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Soraflair t1_it88t0g wrote

Thank you, updated.

Also why am I getting downvoted, it's an entirely sensible argument that a majority of people who overstay visas are people who just want to work, and most Americans have no cause for alarm with them. Where as in contrast those that have been deported via criminal charges can no longer simply overstay a Visa, and will likely attempt a border crossing, or some other exigent means which is why we need a wall.

Nothing I am saying is absurd or insensitive, it's a pretty basic and reasonable argument.

99% of this country can't be that stupid to just think Wall = Orange man.

Orange man = Bad

Therefore Wall = Bad.

What the hell is wrong with people. I knew the 10% extreme on each side is a bunch of crazy morons, but the rest of America should be able to have some critical thinking skills.