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RyzinEnagy t1_jda8nb6 wrote

TIL that hibachi doesn't mean a chef cooking in front of you while doing tricks and squirting insane amounts of diluted sake into your mouth.


Yodan OP t1_jdbazhu wrote

That's the neat thing, you can see them making it still! They only cook per order, the line is usually a few people deep and they tell you to come back in 15m to pick up your food


winkawak t1_jdalxt7 wrote

Meals on wheels only means chef is cooking your hibachi with his urine diluted hands due to lack of an actual restroom.


deafiofleming t1_jdaylq8 wrote

do you think the chef in the restaurant is washing his hands too? 😭


QnsPrince t1_jdbed4h wrote



Yodan OP t1_jdberpu wrote

71st Ave and Austin street in Forest hills. It's down the block from the 71st Ave/Continental stop on the E/F/M/R


Solid_Angel t1_jdbidur wrote

I heard about this one from a coworker, next time I'm in forest hills imma finally try them out.


ToweringIsle27 t1_jdcpixo wrote

"Top notch hibachi" really rolls off the tongue


Moonsight t1_jdd09p9 wrote

I walk past the truck every day! Seriously good stuff -- all the Chinese/Taiwanese in this neighborhood love Jubao, and I can attest to that. The hibachi and teriyaki is all very good, but do not sleep on the Lemongrass Pork Chop platter either. It is a local favorite!