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jeff-eff t1_jcrpvrp wrote

I work near a huge H Mart with a food court. You guys are in for a treat.


lazerphace t1_jcs351x wrote

it will be massively overpriced


VeryStruong t1_jcs7c5r wrote

What's the alternative? Morton Williams? Gristedes? It's expensive either way but at least there's quality


lazerphace t1_jcs7fme wrote

trader joe and farmers market i guess. there’s a cheap ctown near me in the projects


VeryStruong t1_jcs7qhk wrote

Not everyone has access to good options like that. Personally I wish I had an overpriced one around me


lazerphace t1_jcsdxan wrote

they do have those options if we’re talking about this hmart


Jeff-Van-Gundy t1_jct5k51 wrote

Time is money. I’ve never seen a Trader Joe’s in nyc with a normal wait time. I was considering buying in bulk in jersey during the pandemic and selling to people standing in line outside lol


eldersveld t1_jct5zz5 wrote

> I’ve never seen a Trader Joe’s in nyc with a normal wait time.

Depends on when you go. I go to the one on Spring St all the time in the middle of weekdays and often there's not even a line


MajorAcer t1_jctemd8 wrote

The TJs in Long Island City has normal wait times. And for the price you pay for groceries there I’d wait longer tbh.


Murdercorn t1_jctgrmx wrote

I went to the one at 93rd and Columbus last Friday after work and I waited for maybe five minutes tops.


preceptress t1_jcttdjj wrote

Lines can snake around 3 aisles. It moves in minutes. They have it kind of figured out. The prices are rock bottom. Why the lines.



iStealyournewspapers t1_jcviokw wrote

Trader Joe’s upper west side (the one in the 90s) is often pretty chill if you go at off hours. Even when it’s busy I never find myself waiting in line for that long. The line may be long but the wait is not.


thepobv t1_jcze29z wrote

Go to asian owned non-chained groceries stores.

albeit, none in UWS


Ok-Concentrate-9316 t1_jcs4imc wrote

And all packages shrunk in size.


lazerphace t1_jcs4oyi wrote

i don’t know anything about that!


Ok-Concentrate-9316 t1_jcs4z6p wrote

Check out it’s meat and Kimchi sections and compare to a super Hmart store you will notice the differences.


itsthekumar t1_jcsml7j wrote

They won't get a food court.

But otherwise ya it's still pretty good.


drpvn t1_jcrjok4 wrote

Huge upgrade.


[deleted] t1_jcrrljn wrote



picklefluffer t1_jcrvsxy wrote

You realize H Mart sells more than ramen and kimchi? Also ramen is a Japanese food, Korean noodles are called ramyeon


Pennwisedom t1_jcs6vnb wrote

> Also ramen is a Japanese food, Korean noodles are called ramyeon

The post above is pretty stupid, but even though H Mart is Korean they definitely sell all kinds of Asian food.


picklefluffer t1_jcs71qo wrote

Yeah that’s true but that person seemed to be making fun of Korean food so I wanted to point out the food they were criticizing wasn’t even Korean 😂


Pennwisedom t1_jcs7dgc wrote

Fair enough. I'm also pretty sure H Mart does sell a lot of what he's complaining about.


Ed_Hastings t1_jcwr02o wrote

Imagine complaining about diversity in New York City.


lee1026 t1_jcs85qz wrote

HMart sells a lot of actual ramen too. They might be a Korean shop, but they sell a lot of ramen.


picklefluffer t1_jcsb56w wrote

They have an entire aisle dedicated to instant noodles it’s actually a little intimidating lol my arteries get nervous when I walk by


Jeff-Van-Gundy t1_jct5feo wrote

I found these really good Malaysian instant noodles at hmart actually


[deleted] t1_jcutksb wrote

instant noodles are really unhealthy and carcinogenic


picklefluffer t1_jcuzgl6 wrote

The air we breathe is unhealthy and carcinogenic tbh I think the environmental toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis will kill us long before a few instant noodles will


[deleted] t1_jcvhsnh wrote

that doesn’t mean pile on the toxic crap jfc


picklefluffer t1_jcvj8lh wrote

I mean, yeah you shouldn’t eat them every day but is it such a bad thing to have them available as a convenient snack/meal?


pythonQu t1_jcv4u9x wrote

So is American cuisine like hot dogs and barbecued meats.


[deleted] t1_jcrwq59 wrote

much more heavy on packaged foods aka processed foods than other grocery stores

i’d go there for produce and that’s about it. they don’t carry traditional beef cuts that are grass fed


Risky_Busynests t1_jcrztpw wrote

Then don't go there? What's your problem?


