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JE163 t1_it01jnm wrote



kokchain t1_it04uq0 wrote

Sad. Don’t know what the fight could have been about. But just let it go and keep it moving.


Quirky_Movie t1_it07r95 wrote

The deceased knocked another man's phone out of his hand on accident. Phone landed on the tracks. Dude demanded the guy climb down and get it. Deceased refused. He pushed him onto the tracks during a scuffle.


Hummus_ForAll t1_it0d03y wrote

I hate this city so much sometimes because of stories like this. I know, I know “it can happen anywhere” but these random, unprovoked subway attacks are just so cruel and tragic day after day.


carolyn_mae t1_it0div4 wrote

Has everyone collectively lost their minds since COVID? I never remember hearing about these fights that lead to killings when there were millions of more people on the train (and therefore more people to run into and annoy).


carolyn_mae t1_it0duot wrote

Small correction… The article states that he wasn’t pushed on the tracks, he was punched in the face which caused him to lose balance and subsequently fall on the tracks. Still atrocious, but I’m wondering if that’s why he was charged with manslaughter instead of second degree murder. Maybe manslaughter is just easier to prove.


Aaco0638 t1_it0f98u wrote

The comment section in that article is disgusting, arguing over their immigration status tax payer money or politics fuckin pathetic gross people.


bolettebo t1_it0gtqp wrote

My heart breaks for him and his family :(


thisismyreddit11358 t1_it0h5qe wrote

If I start to fight you near the subway tracks, it doesn’t matter your intent. Subways are dangerous, and starting a fight there just ain’t the same as on the street.

This guy should be tried for murder and then get electrocuted.


yiannistheman t1_it0ijv2 wrote

Yeah, random and unprovoked aren't unique to this city in any way. Inserting the word "subway" into your post doesn't change that.

Just ask the asshole who live streamed his shooting spree in Memphis.


stoptakingmylogins t1_it0m7fs wrote

Yes, but New York has a very high percentage of citizens who use the public transit system. Expecting safety measures on the subway is a VERY valid request. Random and unprovoked attacks can and do happen anywhere, but over the last two years the Northeast US has experienced the highest percentage rise.

People get stabbed, robbed, and assaulted multiple times a day in NYC. Memphis doesn't have shooters driving by every day. I grew up in Nashville and Memphis is notorious for being dangerous - frequently cited as one of the most dangerous in the country.

The issue in New York is that, moreso than any other city, you're frequently forced to take the risk. I have to use the subway to get to work, and almost daily someone clearly deranged will be on the train. Statistically, I'm probably safe, but every day I have to be on edge and careful because the mentally ill are passed through the shitty legal system and released over and over again. I'm a 6"5 guy, I imagine that is a huge reason I've managed to avoid conflict, but I've certainly come across people half my size that try to instigate me.

There are different issues at play here, but it's perfectly valid to mention the Subway as particularly unsafe. I'm sure if the man had the option, he would have driven his wife.


ikneverknew t1_it0oyga wrote

I get what you’re saying but the implication seems to be that there aren’t parallels elsewhere. Road rage incidents come to mind, as there are so many crazy motherfuckers on various interstates and highways whose egos and willingness to do stupid dangerous shit using their vehicle to randos who happen into their way. The subway may be unique in some regard relevant to this discussion, but I wager it’s not so much as we may think.


mrchumblie t1_it0r0up wrote

This is so fucking sad and infuriating. God damn. Rest in peace. Please may cooler heads prevail.


CaptAshley t1_it0rc83 wrote

That’s your typical shitty NY Post readers. They’re a small red annoying boil on the ass of a great city. Wish we could lance them all and be done with the trash once and for all.


yiannistheman t1_it0ssad wrote

A lot of words to say basically nothing. There are a lot of people using the subways and as such you'd expect a higher number of incidents there.

Top five states in terms of murders per 100k population have routinely been Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and South Carolina. They're usually in the double digits. NYC's rate was 5.5 last year.

The spike in crime is cause for concern, but let's not pretend there's been some precipitous decline in safety.


