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StuntMedic t1_iu90ujp wrote

Staten Island should form an alliance with its sizeable population of turkeys.


kjuneja t1_iu8nz6p wrote

Glad these are gone from lower Manhattan now. I'm sure every maintenance worker is too


charliehustles t1_iu8m11q wrote

Everyone is doing their part.

Are you?


Stringerbe11 t1_iu91om1 wrote

Do you want to know more?


DadBodofanAmerican t1_iu9w7e5 wrote

Service guarantees citizenship


The_Question757 t1_iuduo8x wrote

We must meet this threat with our courage, our valor, indeed with our very lives to ensure that human civilization, not insect, dominates this galaxy NOW AND ALWAYS.


Weaponized_Puddle t1_iu9o9qd wrote

They’re more lethargic and easier to kill now that the weather is colder IMO

What’s the end game for this anyway? What are the possibilities to eradicate them?


Octopus69 t1_iudlxsl wrote

Kill enough of them to cut down the population and give the local fauna a chance to adapt and view them as food


biggreencat t1_iu97upi wrote

a real life snake clubbing.


CalligrapherFun1440 t1_iu9n1wu wrote

Even my cats learned to kill them when we’re outside lol they just jump up and catch em with their paws


Guypussy t1_iu9672o wrote

🎶 Insects crawling all around/Insects squirming in the ground/Insects gooey squeaky chewy/Should I eat them?/No!/I’d rather stomp them/Hurt them, stomp them, stomp them while I dance! 🎶


BaronGikkingen t1_iubh10g wrote

I read this in the “children DYin’ in the schoools” voice until I realized it was something else


Tyzed t1_iua0wtw wrote

that’s pretty morbid ngl


rauko1228 t1_iuh9mv8 wrote

if i recall right what should be done now besides stomping should be looking at trees for the egg streaks and scraping them off. just think of it as pre-emptively stomping a bunch at once.


jomns t1_iuakix0 wrote

These are all over southern brooklyn, especially fort hamilton area


-Tony t1_iubfeo5 wrote

Fort Wadsworth is infested with them, if you don’t clean that up you can stomp all you want and it won’t do a thing.


[deleted] t1_iu8p8o4 wrote



lyagusha t1_iu8s7si wrote

Exactly that, the whole stomping thing is entirely for show. They're gone now because now is egg-laying season, if anyone actually cared to stop the lanternflies they'd start by putting sticky traps covered in chicken wire mesh on every tree of heaven in the metro area. They're mapped so why not start there? Or better yet, put a slow-killing herbicide (the one time glyphosate is good) into cuts on each tree AND wrap with sticky traps (e: in the spring when the eggs hatch), that way you get rid of nymphs and the host tree in one. The host tree is invasive and better to just plant a fast-growing native or another gingko.

Anything else is just false advertising and you might as well kiss Northeastern grape, apple, and stone-fruit production goodbye in the next ten years.


mrmamation t1_iu8zu4r wrote

We have one of those trees in our backyard and a fuck ton of eggs in spots we can't reach. Tried reporting it but haven't heard back which leads me to believe that we will be even more fucked next year.


101ina45 t1_iu9msor wrote

In jersey in your situation they would cut the tree down and destroy it


Skreali t1_iu9h2eb wrote

I'd vote for you if you would run for an office


True_Comment_4144 t1_iua6kuy wrote

Why is the truth always downvoted?

All you said is stepping on lantern flys won't effect the population.

This is a 100% absolute fact, yet it's downvoted -12.

I genuinely don't get it.


alittlebitofanass t1_iua33bw wrote

Probably many were detected and eliminated early before they became newsworthy or became entrenched, like preparedness paradox.


yankuniz t1_iua678u wrote

Who is this making feel good? We’re normalizing and encouraging really disgusting behavior