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kokchain t1_it04uq0 wrote

Sad. Don’t know what the fight could have been about. But just let it go and keep it moving.


Quirky_Movie t1_it07r95 wrote

The deceased knocked another man's phone out of his hand on accident. Phone landed on the tracks. Dude demanded the guy climb down and get it. Deceased refused. He pushed him onto the tracks during a scuffle.


carolyn_mae t1_it0duot wrote

Small correction… The article states that he wasn’t pushed on the tracks, he was punched in the face which caused him to lose balance and subsequently fall on the tracks. Still atrocious, but I’m wondering if that’s why he was charged with manslaughter instead of second degree murder. Maybe manslaughter is just easier to prove.


IvanIsOnReddit t1_it0epux wrote

Exactly. Murder you would have to prove intent, and since this was a punch in the face and not a push, it’s hard to prove the puncher had the intention making him lose balance.


thisismyreddit11358 t1_it0h5qe wrote

If I start to fight you near the subway tracks, it doesn’t matter your intent. Subways are dangerous, and starting a fight there just ain’t the same as on the street.

This guy should be tried for murder and then get electrocuted.


Snoo-27930 t1_it1v90e wrote

Thats not how murder works, but i understand you dont care about facts


Quirky_Movie t1_it2mqkx wrote

I tend to agree with you.

It's a natural consequence of starting a fight on a subway platform. It's ALWAYS a risk. They might make a case for something like negligent homicide after they gather the facts.


Quirky_Movie t1_it2n5hg wrote

It's the easiest charge to charge him immediately with based on the obvious facts.

They may end up with more charges to present to a jury to consider.


MillennialNightmare t1_it07fxg wrote

Apparently the person pushed in front of the train bumped someone, that person dropped their phone on the tracks, and it escalated from there. Not even close to worth a life.


ApplesauceLover123 t1_it0yzxd wrote

Imagine losing your life over $500-$900, fucking depressing world we live in.


RyuNoKami t1_it1mh4q wrote

its worse than that...he could have just went to the MTA guys and ask them to do it. its vanity. its the need to "correct disrespect."