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Thtguy1289_NY t1_je318l2 wrote

I have a feeling we are going to see a bunch of headlines about subway agents being assaulted very soon


Chemical_Analyst_883 t1_je32pzu wrote

Why's that?


dspeyer t1_je3ml06 wrote

Because the agents will be sitting on the floor with no booths to protect them.

(Not seriously, and I'm not sure if this is the joke Thtguy1289_NY intended)


Thtguy1289_NY t1_je32ruy wrote

Use that noggin of yours there brother.


Chemical_Analyst_883 t1_je367yv wrote

Uh, you didn't answer my question.


Thtguy1289_NY t1_je36lh5 wrote

Now there are more people on the platforms alone at all hours. Come on man, I know you can use that brain a little bit to make the connection. You got this.


Chemical_Analyst_883 t1_je370aa wrote

Why would a station agent stand out on an empty platform at all hours? The article clearly says they can return to their booths when they'd like.


Thtguy1289_NY t1_je37abo wrote

You're almost there man.

They are supposed to be in the booths during their breaks. When not on their breaks, they are supposed to be out on the platforms


soontwobee t1_je3f1t8 wrote

Come on lil guy, 🙃 Why do you think you're being downvoted buddy? 🥹 Come on champ can you fire up your old thinking organ 😏 maybe get your lil brain to do a lil thinking for you big guy buddy friend 😺


Chemical_Analyst_883 t1_je37jds wrote

> Davey said the metal and glass enclosures will not be removed but workers can return there during breaks or whenever they see fit.