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hgravesc t1_ispae7d wrote

Just FYI, there usually is a reason why the ranges are so large. I use a tool from the Economic Research Institute for determining salaries and for a job such as a plumber, you could have someone making $50k in the 10th percentile and someone else making $100k in the 90th percentile. There are just so many factors that go into determining a salary and these laws overlook that.


jza_808 t1_ispj7wy wrote

Focusing on the base wage rate also doesn't paint the full picture of what the company truly compensates its employees. Company A may be paying $22/hr, and Company B may be paying $24/hr but Company A may have far better benefits (including paying more toward health insurance and lowering out of pocket costs for employees).


hgravesc t1_ispje75 wrote

An excellent point. I'm all for transparency but these laws really aren't all that effective for that reason.


Double-Ad4986 t1_ispfq46 wrote

true but ik the majority of the jobs doing this aren't those kind of jobs, they are just purposely misleading


hgravesc t1_ispj2fm wrote

I really think it's more complex than that. It all comes down to how the data is reported in the first place. Companies usually have to report salary data but you can have differing levels of jobs that go by the same title. Then, in aggregate, you end up with huge ranges.