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stoptakingmylogins t1_it2e8gg wrote

That's exactly the point. It isn't like these people are arrested. That is the main issue, and cameras would allow a more rigid and enforceable accountability measure. Will ot definitely work like that? Who's to say - the DA is unreliable.

Security works as a deterrent, that's not much of a secret. Even if it prevents a handful of deaths a year, it's worth it. The only money on the line is money that the MTA is already spending, just very poorly.

Subway pushers get arrested and released the same week. That's very problematic. I'm not sure why this is an issue - would you not rather see the MTA manage their finances in such a way as to improve service, reliability, and safety for riders? It's not like I'm proposing massive overhaul or a drastic increase in budget.