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lakehop t1_jc819ro wrote

Pedestrian streets are really great. Especially eating outside when the weather is nice.


koreamax t1_jc86zru wrote

And pretty useless when the weather is bad


fluxural t1_jc8c94j wrote

not the case in literally any pedestrian friendly city - it's called roofs lol!

but for now, you are still correct. new york's haphazard street shacks threw up during covid certainly won't cut it - but i am sure that restaurants will invest in proper outdoor infrastructure once they have a guarantee that their street is going to be pedestrianized. unless the food is bomb as hell, people will choose the restaurant next door with outdoor heaters, enclosed seating, and properly sealed rain-proof roofs.


koreamax t1_jc8dyxz wrote

Covered open streets is a great idea!

You made a lot of really great points. My previous comment wasn't against open streets, I was just saying they aren't fun in bad weather


fluxural t1_jc8emgn wrote

yeah, it's really a bummer in shit weather. however i was recently in paris during some rain and was pleasantly surprised to see lots of folks still opting to use the outdoor seating, granted they were bundled up appropriately!


koreamax t1_jc8f238 wrote

I like sitting outside when it's a bit chilly out. I'm all for building up outdoor areas for bad weather