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Mechanical_Nightmare t1_iu0ptxx wrote

thats exactly what someone that lives in new jersey would say


MrRabbit t1_iu1qli8 wrote

I get the joke... but that definitely isn't what people from Jersey say.


ronnock t1_iu24erz wrote

The rare solid joke, right upvote, and true reply combo!!


harlemtechie t1_iu3xwjj wrote

Real talk. It's like our leaders really aren't walking around the city....or live here....


tamere2k t1_iu0tdpr wrote

The other 98% are considered worse than filthy.


pot_of_crows t1_iu10y56 wrote

The other 98% they couldn't see all the fifth because the rats were in the way.


harlemtechie t1_iu3xory wrote

I think these guys are looking at the most gentrified neighborhoods and trying to link it to the rest of nyc. They only seem to be delivering messages to that side of New York lately...


BakedBread65 t1_iu4zm0b wrote

We weren’t able to verify their filth under all of the garbage on the street


actualtext t1_iu0c1je wrote

Mayor Adams baffles most New Yorkers.


businesslut t1_iu4agdz wrote

He's one of the least polarizing mayor's we've had in a while! Everyone hates him!


Guypussy t1_iu0jhmj wrote

> Inspectors visit blocks each month and assign a score ranging from “acceptably clean” to “filthy” based on the amount of litter. That score is then extrapolated to apply to an entire sanitation district.


mjnnyc t1_iu0qi6h wrote

Unbelieavable. So they go to a random street, then apply that to a whole sanitation district.

Even the tourists know this city is full of invisible boundaries, where 5 blocks in one direction can be completely the opposite of what’s 5 blocks in the opposite direction.


stopgo t1_iu0hvn5 wrote

The rats are absolutely going to hate this statistic


Pork-Roll t1_iu0q3bz wrote

98% swagger, less than 2% filthy, other % just regular dirty


KindaNormalHuman t1_iu0cjj6 wrote

He must have a very low standard of what clean is supposed to be.


emo_corner_master t1_iu1xlhu wrote

I wouldn't be surprised if the criteria was, "Is this just normal dirty, or health hazard dirty?"


HangerSteak1 t1_iudokgb wrote

It must have rained the day before. Honestly I miss the grittiness of NYC. Thankfully I still can see tourists reel in shock when a meth pipe gets lit on the subway.


DifficultyNext7666 t1_iu0jth3 wrote

I mean I could see that. What are the other buckets?

If it's a dichotomy clean vs filthy, no. But in my experience most are just dirty to very dirty, few cross into filthy


ike_tyson t1_iu0rqp6 wrote

Mayor Carpetbagger is so bad he makes DeBlaso look like Ed Koch.


natsunshine t1_iu22bgc wrote

Every single street in Manhattan smells like urine lol


tinoynk t1_iu0dmem wrote

Filthy compared to what? Downtown Philly or DC where people only exist in substantial numbers between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday? Sure, but it's not Calcutta or anything.


fermat1432 t1_iu0zijy wrote

Mayor Adams does not seem to value the perceptions of New Yorkers. Yes, many streets are filthy and yes, the subways have become increasingly dangerous.

Mayor, New Yorkers do not believe in alternative facts!


ambushbugger t1_iu1q8ep wrote

Is there a primary when this clown is up for reelection?


RecommendationOld525 t1_iu356e1 wrote

The primary he won was soooo cloooose… if only more than 26.5% of people voted or didn’t include him on their ranked choice (but DID include multiple others). 😭


ambushbugger t1_iu49hlf wrote

But is there a primary for the next electuon?


RecommendationOld525 t1_iu4q1b0 wrote

It’s too early to know for sure (the next mayoral election will be in 2025) but I’d be surprised if he didn’t have a challenger. There will definitely BE a primary election, but who will be on the ballot is very much TBD.


Either-Discipline258 t1_iu7a2nv wrote

We can only hope Lee Zeldin wins as governor and he can work with Adams to get things under control. How disgusting to have a rat problem in 2022. What is this the bubonic plague era?!? Disgusting!!!


Killingstar t1_iu1vjqq wrote

I walked a lot of streets in my 40+ years before I saw human fecal matter in a public area- three times- in NYC this year.


2spaces4america t1_iu24nvp wrote

Who the heck voted for this nincompoop?!?


Dynastydood t1_iu2bbyj wrote

Cops, and people who don't actually pay attention to politics.


Prokletnost t1_iu3msr8 wrote

That administration is the horror story come realized. When we needed someone to step up and fix this shit show, we got a narcissistic sharlatan, a self proclaimed celebrity, who lives in a fantasy land, or better yet, doesn't give 2 fucks about the city.


WORLDBENDER t1_iu19dat wrote

The only stat I would find remotely believable is “less than 100%.” Because there has to be at least 1.


Gohanto t1_iu2vxhp wrote

Probably Eric Adam’s street which is in New Y… oh wait


Global-Chemist-6811 t1_iu1jsio wrote

He must be basing that the streets directly visible from his window.


