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root086 t1_it0jwkn wrote

Yes. We all have lost our minds to some extent. COVID had more of an effect on mental health compared to physical health


nonlawyer t1_it0kmmn wrote

> COVID had more of an effect on mental health compared to physical health

Over a million people died in the US alone wtf is this nonsense lmao


bammerburn t1_it0kycr wrote

Republicans pretending 1 million deaths didn’t happen, and everybody else just losing their minds.


SakanaToDoubutsu t1_it2m3hg wrote

Say the average person who died from COVID-19 was 50 years old and lost about 25 years of life, that 25 million years of lost potential. By comparison the US population is about 360 million, and effectively lost a year of our lives from 2020 through 2021, thats 360 million years of lost potential. Which was worse in the grand scheme of things?


tuberosum t1_it2uzk6 wrote

Still the dead, because they'll never get to experience anything ever again.

You spent a year doing indoor things, baking bread and hanging out with friends on zoom instead of at a bar...


williamwchuang t1_it3fg8p wrote

Why are you comparing the two numbers? You're acting like everything would be normal despite a global pandemic if only the government did not do anything.


ctindel t1_it175uc wrote

Yes but realistically high tens if not hundreds of millions suffered mental health consequences.


lupuscapabilis t1_it2fy7q wrote

The whole time we’ve had people screaming about how it’s affecting mental health, only to be met with “shut up and fall in line.” It’s not like everyone wasn’t warned.