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barelylegal_69 t1_itvh2pb wrote

You really think electing Zeldin is gonna make any material change in your life in this regard?

That intermittent caps thing for me takes this from a heartfelt post about shitty stuff you’ve experienced or seen, into something a little more wack. it’s not a zero sum game you vs homeless crazy person.


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvhvlt wrote

It’s because I’m honestly struggling with this for the first time in my life.

In my head maybe it sends a message to the democratic legislature that these policies, despite what Twitter or whatever grassroots org is saying, aren’t actually popular. Clearly what we’ve been doing hasn’t been working and I’m banging my head against the wall on this.


barelylegal_69 t1_itvikzo wrote

just want to say, i do 100% empathize with you and everyone who is impacted by crime and stuff like this. and i get how it must feel to see people talking about statistics like they invalidate what you experienced.


NetQuarterLatte t1_itvhot6 wrote

Know that you’re not alone.

I hope our democrats will stop denying the obvious and stop making excuses soon.

The ideological elements in the party have caused so much harm by closing their eyes to the reality.

Good intentions don’t matter if that produces the wrong results.


brownredgreen t1_itvhli3 wrote

Do you know the difference between an anecdote and data?

If I got mugged in 2014, but not in 2020, does my experience mean 2014 was less safe?

There's such a thing as bad luck.

Would stories of bad things happening in 2019, exactly like what you had happen to you, be meaningful to you?

I suspect in 2019 you simply didn't hear about the crime as much.

When something is on the mind, the mind is more likely to spot it and remember it.

The people who got attacked in 2019 remember it. You weren't one of them. good, glad to hear that

You were someone who got harassed in 2022. That sucks, im sorry to hear it.

Your belief that the GOP would change things is misleading. The highest crime states are red states. Zeldin would make shit worse.


NetQuarterLatte t1_itvivy5 wrote

> Do you know the difference between an anecdote and data?

OP anecdote of feeling at a greater risk of physical harm actually correlates with the data.

The data shows crimes in 2022 are worse than in 2019.

For example, at the current rate, NYC is on track to end the year with 26000 felony assaults

That figure will be the largest amount of felony assaults in any year of this century... so far.

Felony assaults are not only rising, but the rise is accelerating (chart + source):


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itviqgj wrote

I was harassed in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The data shows subway crime is up. That violent crime other than murder are up. Great, the gangs are shooting each other less I guess.

Are you honestly going to say that QOL is the same as it was in 2019? Assuming you’re still going to work in person, riding the subways or whatever. Just be honest.


brownredgreen t1_itvpjgk wrote

Is QOL the same after a pandemic killed 1 in 1000 new yorkers? After a pandemic injured, mentally and physically, millions more?

No fucking shit QOL has changed.

And im waiting for a subway right now. Service sucks. 20 min wait in middle of day. Service interruptions like crazy.

The solution isn't to hand power to democracy denying, trickle down lying, fuckheads.

You wanna vent, vent. You wanna blame Dems? Fuck right off with that propaganda. Bail reform is NOT why we have crime uptick.

Mental health has gotten worse, nationwide. Partly cause one party decided to make a fucking pandemic a political issue.


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvrff1 wrote

You don’t think keeping everyone socially isolated for years played a part in the mental health decline?

Blocking me to look like I stopped responding to you, huh?


octoreadit t1_itvi3lr wrote

Not arguing statistics either, but my personal experience as of recently got a lot worse on the subway too, after almost two decades of living in the city. Maybe I got unlucky? Or maybe things did change for the worse.

But hey, cheer up, the proposed congestion pricing will fix it all, right? Right?! After it's enacted, the MTA will be beautiful, clean, and safe.

I'm not excited about the choices for the upcoming elections either.


paisleycatperson t1_itvivcy wrote

What do you think a republican governor would be able to do differently?


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvkfiq wrote

Shock the Democrats into dropping a lot of their ridiculous policies and/or actually do something about this because if he wins it will have only been because of crime.


paisleycatperson t1_itvkqlo wrote

Be specific. You're scared because of subway crime, mta is a state thing. Crime is a city thing.

What do you think a republican governor would do that would result in safer subways?


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvlf22 wrote

A Republican governor would indicate to the Democratic legislature that perhaps they should repeal bail reform and institute policies that make it easier to involuntarily commit mentally ill dangerous people.


paisleycatperson t1_itvmea9 wrote

OK. So... the first part of your sentence will not lead to the second part.

I think you know that too.

It's ok to feel scared and want others to take things seriously too, but government is about the achievable.

And Republicans want to. Republicans are currently banning birth control and banning gay marriage, setting up the same automatic repeals they JUST DID to abortion, for birth control and gay marriage.

It is achievable for them to absolutely destroy your life and leave crazies to dance across the subway with chainsaws. They are not coming for them, they are coming for you.


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvnsg9 wrote

>the first part of your sentence will not lead to the second part

Actually, you don’t really know that. If a Republican won it would be the first time since 2002. He would have won in spite of the fact that he is an anti-choice, homophobic, election denying Trumptard in a state that went +20 for Biden. He would win only because of crime and declining QOL.

You think the legislature wouldn’t understand that? You think he wouldn’t understand that?

Sending another Democrat to the governor’s mansion tells them to stay the course. And I’m completely sick of the chokehold the Twitter left has on NY politics.


paisleycatperson t1_itvokdl wrote

I think repealing bail reform is totally unrelated to the governorship.