CaptAshley t1_it0sv8y wrote

Oh agreed. I’m not debating the numbers and know majority of the fault lie with the NYPD engaging in a ”soft strike” since the George Floyd protests. Followed by the loss and lack of support systems for people forced out of the economic rat race.
I was just lamenting how crime has always been with us. Folks haven’t lost their minds, law enforcement and politicians have stopped doing their jobs.


Headbutt_Family_Band t1_it0vwc0 wrote

Just being out and about and walking around the streets these days, a lot of the time I can't help notice a really aggressive vibe in the air that was not there a few years ago. Seems like everyone is just generally pissed off and looking for a reason to start some shit. It's pretty sucky and it becomes contagious.


ineededanameagain t1_it0yf4d wrote

Heartbreaking stuff. Over a fucking phone. Hope the killer rots in jail


filthysize t1_it0zguk wrote

If NY Post articles continually get posted here, receive hundreds of upvotes, and generate discussions, then folks here don't have grounds to make fun of their demographic. It's the same at this point.


Fit-Conversation1978 t1_it0zuzn wrote

Over a phone. A damn's unreal what this world has come to.


MrRaspberryJam1 t1_it11iub wrote

Damn it I should have known better then to read the comments on a New York post article. Of course they make this a race thing.


101ina45 t1_it125rd wrote

Honestly I don't understand conservatives who complain about nyc but stay/continually talk about it.

Like, I don't obsess over conservative states/cities because they don't line up with my values. Just weird.


CaptAshley t1_it13968 wrote

It’s because Conservatives are always looking for a scapegoat to distract from the fact that they have nothing of substance to offer their constituents but manufactured outrage. So they cycle through their list of boogeymen and exist solely to grift and point elsewhere.


SnooWoofers5193 t1_it167k8 wrote

My heart breaks for them man, that's so tragic, what can they even do now??? A struggle in life in hopes of a better life only to struggle more, I hate it


Rebel90x t1_it16d9h wrote

ah yes, blame it on the NYPD. dont even stop to think about how leftist democrats created and support the current system that lets criminals back on the street.


crunchybaguette t1_it176nh wrote

Let’s be real. This is a result of compromises by both parties. The idea of defunding the police was supposed to lead to increasing mental health, rehab, and housing projects. Instead we’re left with demoralized police and people that need help that are left to rot on the street. Not saying that there isn’t anything done for them but the homeless are being used as political puppets on a national stage. Fuck the politicians on both sides of the aisle and fuck Adams.


iv2892 t1_it178in wrote

That’s what the average NY post reader says . They love to talk shit about nyc , yes the city has its problems. But I’m sure is much better than any random conservative town where it takes 1 hour to go to the supermarket


ShoeRunner314 t1_it17kae wrote

Probably a psychological talking point that I’m not confident on, but I’m sure someone more knowledgeable can elaborate on this.

Learning someone pushed a person infront of a train would encourage the thought of others to copy. Similar to how school shootings have grained into the American society in the recent years; guns have always been accessible, but the thought of shooting up a school 30 years ago was unheard of.


snowdrone t1_it180jw wrote

Putting together a thoughtful plan for mental health, rehab and housing projects will take awhile, if ever. It was easier to appease the "defund the police" crowd in the short term, and anyone who opposed that was deemed a horrible person, so here we are.


Rottimer t1_it1d8pn wrote

I've got to ask - what do you think is riskier in regards to death, taking the subway to work in NYC or driving to work in Memphis? Even if you count total subway deaths in 2022 it's far, far exceeded by total car deaths in NYC year to date.


stoptakingmylogins t1_it1ea2n wrote

That's fair, but we're talking safety from some form of assault. I wouldn't argue that driving a car would statistically improve risk of death on a day to day basis, but if we were to talk about someone committing a crime against you, I'd say the subway is far more dangerous. Some numbers to compare would be total deaths from assault in the subway system vs total deaths from road rage or something of the like. There's more nuance, surely, but that's just an example.

