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bklynzboy OP t1_itu2r4q wrote


UrbanAssault t1_itu4jk1 wrote

The job is different by department if you go Stations vs Car Equipment.


bklynzboy OP t1_ituhgb7 wrote

Dumb question but Do cleaners get drug tested for weed?


UrbanAssault t1_itvbvy8 wrote

i believe they do specially for safety sensitive titles, but random drug test are rare once your a cleaner unless you give them a reason to send you down for one.


No-Mirror4864 t1_iu9kzse wrote

Which is one is more simple? Also what did you mean with your other comment “the list was short”?


UrbanAssault t1_iu9vfh2 wrote

The cleaning is somewhat simple what changes is the work environment depending on dept. Cant really speak on stations but its somewhat self explanatory, Car Equipment your in a maintenance shop/yard or at a terminal station. When I was hired there were just under 900 cleaners, I think they've hired up to 12XX.