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midtownguy70 t1_iua0con wrote

It's only mumbo jumbo to someone who remains willfully ignorant and has no understanding of New York City neighborhoods. Either you are annoyingly young and immature or you have never spent more than a week in New York. "Dude".


kjuneja t1_iua1nsd wrote

Lots of unfounded conjecture from an internet tough guy who gets easily offended ... dude.


midtownguy70 t1_iua2k7e wrote

Refuting absurd recommendations for urban planning by a basement dweller who's cranky because his mom is late with his lunch.


kjuneja t1_iua3c3i wrote

Now you're using ad homs? Yikes.


midtownguy70 t1_iua4gg7 wrote

You must expect a hand job after all that attitude you showed up with