To respond to the other guys point as well, I think we can agree that, despite the statistically higher risk of death in a car, you feel much more safe and secure in one than you do crammed into a train cart with dozens of strangers - let alone mentally deranged and violent ones. The perception of safety, in my opinion, is just as valuable as the safety itself. People need to feel safe in their local communities and on public transit.

When I moved to NYC 6 years ago, I felt safe. I feel significantly less safe now, 50 pounds heavier. Just earlier today on the M train at flushing Avenue, a homeless man just stood facing perpendicular to me as I sat. He just spits on the ground, sticks a hand in his jacket and glares around. I don't know if he had a knife or gun, but not much could compel me to find out. I think the nature of the problem is rooted in a city with so many people that are on the edge. I need to work to survive, but I miss the days where that meant a nice commute where I could take a nap between stops instead of making sure I'm always aware of who's around me.


73420 t1_it1ed30 wrote

wow that is horrible. She can't work or function most of the time because of dialysis, her son has Downs and now the sole provider is dead over some BS. Oh, and they're illegal. Jeez just gets worse and worse.


user_joined_just_now t1_it1gf8m wrote

> I don't obsess over conservative states/cities because they don't line up with my values. Just weird.

Yeah, I guess it's incredibly weird to be concerned about other states restricting abortion rights. Why would anyone care? So weird.


JuliaMac65 t1_it1ruqp wrote

A million ppl died, and many millions more suffered mental health issues. It’s serious.


ballwasher89 t1_it1xckh wrote

No mention of the shitbag that did this?

How about we push him on the tracks?


mchavvy t1_it233k6 wrote

So your reply is basically. “In theory I was right. In practice I’m wrong because you provided concrete evidence that shows I talk out my ass.”🙄


virtual_adam t1_it29c6m wrote

You’re basically advocating for every New Yorker to have a private security guard walking around with them. In order to prevent a crime that’s about 1 in a million or even rarer

At that logic you can also make private cars illegal. Much higher risk for a random person to cause you injury with them

Also same logic as locking down the city forever due to Covid. If even 1 New Yorkers in a million dies from covid, we need to shut down all restaurants


WickhamAkimbo t1_it2b4u0 wrote

> Yeah, random and unprovoked aren't unique to this city in any way.

It's so much worse in American cities right now. It's insane. I honestly think that the majority of people who think otherwise simply haven't traveled internationally at all.


stoptakingmylogins t1_it2bm6e wrote

That's not at all what I'm advocating. You're assuming an extreme. There is middle ground - I've got the math in my post history, but the MTA could easily afford multiple security guards and live, monitored cameras in every station for the cost of cutting just a couple percent on their overtime costs. Expecting the primary provider of public transport to invest my fares into security versus mismanaging funds is a fair ask.

You're much less likely to have a random driver make an attempt on your life versus violent, mentally unhinged people with prior assaults on their record on the train.


whowantscake t1_it2cg7g wrote

Did anyone read the article? This isn’t a random or unprovoked incident. Someone died as a result and regardless of cause that’s terrible news. There was a man standing by the platform edge when he was bumped by Quintana. Because this man was bumped by Quintana, that man’s cell phone fell and ended up in the subway tracks. This man obviously pissed told Quintana to go retrieve it. Quintana refused understandably. Because of this they both engaged in an altercation leading to physical violence. It was reported that Quintana was pushed into the tracks at first, with other witnesses saying he wasn’t pushed, but fell into the tracks due to the scuffle. Now I’ve seen people bump into others without regard. I think it can be frustrating when someone doesn’t give a shit. That’s life. In this case if Quintana bumped into a man and that man loses his phone, then I can see how it would cause an argument followed by a hands on fight. It isn’t worth it though. They both lose. This isn’t a crazy person randomly pushing people into the subway tracks though.


virtual_adam t1_it2cm98 wrote

How would security cameras stop a 3 second push? It’s not like these people are never arrested. I don’t know of a subway pusher that’s still on the loose because cops can’t find them

You seem to be advocating for some 3 strikes rule towards the end of your comment. Which is very different than making sure 1 person isn’t pushed to the tracks every ~30 million rides by physically guarding every inch of subway at every moment of the day


stoptakingmylogins t1_it2e8gg wrote

That's exactly the point. It isn't like these people are arrested. That is the main issue, and cameras would allow a more rigid and enforceable accountability measure. Will ot definitely work like that? Who's to say - the DA is unreliable.

