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EagleFly_5 t1_jd5st0j wrote

Reply to comment by arirachaelb in Help me out NYC by arirachaelb

As what others have said, go to r/AskNYC (rule 2, questions, suggestions, recommendations go there), and to avoid having your post removed on that sub, two words: be specific. Give an insight on your budget (you did now), time you’ll travel (also did that now), what specifically you’d want to do or interested in for early summer/late spring? Are you open to taking the subway everywhere (or bus), renting a bike, or walking? The more info, the better!

However as the only mod who doesn’t live in NYC, admittedly getting by as a tourist w/ no connections, no experience, and having a second person with you to try and be as frugal as possible isn’t easy, especially since you’re going on vacation again in Europe soon-ish. There’s other accommodations out there for budgeting, or having to trust another person, but be mindful.

Also helps to check out the individual borough subs, unless if you want to keep this strictly have this Manhattan centric: r/Manhattan, r/Brooklyn, r/Queens, r/StatenIsland, r/Bronx. Also check out r/FoodNYC for food recommendations.