And I think Republicans are begging you to focus on crime so they can ruin the lives of gay women, probably not here. Just poorer gay women, far away from her. And they would take a governorship in nys as a sign to go full bore again people like you but poorer.


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvpzoz wrote

How is a sweeping statewide piece of legislation passed in 2019 unrelated to the governorship?


paisleycatperson t1_itvqk25 wrote

Because the legislature is still Democratic.


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvrk3z wrote

Right, but a shocking loss because of a single issue might kick them slightly more right of center than they presently are.


paisleycatperson t1_itvs843 wrote


Sure, Mit.

You go vote for might. Republican led states have worse crime but you go on for might.

They are not good at reducing crime!

Especially. Crimes. Against you.


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvu22e wrote

Republican states have higher murder rates because they’re poorer and have way more guns. Neither of which are concerns of mine if we elect one Republican governor while maintaining a Democratic legislature.


paisleycatperson t1_itvumka wrote

They are not good at reducing crime in any category, except white collar.


Arleare13 t1_itvpmjo wrote

> He would win only because of crime and declining QOL.

Do you think he would constrain his governance of the state to those areas? I don't. I think he'd do whatever he could to persecute minorities, destroy people's rights, and undermine future elections.


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvrlv4 wrote

The legislature is still Democratic.


Arleare13 t1_itvsomm wrote

And there are still a lot of things a governor can do on their own. Executive orders, funding decisions, political appointments... what happens when he declares that abortion is a public health emergency, or that he's defunding the NYC school system because they teach tolerance of gay people, or that he's dismissing all Democratic district attorneys statewide? Do you think it'd be above a Trump cultist to declare that any future elections that don't go the way he wants were fraudulent and must be tossed out? As governor, he could at least try.

Like I said, it's shortsighted to think that you can send a message by voting for Zeldin without serious collateral consequences. There are better paths to what you want to accomplish.


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itvu4i1 wrote

What paths?


Arleare13 t1_itvvtuf wrote

Make your voice heard in the Democratic primaries. There's a wide diversity of opinion within the Democratic party on this issue, and there will be candidates down to the most local elected offices who agree with you on it. They'll move in the direction you want on crime, without handing the state over to the racists/homophobes/etc.

Just for some additional perspective on what a governor can do even without a friendly legislature, the far-right governor of Virginia recently issued new directives to schools mandating the persecution of transgender students. This was done without legislative approval, because he claims that he doesn't need it to set that sort of policy; the courts will ultimately decide. This is the sort of thing that Zeldin will do if he's given the power to. He's not going to fire DA Bragg then just sit around for four years. He's going to use whatever power he can to implement his far-right agenda.


TonysCatchersMit OP t1_itwnyof wrote

Yeah, I ranked Adams #1 and then voted for him. Working out great.


Arleare13 t1_itvlb29 wrote

I think the Democrats have already realized that, based on how close the race is. And I think that four years of a Trump-sycophant governor would be way, way too big a price to pay to hammer that point home just a little harder.

Make this a message in the next Democratic primaries if you want (I think a lot of people will do just that), but I think it's incredibly short-sighted to be willing to turn the state over to a far-right extremist whose party is actually a genuine threat to the future of American democracy.


Status_Fox_1474 t1_itvhv9x wrote

I'm pretty sure may drugstores, especially in busy areas, are starting to do this. The problem is that pretty much anyone can steal them, run out the door, then sell them on Amazon cheap and make a little bit of money.


Elizasol t1_itvi96s wrote

This is getting deleted. Mods are purging everything related to the debate last night. I won't vote for Zeldin but the mods on this subreddit are doing a disservice to all new yorkers by not letting us have a conversation about something that is having a huge impact on our lives


Arleare13 t1_itviyd5 wrote

To be fair, this sub can't seem to have a good-faith conversation on these topics. Within minutes, it's shitposts everywhere. There are just too many bad-faith posters trying to disrupt reasonable discussions.


Elizasol t1_itvj8my wrote

I mean that's why downvotes and moderating exists. Are we not supposed to have these conversations because some people are trolls


Arleare13 t1_itvkcq7 wrote

I get why it's tough, when this sub has long been a target of brigading by people who have no connection to NYC but have tied the validity of their political views to shitting on us. The mods seem to be outnumbered, particularly around election season. I agree, it sucks, but I'm not sure I blame the mods, I blame the bad-faith commenters.

Also worth noting, this particular thread probably should have been deleted regardless. It was a single person's personal complaint, which is explicitly against the sub rules. If those were allowed, and every time a person wanted to vent about crime, or rent prices, or whatever else it would stay up, this sub would be utterly unusable. There should be a higher burden for the removal of threads about specific news articles or things like that, but personal complaint threads really don't do much to improve the conversation here.


FamousFatSals t1_itvh8w5 wrote

What you claim to be a lack of safety is actually equality. Why should you walk the streets in relative calm when our unhoused neighbors spend every day in fear? Until you’ve lived at the end of a needle, and understand what it’s like to literally die if you don’t get your fix, your lived experience doesn’t matter. There are others less fortunate than you. They take priority. Be grateful you are clean. Some day you may need a safe injection site.


F_T_N_32 t1_itvhrn5 wrote

I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not.


FamousFatSals t1_itvia7l wrote

Sarcasm is a luxury for the affluent. The poor and marginalized have to be more direct.


F_T_N_32 t1_itvitij wrote

Still not sure if this is sarcasm.


Arleare13 t1_itvkmi4 wrote

It's more shitposting than sarcasm. That poster has a long and prolific history of it.