Security works as a deterrent, that's not much of a secret. Even if it prevents a handful of deaths a year, it's worth it. The only money on the line is money that the MTA is already spending, just very poorly.

Subway pushers get arrested and released the same week. That's very problematic. I'm not sure why this is an issue - would you not rather see the MTA manage their finances in such a way as to improve service, reliability, and safety for riders? It's not like I'm proposing massive overhaul or a drastic increase in budget.


lupuscapabilis t1_it2fy7q wrote

The whole time we’ve had people screaming about how it’s affecting mental health, only to be met with “shut up and fall in line.” It’s not like everyone wasn’t warned.


Rottimer t1_it2l38t wrote

That’s the thing about humans, our feeling don’t often align with probabilities. People are often too distracted when they should be fearful and too fearful when they don’t have much to worry about. I don’t deny that there are scary people on the subway and others that will make you feel uncomfortable. But we’ve also had 199 traffic fatalities this year through last week.

If the NY Post covered every traffic fatality the way they cover crime and micro mobility advocates posted on this sub like the conservatives post, you’d see people expressing the same fear about cars on the road and how drivers are a menace.


SakanaToDoubutsu t1_it2m3hg wrote

Say the average person who died from COVID-19 was 50 years old and lost about 25 years of life, that 25 million years of lost potential. By comparison the US population is about 360 million, and effectively lost a year of our lives from 2020 through 2021, thats 360 million years of lost potential. Which was worse in the grand scheme of things?


Imagine357 t1_it2mhu4 wrote

Who is stupid enough to fight near trains?


symbiat0 t1_it2ny06 wrote

No, the poster is right, generally we don't obsess over conservative places the way conservatives are always harping on about Chicago and News York. Crime in Chicago is not even in the top 20 worst places (many places in Red states fill out the top 20 or 30), but for sure Fox News and NYP (same org as far as I'm concerned, both Murdoch-owned) will only report on Chicago and NYC to push their crazy skewed view.

And yes while we are concerned about abortion rights, and we'll talk about them, the focus now is on getting this issue on to ballots in various states and trying to focus on keeping the House and maybe grabbing a couple of Senate seats because without those nothing can be done at the federal level.


TeamMisha t1_it2taun wrote

I would say worse than children. Covid made many people detached, psychopathic, and lose the little respect for human life they had. Look no further than the massive uptick in reckless driving we've seen.


mightglu t1_it2tnzg wrote

This breaks my heart, such an unnecessary death. Over a cellphone?? It’s sickening


tuberosum t1_it2uzk6 wrote

Still the dead, because they'll never get to experience anything ever again.

You spent a year doing indoor things, baking bread and hanging out with friends on zoom instead of at a bar...


QuickRelease10 t1_it2x11q wrote

2020 definitely broke us as a society. It’s definitely noticeable even in day to day interactions with people.

Between the election, COVID, protests, etc. It just seems like we’ve lost our collective minds.


snowdrone t1_it2xj3q wrote

I didn't think of this discussion as a contentious debate. I didn't know that their budget grew. Would you agree that the police have been doing less w/ regard to street/subway crime in the past year? If their budget grew, it seems like less value for money.


QuickRelease10 t1_it2xwkg wrote

Also inaction, both by society and political institutions, essentially makes it an acceptable outcome.

School shootings and random attacks on public transportation should never be tolerated in a civilized society.


Best_Program_3365 t1_it2y94j wrote

Undocumented **. No matter what the term is by law, from a moral standpoint the existence of any human being should never be referred to as “illegal”. It’s easy to use that word after years of social conditioning, but as a society generally advocating for positive change, we should make an effort not to dehumanize others by such terms.


