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surfnfish01 t1_irh26cq wrote

Just another gangster in blue.


rNBA_Mods_Be_Better t1_irhkw89 wrote

By far the most surprising part of this article is he’s being charged w anything


LostSoulNothing t1_irj838p wrote

Worth noting that it's the Feds charging him. The NYPD let him retire and keep his full pension because of course they did


MoosesAndMeese t1_irhxxwh wrote

Not the NYPD, but speaking of gangsters

What are the chances this exists within the NYPD too


voidfishsushi t1_irijvm0 wrote

Oh I’m betting there’s gangs aplenty, but I would also assume they’re not dumb enough to be super obvious about it. Probably only abuse people deep in the outer boroughs where it won’t get press attention.