OldKingRob t1_jcs42jl wrote

Everything only gets to exist if it’s meant for them


[deleted] t1_jcs59ke wrote

sorry i want a healthy organic grocery store option for people


cavalryyy t1_jcs6v8o wrote

Don’t apologize for wanting that! Just apologize for being obnoxious and coming across a little racist!!


[deleted] t1_jcs725v wrote

instant noodles are carcinogenic but yes the store that carries 100 varieties of instant noodles is what everyone wants as their neighborhood grocery store

right right


mrchumblie t1_jcshfqu wrote

Go to Whole Foods and stop b*tching.

You’re living on the wrong side of the country if you like sprouts. Move to Colorado


pythonQu t1_jctadcd wrote

They do have dried noodles which is different from instant noodles. If only you'd educate yourself, you'd know the difference.


[deleted] t1_jcu4cwh wrote

no it’s literally all the same


pythonQu t1_jcunlcv wrote

BYE racist.


[deleted] t1_jcus3rv wrote

nothing i said had anything to do with race


pythonQu t1_jcv57h8 wrote

"Literally all the same." Actually it's not. If you'd read the ingredients on dried vs instant noodles you'd know that but guess we're all the same so it doesn't matter ro you.


pddkr1 t1_jcs839v wrote

Lmao had to scroll a bit till I hit the first racism accusation, but it didn’t take too long. Thanks for this gem.


cavalryyy t1_jcs8u1d wrote

“Korean grocery store only sells kimchi and ramen. Not racially motivated at all btw”

Begging you to develop brain cells


pddkr1 t1_jcsa7tl wrote

Who posted that bit?


pddkr1 t1_jcsasqs wrote

What the hell hahaha, Ramen and Kimchi?

How did I not see that bit?

Edit - had to keep clicking parent comment, apologies poster, I think I had clicked into a specific reply when scrolling. Turns out you didn’t have to scroll that far for certain perspective. I would def agree with your comment, my bad.


EveryNameIWantIsGone t1_jcseyug wrote

That comment doesn’t have the word “Korean” in it.


cavalryyy t1_jcsgdok wrote

I hope they cover “authors intent” in english class next week <3


iniquities t1_jcs1hdb wrote

Rite Aid wasn't really selling any of that either so no harm or gain.


JuicyJ476 t1_jcsp9t1 wrote

can mods consider a ban for u/fedops? he clearly does not live in the city but has a history of these weird troll/hate comment threads


fork_yuu t1_jcuzmcd wrote

Some dude from the Bay area shitting on us cause he's high and mighty with his organic diet. Also for some reason spends a lot of time shitting on people in /r/asknyc

Kinda weird lol


Queenv918 t1_jcyrmkx wrote

He has more than a handful of alternate accounts too.


gownuts t1_jcrsuah wrote

Came here for HMart but where is Sprouts? I want those things too.


[deleted] t1_jcrttqq wrote

doesn’t exist in NYC sadly

best large grocery store in the country by far


[deleted] t1_jcsadl7 wrote



[deleted] t1_jcsb40b wrote

people want a healthy organic grocery store, not some specialty store that doesn’t have 90% of what regular people want to buy


[deleted] t1_jcsbl1g wrote



[deleted] t1_jcsbu7o wrote

no it doesn’t

you can’t buy a regular ribeye steak there and definitely not one that is grass fed. they have thin beef cuts for korean dishes nothing like a normal grocery store at all

and they have very little organic produce options most of it is conventional


[deleted] t1_jcsceno wrote



maximumslanketry t1_jcsr2z9 wrote

H mart is awesome. Ignore that troll. He's probably the most fun at his one man parties (full of organic, grass fed pea shoots)


[deleted] t1_jcscpob wrote

eggs aren’t produce

and that’s free range which is different than pasture raised


[deleted] t1_jcscu1y wrote



NotMugatu t1_jcsdnxh wrote

I saw raw milk and thought he was trolling, but this cheesedick is actually serious. Lmao


NinjaCaviar t1_jct03z9 wrote

Yo there is a reason everyone here is shitting on you and it’s because you’re an idiot, just in case you were wondering.

Because, you know. You’re an idiot.


Danimal_House t1_jctfeme wrote

To be fair, it’s also because he’s an insufferable douchebag


pythonQu t1_jctahtn wrote

And you present the voice of "the people"? Who elected you? Get the fuck outta here.


alltheppliloverdrunk t1_jcrvm6u wrote

How do I petition for a Brooklyn store?


Imnottheassman t1_jcs8ejo wrote

Just go to sunset park. Multiple stores, half the price of H Mart.


alltheppliloverdrunk t1_jct6m2a wrote

That’s what I do now. My go-tos are Fei Long or iFresh. Sometimes JMart, but that’s further our for me.