SoulfulYam t1_it3aymh wrote

That would literally be a historically disaster. I don't think it's any hyperbole to say that people's mental health right now is quite possibly the worst it has ever been, especially for young people (myself included). I'm really scared what the future will hold when so many of our brains are just straight fucked.


SumyungNam t1_it3b9ah wrote

Man so sad and senseless...over a bump and a cellphone?


mchavvy t1_it3ii9g wrote

Which is just another reason to defund their budget. Yet you pointed out that’s just an action for appeasement.

You would be served well by putting down the Post and reading some good investigative journalism.


snowdrone t1_it3j5h3 wrote

I don't read the post. At the same time, I don't think DeBlasio was good for nyc. I am unclear on if you think that the NYPD is better or worse after his term.


iwantcookies2020 t1_it3jiuv wrote

She has 3 sons. Oldest is 30. They should take care of their mom.


PBM1337 t1_it3jkve wrote

NYPost doing a fantastic job triggering folks and painting NyC like chiraq, and Philly. We ain’t in Haiti either. The next broken politician should defitinely work with the NYPost for some storytelling during their campaign


PBM1337 t1_it3kclq wrote

You’ve been triggered by the nypost, eject and go outside for some fresh air.

Some guy trips and falls into the tracks and pulls himself back up, dusts himself off smokes a cigerrete and leaves.

NYPost: NYC MTA platform brutally trips innocent passenger falling 50 ft on the tracks with f train going 100mph almost severes his head with minor injuries and scuffs.


No_Book1465 t1_it3td5y wrote

No offense but the “shitbag” is minding his own business wasn’t he? Lol

Honestly, if someone bumped me on a platform I’d be extremely concerned with his carelessness of that shitbag… 🧐


jaymmm t1_it3xhgo wrote

You can be punched in the face on the street fall backwards hit your head and be DOA


Aggravating_One4823 t1_it43ee1 wrote

People misinterpret rushing for aggression. You see it all the time. Like how insecure do you have to be to take offense to a stranger rushing to get around you? Who cares?


Aggravating_One4823 t1_it442p1 wrote

Observationally, the person being rushed around interprets it as disrespectful or as aggression. I think what happens is people spend time in the can and know fights typically start with someone bum rushing them. Then we disperse them into a congested city that never sleeps. I think it is more likely to be a pervasive byproduct of a horrible criminal justice system than it is to be caused by COVID. You never hear of people who were normal pre-COVID doing these things. We’re predisposed as humans to blame COVID because that enables us to think these issues will solve themselves on their own when they keep getting worse. If you notice, people only ever blame COVID for non-medical issues they don’t want to resolve.


No_Book1465 t1_it44csz wrote

You shouldn’t be bumping into people on a platform or waiting at a crosswalk because what you need to do is more important. Plain and simple. This is the reason school buses have stop signs. Slow down and Move over laws.

Reality check.


Gdott t1_it4vzuu wrote

So we’re not supposed to be upset about someone being pushed on the tracks (for the 1000th time) because it’s the NYPost’s fault!


WickhamAkimbo t1_it51woe wrote

I've traveled internationally pretty extensively and never run into the widespread menacing that you find in New York. It's not fearmongering, it's experience. I don't really give a shit that your political views demand that you ignore crime happening around you or ignore other people's experiences.


WickhamAkimbo t1_it5avl9 wrote

It's sad that you're so ignorant of the world and can't process nuance better. I'm not a conservative, I'm not talking about Canada, and you are really out of your depth in this conversation.


yiannistheman t1_it5bj8q wrote

Yeah, the sad part is you trying to pretend that a random altercation between two people who run into each other can't turn into a freak accident anywhere else.

Try to peddle your bullshit elsewhere fucknuts, right down to lying about your political leanings as if your post history doesn't exist for all to see.


