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mybloodyballentine t1_it1bytf wrote

But the NYPD’s budget grew. It’s bigger than ever. That’s the opposite of “defunding”.


snowdrone t1_it1czeh wrote

Well, in practice, their political support shrank.


mchavvy t1_it233k6 wrote

So your reply is basically. “In theory I was right. In practice I’m wrong because you provided concrete evidence that shows I talk out my ass.”🙄


snowdrone t1_it2xj3q wrote

I didn't think of this discussion as a contentious debate. I didn't know that their budget grew. Would you agree that the police have been doing less w/ regard to street/subway crime in the past year? If their budget grew, it seems like less value for money.


mchavvy t1_it3ii9g wrote

Which is just another reason to defund their budget. Yet you pointed out that’s just an action for appeasement.

You would be served well by putting down the Post and reading some good investigative journalism.


snowdrone t1_it3j5h3 wrote

I don't read the post. At the same time, I don't think DeBlasio was good for nyc. I am unclear on if you think that the NYPD is better or worse after his term.


HamWatcher t1_it72vw8 wrote

Their budget didn't grow - it was reduced by over a billion dollars in 2020. It was increased this year, which is what he is probably talking about, but not back up to pre-2020 levels. Additionally, they lost qualified immunity and can be personally sued for arresting people, even legitimate arrests. Furthermore, new rules were put into effect to make it much harder to arrest a resisting criminal. For instance, if they both fall to the ground and the officer lands on top, he is breaking the rules and a lawsuit against him may be successful.

Despite all that, and contrary to the original premise of this comment chain, arrests are still up month over month across the city. The cops aren't on soft strike and are making arrests.

The guy you are talking to is either lying on purpose or an idiot. Hard to tell.


crunchybaguette t1_it4gohp wrote

If you don’t know then what are you arguing?


snowdrone t1_it4n9b2 wrote

My comment literally said "I didn't think of this discussion as a contentious debate". People can just talk about things, you know?