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_Maxolotl t1_iu6zm32 wrote

The PBA may be a pack of right wing nutjobs, but at the end of the day, a lobbying group that's been around forever is somewhat likely to donate to whoever they think will win.


Used-Engineering4996 t1_iu7s2n9 wrote

Yup. 538 is giving Zeldin a 3% chance of winning. I think his odds are probably a bit higher, maybe around 7-10%, but he’s almost certainly not going to win.


Show-Me-Your-Moves t1_iu8hik8 wrote

Crazy thing is, New York was probably very winnable for Republicans this year. They just needed a candidate with a moderate opinion on abortion and the balls to tell Trump to fuck off...instead they nominated this weirdo.


amznthrownaway1 t1_iu9vne3 wrote

If Zeldin just distanced himself from crazy Trump crowd, he would win.


F4ilsafe t1_iu8ou1s wrote

I just think back to 2016 and the reported odds between Hillary and Donald. . . this is looking awfully familiar.


hannibalbaracka t1_iu8w4xu wrote

Trump had a 30% chance to win in 2016. That’s just a bit different than 3%


amznthrownaway1 t1_iu9v3nd wrote

And don't forget Comey going a national stage right before the election saying he found more secret e-mails and was investigating them still (which turned out to be perfectly normal emails and nothing nefarious). That changed the entire vibe of the election.


XenosV t1_iu79oqk wrote

That’s because they want to keep whoever wins under their thumb, or at least willing to look away from & ignore their corruption.


_Maxolotl t1_iu7b22r wrote

Political donations are less often bribery by the donor and more often extortion by the recipient.


adonis7511 t1_iu9b3ol wrote

The truth is: Police need arrest in order to continue to do their job. Kathy Hochuls policies of catch and release, allow exactly that more arrest. That's good for business it keeps the courts active.

Kathy Hochul is also secretly a part of the feminist agenda to replace 80-90% of NY's top electives as Female and shattering the "Glass Ceiling". Feminist grouped together, filed complaints against Cuomo to replace 'him' with 'her'. They want Joe Biden to run again so he can hopefully die this time around and give the position to Kamala Harris, it's all a strategically coordinated plot.

Vote for Lee Zeldin in order to gut the swamp. It's about checks and balances not a bureaucracy.


_Maxolotl t1_iu9jdod wrote

LMFAO Just because you're not getting laid doesn't mean there's a secret feminist conspiracy to rule New York, dude.


Labiologie t1_iufxfuh wrote

You’re so unhinged I don’t know where to start.


brook_lyn_lopez t1_iu6vt95 wrote

Profesional Bowlers Association?


readyforthehausu t1_iu7fp3o wrote

Funny 40% of bowlers started after the age of 15. Google 40% of cops for a similar stat!


jdolbeer t1_iu6xy22 wrote

Get politics out of sports smh smh

I guess I needed to add /s...


Speedyx t1_iu6tn7r wrote

They probably see the writing on the wall, she will win even if its by a smaller amount and shes all about that pay to play. Probably trying to buy some better pension benefits.


Something_Berserker t1_iuddbcy wrote

I gotta believe 25k is a nominal donation. It's meant to be more of a statement of support than a significant sum meant to buy influence.


OutrageousGarbage743 t1_iu73ega wrote

No matter who wins, New York loses, both candidates are trash


09-24-11 t1_iu78t4j wrote

Love it or leave it baby!!!! (I don’t wanna leave)


joyousRock t1_iua192o wrote

Really hard to vote this time. both candidates repulse me for different reasons


BenHogan1971 t1_iu7zp9w wrote

I wonder how hard POST editors swallowed before they had to write that


LeicaM6guy t1_iu8rcav wrote

I doubt it’s out of benevolence - they know Zeldin doesn’t stand a chance and want some influence with the likeliest winner.


stansvan t1_iuc6xqt wrote

Yes, the Governor is a master of manipulation. Diverting millions for her pay to play that benefit the wealthy. While this money can be used to help so many that are struggling. If she gets away with this while up for reelection, just imagine what she will do if she wins.


Jazzlike_Ad_9118 t1_iu70o0a wrote

The right wing nut jobs are calling for Pat Lynch head.


stansvan t1_iuc7p3k wrote

Well then, if that's the case, she can do whatever the hell she wants because it won't matter. Good strategy.


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stansvan t1_iuc7i5q wrote

She is the opposite of a conservative. But you need to ask yourself if she is she spending on the project's you care about. Stadiums, Penn station, airports, trains to airport, LIRR access to West side, electric school busses ........


6amp t1_iubiwd3 wrote

I honestly dislike both of them but there's a clear choice who isn't a POS AntiAmerican traitor lover. She's getting my vote just for the fact she didn't be d down and kiss that orange POS ring


BlueShield t1_iucdjk7 wrote

Kathy doesn't need a measly $25k from these fascist pigs.


adonis7511 t1_iu9l7vs wrote

Why do you revert to sex when I speak about women? Your a SIMPle minded creature.


Apprehensive-Group63 t1_iu8ox80 wrote

WTF, has Pat Lynch lost his mind as Woke Hoke has failed To keep New Yorkers safe by not trying to fix the bail reform debacle!


GoPikachuGo1 t1_iu8ursg wrote

More crime = more job security for police. Simple.


Redemptionxi t1_iu9lqec wrote

Yes, nothing cops love more than high crime rates so they can get ordered in for overtime so they can't go home.


thebatman924 t1_iu7qdnb wrote

Heard the old school white LI NYPD cops still on force are coming for his head (Pat Lynch)


stansvan t1_iu6xcrt wrote

I think a true progressive would have trouble sleeping at night if they voted for her.


yiannistheman t1_iu6y5rt wrote

As opposed to voting for the election denying fascist? I don't think so.


Grass8989 t1_iu6znvm wrote

Should write in a progressive candidate!


molingrad t1_iu7k1w0 wrote

>I’ll just write in Jill Stein what’s the worst that could happen?


co_matic t1_iu75k59 wrote

As a conservative, you'd know all about it


RecommendationOld525 t1_iu7j74i wrote

I mean I have trouble sleeping at night in general, but voting for her despite not being a particular fan won’t make it any worse.


MinefieldFly t1_iu7mycu wrote

Whoa everybody be careful we got a master manipulator over here