HamWatcher t1_it72vw8 wrote

Their budget didn't grow - it was reduced by over a billion dollars in 2020. It was increased this year, which is what he is probably talking about, but not back up to pre-2020 levels. Additionally, they lost qualified immunity and can be personally sued for arresting people, even legitimate arrests. Furthermore, new rules were put into effect to make it much harder to arrest a resisting criminal. For instance, if they both fall to the ground and the officer lands on top, he is breaking the rules and a lawsuit against him may be successful.

Despite all that, and contrary to the original premise of this comment chain, arrests are still up month over month across the city. The cops aren't on soft strike and are making arrests.

The guy you are talking to is either lying on purpose or an idiot. Hard to tell.


LouVee616 t1_it7gxbu wrote

I had pretty much this exact same scenario happen to me.

I got bumped and my phone fell in the track.

I was quite unhappy. Instead of killing someone, I went to the booth and got my phone about 20 minutes later


winstonpartell t1_it7wgxk wrote

Keep in mind we don't know how it escated to that point - did the victim try to de-escalate and tell the perp to calm down and he is to call for station personnel about the retrival.


WickhamAkimbo t1_it9x6k9 wrote

It wouldn't even be an altercation in places like Seoul. You're simply ignorant of how a huge chunk of the world works and just how safe large cities can be. You don't even fully understand what cities can be at their best.

> right down to lying about your political leanings as if your post history doesn't exist for all to see.

Like the comment that got me banned from conservative months ago?:

My post history shows pretty reasonable opinions. I'll continue to push them here and elsewhere and argue against inexperienced children such as yourself. I will work with other like-minded New Yorkers to put people like you in your place and keep your idiotic opinions from making life worse here for everyone.


Stleaveland1 t1_ita6yci wrote

🤣 seething over Reddit comments from strangers! How much does your life suck? I'm sorry your feel feels got hurt. I'll make sure I give you a trigger warning next time.

I travel outside the city, but unlike you, I'm not scared of darker skin people. Not a lot of places you can go when you quake even thinking of ethnics right?


WickhamAkimbo t1_itbsf87 wrote

I'm pretty confident that my life is vastly better than yours. I have the money and resources to insulate myself from the problems that are caused by people like yourself that are ignorant of the world and of good public policy.

You're much more likely to be a victim of crime now than I am, despite the fact that you try to minimize it. Maybe it would teach you some empathy.

> I'm not scared of darker skin people

Such a lazy troll. Sincerity is harder, and I am sincerely dedicated to making the lives of anti-social people such as yourself miserable in this city until you either figure out how to cooperate or you leave.


Nostromeow t1_itbw1mf wrote

One thing that I wonder about, is why are these attacks so common in NYC ? It’s probably amplified by the media but it seems that I read about a new attack every week. I live in Paris and the subway isn’t the safest place but attacks like this are extremely rare in comparison, or so it seems. I mean you will definitely get yelled at for no reason by a weird crackhead, it’s a rite of passage… But I wonder why violent attacks seem to have surged in NYC subway post pandemic. Is it lack of security personnel ? Lack of mental health services/support in general for marginalized people ?.. Both ?..


Nostromeow t1_itbwhaq wrote

One thing that I wonder about, is why these attacks seem so common in NYC ? It’s probably amplified by the media but it seems that I read about a new attack every week. I live in Paris and the subway isn’t the safest place but attacks like this are extremely rare in comparison, or so it seems. I mean you will definitely get yelled at for no reason by a weird crackhead, it’s a rite of passage… But I wonder why violent attacks seem to have surged in NYC subway post pandemic. Is it lack of security personnel ? Lack of mental health services/support in general for marginalized people ? Both ?.. I’m genuinely asking because I really don’t understand, why now, what’s going on ?


Unique_Bunch t1_itd6r8s wrote

Look in to the actual numbers behind it. It's true that it's not as safe as it was in recent years, but the rate at which the attacks have increased is not even close to the rate at which mass media is publishing news about it.


WickhamAkimbo t1_iubowf6 wrote

Holy shit how pathetic your life must be to pull this shit 8 days later. Holy fucking shit.

And to pounce on a tragedy and try to compare it to crime in the city. What the fuck is wrong with you?