But HMart hits different. First off the seafood market is incredible. There are signs directing everyone on how they can prepare your fish (eg butterflied, filleted, etc). Trying to communicate this at a Chinese market is a bit more challenging for me. What about the shrimp section? There’s like 15 different types of shrimp to choose from. Additionally, the seafood market at hmart is usually immaculate. Then you have the kimchi and prepared ban Chan selection that is incredible. Let’s not forget the meat section which is vast, organized, and well-maintained. Want to make hot pot tonight? Go for it, get that beautifully sliced rib eye. Feel like making Korean bbq? Pick up that pork belly or pre-marinated kalbi.

When it comes to HMart and most Asian markets (exception for Mitsuwa) we’re comparing the finest Honeycrisp Apples to shitty off-season oranges.


pillkrush t1_jcv06q4 wrote

hmart is better organized and packaged but ur not getting anything better quality than what u can find in Chinatown. saying it's honey crisp apples to shitty oranges is overboard


Ed_Hastings t1_jcwroyl wrote

Unfortunately I live on the other side of Prospect Park, so it takes me basically the same amount of time to just go to the UWS by public transit lol.


TrekkerMcTrekkerface t1_jcutu9z wrote

>Just go to sunset park. Multiple stores, half the price of H Mart.

Chinese and Korean are the same to you?


pillkrush t1_jcuzsgl wrote

ain't racist cuz they actually sell a lot of the same stuff


franticredditperson t1_jcs2f3v wrote

HMart is cool and all but i don’t think i have ever seen more overpriced asian goods


killerasp t1_jcs8ua7 wrote

which hmart do you go to? the ones in queens are well priced. what items do you think over-priced? the only things that I think higher priced that regular supermarkets is the beef and pork which are all much higher quality so its going to be more pricey.


GochujangChips t1_jcs95kj wrote

Only the new queens location is well priced tbh - most likely due to the super high competition


Pbpopcorn t1_jcs9rs5 wrote

I like H mart but I find their produce section overpriced compared to Chinatown. Am Asian btw.


kenneyy88 t1_jcsrdss wrote

You can't compare chinatown to other stores. Chinatown is always going to be cheaper.


Pbpopcorn t1_jctdteq wrote

Well I will still compare because that’s where I usually shop. It’s ridiculous to compare it TJs/WF/fairway because they sell different products. Obviously chinatown varies but a lot of their products do overlap. You must be a white person


yokuyuki t1_jcsb4gp wrote

I find the quality is much better.


Pbpopcorn t1_jcsbb36 wrote

I don’t actually


TophuSkin t1_jcsjjsl wrote

Yep, I guess you can say packaging and presentation is much nicer but it pretty much same quality to me as well


jae343 t1_jctsn1p wrote

Packaging is better but quality depends on if you know what you're doing. Hmart has a lot more plastic which obviously is great for visuals but not for the sea turtles. I personally avoid buying produce and fresh stuff there because of the prices, although sometimea comparing prices to veggies in Chinatown some are actually reasonable.


yokuyuki t1_jcuegzt wrote

I haven't seen a difference in the amount of plastic they use to bag veggies and I can at least find organic produce. Meat at regular price is expensive, but on sale, it's quite competitive.


FreeProstitute t1_jcvi0ox wrote

I was shocked after visiting the HMart in Koreatown. Double the prices of the HMart in Philly. And this is why I only shop at Trader Joe’s


Calantha55 t1_jcs34gj wrote

H Mart is so awesome.


[deleted] t1_jcsayyg wrote

limited organic produce options, no regular beef cuts, barely any cheese/dairy, massively overpriced

“so awesome”


goodiereddits t1_jcsgjij wrote

Jesus shut the fuck up you unrepentant racist.


sumgye t1_jcuir9g wrote

Yes that guy was an idiot but racist? I don’t think it’s racist to criticize a specific cultures food choices lol like come on. You are devaluing the word racist.


columbo928s4 t1_jcsi7fs wrote

"every store has to supply every single item i, specifically, want, or it sucks!"


Calantha55 t1_jcscg4r wrote

That’s not my experience with the H Mart where I live. Maybe you have a lemon.


[deleted] t1_jcsd3eb wrote

you’re suggesting they carry a lot of organic produce?


shamam t1_jctqq7a wrote

Why would one go to an Asian market for cheese or dairy?

