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According to Mayor Eric Adams, the study will look at ways to reduce pollution and noise, improve safety and sustainability and reconnect communities that had been torn apart by the expressway’s construction. More specifically, the government agencies will look at strategies for decking parts of the expressway — also known as capping — to create new public open space above the highway, according to Adams’ announcement.

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PsychologicalMud917 t1_jdodjd4 wrote

We love to talk about projects like this, but I don’t think any of us will live long enough to see it happen.


michaelmvm t1_jdpa94r wrote

cap it, only allow trucks and thru traffic, reduce it to two lanes, extend the C line from 168 st station along the sides of the highway, build dense housing and parks on top


The_Lone_Apple t1_jdo8jhm wrote

Where are you going to put the cars? Go north to the Cross County, down the Palisades and then back to 95?


TeamMisha t1_jdrphif wrote

Demolition is not an option, NYSDOT (state DOT) owns the highway itself meaning NYC can't unilaterally decide to tear it down, close it, or reduce lanes. This study is basically a band aid to look at mitigation measures (like capping) while not addressing the vehicles on the highway itself, so I doubt any measures which significantly change conditions on the highway will be proposed.


vanshnookenraggen t1_jdoflf5 wrote

Cap it where you can and close off all the local ramps, keep it for through traffic only. If that reduces traffic enough, take two lanes for BRT.

Removing it entirely is a pipe dream.


UpperLowerEastSide t1_jdpie6k wrote

Closing off all local ramps would hamper deliveries (like to the industrial park right next to the Cross Bronx).

Local ramps could be changed to truck only or the Cross Bronx could be made truck only and two lanes could be converted for BRT for the Q44.


BronxEE2000 t1_jdrz2u8 wrote

There are folks in the Bronx who actually use the Cross Bronx to get places. Hell I don't even agree with capping.


theclan145 t1_jdz7j6w wrote

To the people that say tear it down Where is traffic from the GWB going to It gets to Manhattan then what


unndunn t1_jdrp3ii wrote

I see the car haters have had their say.

Now can we get some rational voices in the discussion?


lemming-leader12 t1_jds2k9z wrote

Cars are ass. I have a car, I have to keep it because the rest of America sucks and I'd be forced to buy one at a huge markup again. Needless insurance expense, needless repairs, needless gas expense.


diggydar t1_jdswu2r wrote

just like they did with the Bronx armory, the bronx is like a testing ground for how much bullshit politicians hope they can get away with