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FamousFatSals t1_itvh8w5 wrote

What you claim to be a lack of safety is actually equality. Why should you walk the streets in relative calm when our unhoused neighbors spend every day in fear? Until you’ve lived at the end of a needle, and understand what it’s like to literally die if you don’t get your fix, your lived experience doesn’t matter. There are others less fortunate than you. They take priority. Be grateful you are clean. Some day you may need a safe injection site.


F_T_N_32 t1_itvhrn5 wrote

I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not.


FamousFatSals t1_itvia7l wrote

Sarcasm is a luxury for the affluent. The poor and marginalized have to be more direct.


F_T_N_32 t1_itvitij wrote

Still not sure if this is sarcasm.


Arleare13 t1_itvkmi4 wrote

It's more shitposting than sarcasm. That poster has a long and prolific history of it.