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rNBA_Mods_Be_Better t1_irhl2vn wrote

Unfortunately the general public has no influence on how the police union votes and therefore no influence on reform. If we want an effective judicious law enforcement in this city it begins with ending the police union. It’s a tall order and maybe unrealistic but it’s the only way to reform and progress as a city.


InSACWeTrust t1_iri8f5t wrote

Police unions are in an interesting situation. It's one of the few places where the ends of the political spectrum agree.

Progressives don't want the police part of police union. Conservatives don't want the union part of police union.


TheDoctor_Forever t1_iriaax3 wrote

It’s because police unions aren’t unions. Cops are sent in to stomp out actual union protests. No solidarity whatsoever.


bangbangthreehunna t1_irjz4vk wrote

Yes, the powerful NYPD union. 5 years out of contract with city hall. So powerful.