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yiannistheman t1_it549lv wrote

Listen Bucky, Canada doesn't qualify as having traveled extensively.

Go back to hiding under your bed now, you can still hear the angry talk radio from there, no worries.


WickhamAkimbo t1_it5avl9 wrote

It's sad that you're so ignorant of the world and can't process nuance better. I'm not a conservative, I'm not talking about Canada, and you are really out of your depth in this conversation.


yiannistheman t1_it5bj8q wrote

Yeah, the sad part is you trying to pretend that a random altercation between two people who run into each other can't turn into a freak accident anywhere else.

Try to peddle your bullshit elsewhere fucknuts, right down to lying about your political leanings as if your post history doesn't exist for all to see.


WickhamAkimbo t1_it9x6k9 wrote

It wouldn't even be an altercation in places like Seoul. You're simply ignorant of how a huge chunk of the world works and just how safe large cities can be. You don't even fully understand what cities can be at their best.

> right down to lying about your political leanings as if your post history doesn't exist for all to see.

Like the comment that got me banned from conservative months ago?:

My post history shows pretty reasonable opinions. I'll continue to push them here and elsewhere and argue against inexperienced children such as yourself. I will work with other like-minded New Yorkers to put people like you in your place and keep your idiotic opinions from making life worse here for everyone.


yiannistheman t1_iu9w23f wrote

Yeah - turns out in Seoul a hundred people die because it's Halloween.

Not to beat up on Seoul, but here's proof shit happens everywhere. Sorry to burst your bubble.


WickhamAkimbo t1_iubowf6 wrote

Holy shit how pathetic your life must be to pull this shit 8 days later. Holy fucking shit.

And to pounce on a tragedy and try to compare it to crime in the city. What the fuck is wrong with you?


yiannistheman t1_iuc5llz wrote

They're both fucking tragedies you loser. Random tragedies that could happen anywhere. You can haul your racist bullshit elsewhere.


Stleaveland1 t1_it8mibb wrote

Damn called the fuck out by yiannistheman over there with your tail between your legs 😂


[deleted] t1_it9w5gt wrote



Stleaveland1 t1_ita6yci wrote

🤣 seething over Reddit comments from strangers! How much does your life suck? I'm sorry your feel feels got hurt. I'll make sure I give you a trigger warning next time.

I travel outside the city, but unlike you, I'm not scared of darker skin people. Not a lot of places you can go when you quake even thinking of ethnics right?


WickhamAkimbo t1_itbsf87 wrote

I'm pretty confident that my life is vastly better than yours. I have the money and resources to insulate myself from the problems that are caused by people like yourself that are ignorant of the world and of good public policy.

You're much more likely to be a victim of crime now than I am, despite the fact that you try to minimize it. Maybe it would teach you some empathy.

> I'm not scared of darker skin people

Such a lazy troll. Sincerity is harder, and I am sincerely dedicated to making the lives of anti-social people such as yourself miserable in this city until you either figure out how to cooperate or you leave.