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yiannistheman t1_it0moka wrote

They're New York Post readers. Pathetic gross people are their target demographic.


TrueAd3615 t1_it0yhix wrote

Aka most of this sub


filthysize t1_it0zguk wrote

If NY Post articles continually get posted here, receive hundreds of upvotes, and generate discussions, then folks here don't have grounds to make fun of their demographic. It's the same at this point.


TrueAd3615 t1_it107i4 wrote

One actually lives here and the other moved to the suburbs but still posts here to shit on the city they couldn't make it in


user_joined_just_now t1_it1fwg4 wrote

> the city they couldn't make it in

What does that even mean? Do you think you're a badass for living here?


yiannistheman t1_it2bk7i wrote

He's referring to the fact that this sub is overrun by people who have never stepped foot here.


Gdott t1_it4w9wm wrote

How many of you were actually born here?