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jaj-io t1_jcxuqfa wrote

Yet they wonder why so many illegitimate shops continue to pop up.


CarlCarbonite t1_jcyclj9 wrote

It’s not just this, it’s everything. The city requires a permit for almost everything but most take an actual eternity to process. I’ve had permit requests sit for MONTHS before anyone got back to me, for something so simple that would take me a half-day to do. I mean if NYC wants tax money, I would imagine they should be processing permits a lot faster, so people can start buying and start paying the taxes.


supremeMilo t1_jcyfcy4 wrote

I still assume it’s because all the ppl who wanted to open weed shops paid off Coumo’s people and now they have to go through the whole process again and pay off Hochul’s people.


heresmyusername t1_jd02001 wrote

Hochul genuinely has to be one of the most useless living politicians. It's absolutely wild.


Commercialismo t1_jcy02tw wrote

There are like 3 in my area all on the same block,, are they illegal or smth? ☠️


Metapod_Used_Hardon t1_jcy2n9r wrote

An easy way to tell is that licensed dispensaries don’t sell tobacco products. If they also sell vapes and cigarettes, they’re not licensed for weed.


thereallysososantini t1_jcym126 wrote

This isn't a very good way to tell. Most of the new dedicated illegal shops do not sell tobacco products either.


Metapod_Used_Hardon t1_jcynf3v wrote

It’s an easy way to tell, and it only goes one way, i.e., “if it sells tobacco, it’s not legal” does not imply the converse “if it doesn’t sell tobacco, it’s legal.” The best way, of course, is to check the license.


thoughtsarefalse t1_jcyrnjf wrote

The easier way to tell is by learning the only 3 legal locations and then realizing it’s not one of them


Metapod_Used_Hardon t1_jcys45i wrote

Sure. I was responding to someone who had to question whether the three on their block are legal, so I was going for a simpler test for a simpler person.


drpvn t1_jcy98mb wrote



Tsquare43 t1_jcycqq4 wrote

The State hasn't figured out to milk that cow dry yet. They all want a cut of what is surely to a be lucrative stream of revenue.


BakedBread65 t1_jczkt1x wrote

No they had to find the perfect person who had marijuana conviction, but none or a negligible criminal history aside from that, who also was driven and capable of opening a small business. Then that person had to jump through complex regulations. No wonder.


thejimla t1_jd09gms wrote

In addition to also having to been born on a Tuesday while mercury was in retrograde, they need to work with another new bureaucracy DASNY to locate a retail property and sign a lease agreement.


bittoxic00 t1_jcyllpv wrote

This, every politician in office is salivating on earmarking that money for ‘schools’ and taking the press but in reality trading it for favors


RW3Bro t1_jcz08ft wrote

This is largely the doing of the State legislature’s Black caucus. They held up legalization for years in a political climate where both the leftists and moderates/liberals agreed it was the right thing to do, because the Black Caucus wanted the first licenses to be reserved for Black people. The State did what was legal in reserving them for “justice involved individuals,” but the damage was done and the rollout has been slow as all hell because of it.

Here’s a 2019 write up from the NYT about it.


socialcommentary2000 t1_jczdigx wrote

Awesome. I'm glad it panned out this way too.

I hope the State ends up getting a fraction of the tax money they should have from this because that, my friend, is actual justice.

Fuck them.


Deluxe78 t1_jcz0b7t wrote

It’s almost like the state is run by people who are incompetent with planning


gold_and_diamond t1_jcyxggo wrote

I'm super confused about all these shops. There are ones near my work in Times Square and in my home in Brooklyn that are completely built-out with signage and lots of products and customers going in and out. But I keep reading there's only one or two legal shops in NYC. So are these stores dropping over $10k/month in rent operating illegally? Why would they invest all that money if they can just get shut down?


spoil_of_the_cities t1_jcz2009 wrote

The politicians aren't capable of busting up weed stores themselves; they require enforcers. But they've spent years shitting on their enforcers, and unsurprisingly the enforcers are not particularly eager to serve as muscle for this racket.

They've managed a few busts by relying on the Sheriffs but the deputy's union is trying to get out of it.


socialcommentary2000 t1_jczeeyg wrote

The cops don't want to spend time busting weed shops because it's a headache for them, gets them nothing and causes even more problems on the street for Patrol.

That's why.

Stop spreading garbage agitprop.


heresmyusername t1_jd02632 wrote

Wait so you're telling me that Exotic Za R Us hawking fake pens isn't a legit dispensary????


Alert_Engineering_70 t1_jd03ahw wrote

Walking on 6th Ave yesterday near the West 4th St courts , a junkie says to a dealer , how many packets can I get for $8?

The same dealers there everyday, I recognize the addicts as do the police . The drug sales are caught on high definition cameras and nothing is done . It's not even like anyone is subtle about it. The dealers didn't sign up in some state program to sell the stuff the just did it

The mistake the Cannabis sellers made is they tried to go legit, now the deal with the full force of the city/state. If you just start selling whatever you want you're good. Same thing happened in California, the illegal sellers are fine and the legit out of business.

NYS goes the extra mile in making things unpleasant for small businesses because they can. If you're a large company, you could care less about the fines and the state agencies have to navigate the massive corps departments and not the other way around .