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Any_Foundation_9034 t1_jcgxopq wrote

How about instead we just tax those who create and approve more taxes.


myassholealt t1_jci3zgl wrote

Can't tax the rich but we can tax every Tom Dick and Harry with a streaming subscription. Cause our ISPs aren't taxing/feeing us enough.


HonestPerspective638 t1_jcigygz wrote

They actrually already tax streaming with a sales tax this would be an ADDITIONAL TAX!!! Keev voting the same way lol


payeco t1_jcmnbx2 wrote


WikiSummarizerBot t1_jcmndl2 wrote

Internet Tax Freedom Act

>The 1998 Internet Tax Freedom Act is a United States law authored by Representative Christopher Cox and Senator Ron Wyden, and signed into law as title XI of Pub. L. 105–277 (text) (PDF) on October 21, 1998 by President Bill Clinton in an effort to promote and preserve the commercial, educational, and informational potential of the Internet. The law bars federal, state and local governments from taxing Internet access and from imposing discriminatory Internet-only taxes such as bit taxes, bandwidth taxes, and email taxes. It also bars multiple taxes on electronic commerce.

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drpvn t1_jcgxifw wrote

More taxes? Of course, why not!

Love the comments here. Taxes to fund the MTA aren’t so awesome when they affect you, right?


surpdawg t1_jci2h6n wrote

Lol mta is mad desperate for money.


lupuscapabilis t1_jclb8il wrote

Perhaps we rethink next time we tell everyone to stay home for 2 years


CarlCarbonite t1_jcjxz6m wrote

“Hey how’s yours cities transit system funded?” “Through my Netflix”

If the system can’t sustain itself maybe it shouldn’t exist 🤷‍♂️ at least not in its current state


ohwhatj t1_jci4umd wrote

MTA needs that over time money!


The_Question757 t1_jcinb47 wrote

Be my guest I'll torrent everything I watch


GummyCandyForever t1_jciwbum wrote

Or they could try making rich people and corporations pay taxes just one fucking time


Pool_Shark t1_jck0q4z wrote

Citizens struggle with wild inflation and this is what they want to do!? Can we recall them all?


ephemeraljelly t1_jci5ktl wrote

ah so only the rich will be able to afford simple luxuries and art, nice


flightwaves t1_jciajph wrote

This sub: Tax drivers? YAYYYYYYYY

This sub: Tax shit I use? BOOOOOOO


ephemeraljelly t1_jcil0yl wrote

why should any of us pay a tax for streaming? this city is already on incredibly expensive and difficult to live in, why on earth should another tax be levied?


flightwaves t1_jcim2my wrote

That’s what I’m saying but yet I keep running into idiots on here saying drivers should have to pay another tax and toll increases


AcceptablePosition5 t1_jciyxv6 wrote

Neither of you put in a good argument.

Tax is used often to discourage behaviors with negative externalities, like piling tons of cars into Manhattan.

Not sure how that applies to streaming Netflix


ephemeraljelly t1_jcj9cf1 wrote

so how are neither of us putting in a good argument if you dont even know how that applies to streaming? mind you im not arguing anything, im asking what would justify that tax


AcceptablePosition5 t1_jcjuzmz wrote

My point was taxes on cars, like congestion charges, are not comparable in purpose to taxes on streaming, as far as I can surmise, unless there's a reason we should discourage streaming services.

In the former case, we want to discourage a behavior (diving in Manhattan). In the latter, it seems to be more about raising money


flightwaves t1_jciz59g wrote

That would be true if there wasn’t a strict revenue target on that tax. But since there is, it’s not about discouraging behavior, it’s to raise revenue.


AcceptablePosition5 t1_jcjupgb wrote

What strict revenue target? You mean expected revenue, the routine calculation for every tax enacted?

I'm not a fan of this tax either, but you're seeing patterns where there isn't any.


flightwaves t1_jckeh6u wrote

Fifteen billion dollars.
That’s how much money the state legislature mandated the MTA must raise through congestion pricing — by leveraging annual revenue to borrow $15 billion for the transit agency’s current five-year capital program.

THAT strict revenue target. You're ignoring patterns where they are.


AcceptablePosition5 t1_jcmcl88 wrote

Oh the congestion charges. Thought you meant the streaming tax.

Nice copy pasta. It's basically a stipulation for a loan to make sure the burden doesn't fall on the subway rider, or MTA doesn't back out of it, because again, excessive cars have a negative externality.

Look, it's pretty simple. Taxes raise money, and discourage unwanted behavior. I mean they could also just ban cars. Would that be better?


drpvn t1_jcma8ga wrote

You should be watching less streaming video. This is the state looking after your best interest.


chug84 t1_jcvahm2 wrote

>Tax is used often to discourage behaviors with negative externalities, like piling tons of cars into Manhattan.

Nah, that's just what dipshits like to think who can't apply critical thinking skills. Taxes have one purpose and one purpose only, to line the government's pockets.


lupuscapabilis t1_jclb3fi wrote

It’s like how some people will scream at corporations for being cheap and then cancel Netflix when it goes up a dollar


virtual_adam t1_jcjx5z7 wrote

Yes taxing mostly non residents (that’s the focus on the fight, mostly local politicians representing the bridge and tunnel) is much better than taxing residents even more. No problems with that take


flightwaves t1_jck3e0m wrote

I hope they tax streaming services, delivery fees, up their taxes on Con Ed, National Grid, your cellphone bill AND raise the fares.


drpvn t1_jcmagd9 wrote

Raising the minimum wage in NYC again will help raise prices for stuff this sub buys.


EndCalm914 t1_jcqilqq wrote

The government has unlimited money and will never cut costs. Insane. How is this type of government different then a corrupt monopolistic business?


lupuscapabilis t1_jclayl7 wrote

Can I implement an internet tax to pay me for overtime too?


bree718 t1_jci6oa8 wrote

Good thing I have my Firestick😏😏