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The Nazis way too brave on this subreddit.


Gozillasbday t1_irkg754 wrote

Do you know what Oath Keepers are? Do you understand why this would be an issue for a member of the NYPD?

Also the BLM movement is just that a movement. There is an organization, but the movement itself is not an organization with members.

Edit: This is a 0 karma 6 year old account very suspect.


hooplah t1_irkqim0 wrote

took 6 years for his 2 brain cells to build enough heat to write out that trash ass comment


hau5keeping OP t1_irkdfbv wrote

Affiliating with Nazis is bad. Comparing Nazis to people protesting against systemic racism is bad.

Hope that clears things up.


twothumbswayup t1_irkhjwt wrote

I dunno, you think cops and especially members of the law enforcement would be held to a higher standard than aligning themselves with racists etc.


F_T_N_32 t1_irkax6m wrote

The nypd patrol guide forbids employees from associating with groups that promote “hatred, oppression, or prejudice based on race, religion, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, or disability.” The department’s rules also prohibit employees from associating with groups or people who are believed to be involved in criminal activity.


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Should these departments not be able to investigate this shit in less than a year?