I believe you are the same poster who was shit-talking H-Mart when there was a post about the UES store opening.


jae343 t1_jctjonl wrote

It's a Korean market bro, the only cheese Koreans eat is a form of low moisture mozz and American cheese. It's a stereotype among us in Korea but it's true.


hunneybunny t1_jcu4v5c wrote

Weird how only the beef cuts you eat are "regular"


[deleted] t1_jcu87i7 wrote



hunneybunny t1_jcub4ue wrote

Where did anyone say that? Oh looks like you're the only one. Congratulations for correctly identifying yourself! 👏


writtenwordyum t1_jcs1dlp wrote

Love H Mart!


lazerphace t1_jcs36tj wrote

not their prices


pythonQu t1_jctawsq wrote

It's not going to be everything for everybody. There's a big selection of food, product and quality. With that comes additional cost.


lushlife_ t1_jcsgep8 wrote

On Amsterdam and 70.


VK47 t1_jct6j78 wrote

Finally, a place for me to cry in!


itsthekumar t1_jcsmool wrote

Hopefully it'll be more spacious than the one in Koreatown.


jae343 t1_jctj8qe wrote

The one in Koreatown is avoid at all cost. Rather drive over to Bayside, those are superior. Mega Hmarts in the West are awesome.


aravakia t1_jcukxgp wrote

apparently it’s not even a real hmart??? my friend tried using their hmart card and they didn’t accept it because it’s not officially part of the chain? super odd.


jae343 t1_jcv12wh wrote

Yeah, I believe the Manhattan Hmarts operate under a different entity hence why even their Manhattan delivery service is separate from the rest of the NY area and NJ.


astralgmen t1_jctcf0n wrote

Seeing a lot of “overpriced” in this thread, if anyone knows of a better priced alternative in UWS that offers similar products I would love to try it out. Thank you!


jae343 t1_jctj4yi wrote

There is no alternative you're paying for brand and Manhattan rent. Try using Hmart delivery or apps like Say Wee.


stewartm0205 t1_jcsg129 wrote

Buy the black chicken. Use it to make soup. It’s good for you when you don’t feel well.


pythonQu t1_jctb0cm wrote

I do this. Tbh you can find black silky chicken in most Asian supermarkets.


stewartm0205 t1_jd568vc wrote

There aren’t a lot of Asian supermarkets in Westchester. The H mart was the first one I ever visited. Lots of things I have never seen before including the black chicken. Read up on it later on.


nyc5002 t1_jctl3wr wrote

Was happy to see another empty storefront getting filled again with this H-Mart, then find out that Marshall’s closed and we’ll have another abandoned half block for the next 5 years.


1us33 t1_jcryoio wrote



jae343 t1_jctiscu wrote

Hmart prices for many items are a few dollars or 25% more compared to even in Manhattan Chinatown so it's fine if you can afford it especially the meats and seafood.

Being East Asian I still definitely go occasionally if I really need certain items at a moment's notice but other than that I get better deals ordering from Hmart delivery and Asian grocery apps.


Jubal7 t1_jctr4ys wrote

Just had an H Mart take over our closed stop n shop. Trendy and niche as it is, H Mart is not for regular weekly food shopping. Ive only gone twice as novelty.


pythonQu t1_jcv4d1u wrote

I feel the same way about Whole Foods.


Jubal7 t1_jd0l210 wrote

Oh, I never ever patronize Whole Foods. The vibe in those places bothers my soul. My only issue with the H mart in my location is that it did not fill the void of what was lost. It only serves a sliver of a much more diverse population; nor are the prices competative with the rest of my neighborhood. Theres also plenty of more affordable Asian cusine 'mom and pops' to shop in for my needs.


pythonQu t1_jd125fr wrote

Yea. I mean I'll check out Whole Foods like once a month for my produce and cheese fix. Being Asian American, I have to source my grocery runs from a variety of markets.

When I don't feel like making the trek to Manhattan but in need of my Asian groceries for one stop shopping, it'll be J Mart & nearby Asian grocers. Some of their items are overpriced. It is what it is.


DryGumby t1_jcv97ce wrote

There are like 4 other grocery stores within a couple of blocks. They don't need to buy all their food there, but the option is nice.


paruresis_guy t1_jcttsyz wrote

I'm over the moon to learn this! My office is right there in Lincoln Towers. I used to pop into that grotty Rite Aid for necessities, and had been missing its convenience. (Although there is a CVS one avenue away.) But H Mart--oh my gosh, what a fantastic upgrade!


scubastefon t1_jct5eiv wrote

The one in East Rutherford is inside the American Dream mall. I don’t really get how that is commercially viable. Are people going to pay $5 to park, just to go to the grocery store?

I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a flagship storefront.. I don’t think grocery stores need those, though.


lancequ01 t1_jcs5g6z wrote

I wonder if this will get upvotes if it's a new spot in Queens


Pennwisedom t1_jcs75e9 wrote

I mean, an H Mart did just open up in Sunnyside in November. H Mart is also originally from Woodside.