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Malfunctioned t1_iudi7r0 wrote

Here is a wider view, albeit at lower resolution:

Right edge of map, from top to bottom: some NJ land and The Palisade, Henry Hudson Bridge / Inwood / Spuyten Duyvil / Marble Hill, a bit of the Bronx Zoo, Bronx Whitestone Bridge, the large Cunningham Park, western Nassau County from Elmont to Oceanside

Left side of map: various regions of New Jersey from Irvington, Newark (Weequahic Park, Newark Airport), Bayonne to Richmond.

One can get a very similar view on Google Earth:,-73.99861917,24.79503829a,57103.51708693d,35y,-33.24886754h,75.69050898t,0r


Iterr t1_iue3wls wrote

I spy five airports. Can you find and name them all?