EvanMcD3 t1_iu1zyry wrote

I needed this laugh today.


ThreepointerFTW t1_iu0upnl wrote

🤔 Mayor Adams and his office need to get better vision coverage because clearly they got vision problems….


Calm-Heat-5883 t1_iu2hovo wrote

I'm surprised that anyone is surprised they lie


dstaten14 t1_iu3lyzj wrote

That's because he's got his head buried so far up his own ass!


LuisTechnology t1_iu42hxf wrote

Adams adams adams what a let down this guy has been, since early on he has been nothing but smoke and mirrors. I hope things change


TeamMisha t1_iu1euml wrote

Obscene not to include 311 complaints into the data, but just as NYPD ignores them seems like DSNY doesn't want to deal with or record or be held accountable to complaints either.


fizzymynizzy t1_iu1k86a wrote

Less than 2%... stfu. It is more like 98%.


MonthApprehensive392 t1_iu1pyml wrote

That’s what it looks like on the western shores of the Hudson


smallint t1_iu1ro30 wrote

So he says less than 2% of the streets are filthy, yet he is paying $4M to McKinsey to figure out where to put those trash cans? Hm.. something’s not adding up. Wtf lol


[deleted] t1_iu1to1k wrote

Surely he sees the state of the area around PABT when he arrives to work in the morning...

Nothing says "welcome to NYC" like the stink of weed, trash, vomit and homeless as soon as you step outside


YEEEEZY27 t1_iu1x1ol wrote

So that other 98% is just dirty?


swiftcleaner t1_iu1xzu6 wrote

bro forgot the rest of the 98%


eric32nyc t1_iu202sy wrote

What a joke… street are full of trash


Round-Good-8204 t1_iu2cgig wrote

Oh, they just came up with a new legal definition for the term filthy.


JSammartino t1_iu2eu87 wrote

If this is true, get rid of those sh*tty Alternative Side Street Cleaning 'Cash Grab' rules.


therealowlman t1_iu4571q wrote

There’s not even fucking trash cans.

Mayor Adams is a fucking idiot. The mayor should not deny with the cities inadequacies.


Tsquare43 t1_iu4weqh wrote

If they were only 2% filthy, where are the rats coming from>?

Sometimes this guy speaks to hear his own voice.


BrooklynQuips t1_iu0n5kk wrote

TIL i’ve only walked the same 2% nyc streets my entire life


MoosesAndMeese t1_iu2vkfc wrote

How do you even quantify such a metric?


uber-chica t1_iu4yz05 wrote

So, he has visited just 2 blocks when he is chauffeured in from Jersey?


genius96 t1_iu5zkyo wrote

I can see concrete, therefore it's not filthy


UConnUser92 t1_iuj0oeh wrote

With how large and varied NYC neighborhoods and boroughs are, I call BS on this statistic.

Across all 5 boroughs, there are 120,000 blocks

This "survey" looks at 6,900 of them, a whopping 5.75% /s

I tried looking at the map on the Department of Sanitation Website and it doesn't seem to make sense. For instance:

Click on the "Streets rated acceptably clean (%)" in the Related Indicators

Then click look at the the section that is directly adjacent to the Eastern side of Prospect Park (Brooklyn 09), it shows 76% and 309 streets rated as "Acceptably Clean."

Now go back up and click on "Streets rated filthy"

That same area is 3.6% and says 309 streets rated as "Filthy"


Something is weird here.


I would love to see a map of every street and block they surveyed, and out of those which ones were rated filthy and which ones were clean.


_Maxolotl t1_iu0h4ud wrote

Somebody needs to do a clean up on their block, put all the trash in a dump truck, and drop it on his block.


toastedclown t1_iu0pbah wrote

To be fair he is probably talking about the 2% of streets that are still recognizable as streets and probably mistook the others for a public dump.

It's an understandable mistake, considering that wherever he lives they probably have a modern trash collection system instead of piling it all up on the sidewalk like NYC does.


MasterDave t1_iu1er8z wrote

maybe he meant less than 2% aren't filthy...


To_WAR t1_iu1sqdb wrote

NYC streets are hard to see from across the Hudson.


phoenixmatrix t1_iu2uabw wrote

The block I live on is squeeky clean. People make an absolute mess of it all the time, but the building management and businesses around are cleaning it pretty much 18 hours a day or something.

So if I don't venture too far, I, too, can live in this imaginary world full of rainbows and unicorns!


OkSquirrel5696 t1_iu3mcvg wrote

Lives in Jersey and can wait to get back to Jersey after work. How would he know what NY streets are like…


PBM1337 t1_iu4k8dd wrote

Tale of 2 cities


smoonyc t1_iu4mida wrote

This moron travels a few clean streets in the city on his way to schmooze at parties and thinks it’s all like that. What a damn asshat.


theogwulfe t1_iu56irx wrote

Let’s see NYC’s poop map


Danisha_Freeman t1_iu1oe2z wrote

I'm assuming all of them are in the Bronx.