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NewYorker0 t1_irhikmm wrote

No wonder why people don’t like Unions.


rNBA_Mods_Be_Better t1_irhl6pz wrote

Police unions are anti-labor and shouldn’t be included when talking about unions


williamfbuckwheat t1_irhq0ew wrote

They hate all other unions too and do nothing to contribute to labor activism across various sectors like you see all the time with unions that fall under the afl-cio or SEIU. Lots of states actually have special carveouts so they are the only public sector working allowed to have so-called "unions" even though they like to call themselves deceptive sounding names instead like the Police "Benevolent" Association or "Fraternal Order of the Police" (which sounds a lot more like a secret society/frat than a union. They plead for the right to collectively bargain and organize but then think it should just apply to them and more in a way that seems like blackmail or a mob protection racket than an agreement that is supposed to be a compromise between the workers and the elected representatives of the taxpayers.