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Aggressive_Echo_1652 t1_iuahsho wrote

Wowwwww... I just can't get over how there's like no open land besides central park and a few very small other probably parks. I live in the largest city, land wise, in America and feel kinda claustrophobic, I'd go crazy living in New York!!! Beautiful picture tho.


Consistent-Height-79 t1_iubl41v wrote

In Manhattan, NYC, and Hudson County, there are quite a number of parks and gardens… verdant, and full of people enjoying them. Some larger than Central Park even, and some little ones tended by local residents. Given that the largest cities land-wise in the US are in Alaska, we can’t compete with those open spaces. If you’re in an actual large city with over 1 million people and lots of square miles, that would be Houston, and despite the more “open” spaces, the car culture would be draining for me.


mr_birkenblatt t1_iubn2jn wrote

> Houston, and despite the more “open” spaces

you mean parking lots?