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mowotlarx t1_jcatayz wrote

It's weird how we've allowed this to be normal for all electeds. Bloomberg and de Blasio both had similar issues with few to no consequences.

If a city worker misappropriated 5-6 figures in funds they'd be fired and prosecuted. If they had this on their record before applying for a city job or while being onboarded, they wouldn't be hired.


StrngBrew t1_jcbbon9 wrote

Yeah it's pretty widespread

>Indeed, Adams is far from the only elected official facing campaign finance fines. Last month the board voted to fine Public Advocate Jumaane Williams $7,524 for failing to document transactions, accepting contributions over the legal limit, and taking money from corporations among eight charges stemming from his 2019 campaign for public advocate. In January, the board fined Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso $6,922 for issues with his Transition Inauguration Entity.

Also why does a borough president need a "Transition Inauguration Entity" at all?


hau5keeping OP t1_jcaq74k wrote

It’s always the people who are the loudest about “law and order” that don’t actually care about either.


dproma t1_jcbaqc9 wrote

“No one is above the law” - says by the people who are above the law


StrngBrew t1_jcbbtce wrote

Well they aren't "above the law" if they're subject to fines under the law though right?


bluelion70 t1_jccc1a5 wrote

If you stole multiple thousands of dollars from your employer, would you get fine and and “aw shucks, don’t do that again”? Or would you be fired, blacklisted, and possibly sent to prison?

That’s the difference.


StrngBrew t1_jccew1r wrote

Except no one “stole” any money here. How is that relevant?


batgamerman t1_jcbaues wrote

But lots of people campaign on vote for blue no matter who


hau5keeping OP t1_jcbeb3e wrote

yeah bc the republicans are batshit insane lmao. They nominated Lee Zeldin who is anti-choice and a literal insurrectionist.


batgamerman t1_jcbfv1b wrote

My point is you can't complain about these politician when you keep voting for the same party your encourage corruption


bluelion70 t1_jcccp1n wrote

You know that Lee Zeldin wasn’t running for Mayor of New York, right? The New York Mayor’s race was decided by the democratic primary, the genera election was forgone conclusion, especially since the Republicans couldn’t run anyone better than Curtis Sliwa.

We have Adams as our Mayor and not someone competent, like Kathryn Garcia, because many people voted for Adams in the primary because they thought he was black. But he’s actually just blue, because no color other than that matters to the NYPD.


Rib-I t1_jce437m wrote

I didn’t even rank him. KG was my #1


bluelion70 t1_jceymr4 wrote

Same. Garcia would have been amazing. We need a mayor who is just boring, competent, and hardworking. Not a flashy asshole with no substance who thinks the mayoralty is just a stepping stone to higher office.


Luke90210 t1_jcbycmw wrote

Its not that Eric Adams is shameless, its that he simply doesn't care if his actions make him look shady to the public. He simply cannot wipe that stupid smile off his face and say I'm sorry and will try to do better in the future.


froggythefish t1_jccjf4n wrote

> thousands

lol. Fines really need to be scaled to wealth.


FLHCv2 t1_jcciem7 wrote

GENUINE question: Is there anything redeeming about this guy? Can someone brave enough to post publicly tell me why they like him?

I've only been in New York for a year now and it's wild how I haven't heard a single thing about this dude outside of reddit after he was elected. The more I read, the more I realize he blows, but it's also concerning that Reddit is the only place I ever hear about him, for good and bad reasons. Good because I'm getting exposure, bad because it could mean heavy bias but also bad because it feels like no one in my circles is paying attention.

But no one paying attention is probably why the city traditionally gets a terrible mayor that no one likes.


Snoo-27930 t1_jce68pd wrote

The one good thing he is doing is pushing the idea of replacing roads for cars with "pedestrian plazas"

Some may not like it, but I find that one of the biggest issue with the city is lack of open space for people to enjoy themselves. We shouldn't need to take a trip to a park to have fun and be safe from automobiles.


Late_Statistician750 t1_jchk2ie wrote

I support that. Has he made any real progress?


Snoo-27930 t1_jci8enh wrote

I believe they have started work on Broadway recently. The plan is for it to span from west 25th street to 32nd street.


Decent-Delay5760 t1_jch4kok wrote

You can grift of him if you catch him at the after hours and play it cool


OkSquirrel5696 t1_jccp3os wrote

Only thousands he could pay those off with all the favors he has granted. I don’t think he’s worried nor does he feel he has done anything wrong. In other words, business as usual


hjablowme919 t1_jcf6djy wrote

I wish this was a big enough offense to get him out of office.


Rottimer t1_jcg4pxs wrote

In a surprise to no one. . .


sanjsrik t1_jch5fvg wrote

How many of these are do-nothing jobs for friends of the mayor for six-figure salaries?