows the width today as being 74.7' - 75.7' wide in that stretch, going only as wide as 81.8' at Morris Street, two blocks down.


TonyzTone t1_jc37mku wrote

Not quite. The Google maps measure distance shows that, if you include the sidewalks, from the edge of Trinity Church to the edge of the buildings across Broadway, it's about 87 ft.

Morris Street is just the beginning of Bowling Green just where it begins to widen. The widest point of Bowling Green (corner of State Street/Battery Pace across the pedestrian plaza to the eastern edge of Broadway) is at just shy of 300 ft.