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bustinfeelsgood12 t1_it2oktk wrote

My old landlords lol. My partner was subpoenaed to testify in this


York_Villain t1_it3pfo7 wrote

Looks like these real estate developers have been robbing the city of millions of dollars while avoiding BILLIONS in tax breaks. They only offered up a measly 44 affordable apartments in eight years.

This 421a tax break should be eradicated. How shameful.


bkornblith t1_it3xu5d wrote

Bankrupt these greedy fucks.


Wilpwr t1_it4cphm wrote

Water is wet


nixplix t1_it447ky wrote

Shocker !!


KindlyChampion8553 t1_it7e6bl wrote

as if anything could make bushwick worse. they probably spent half a day clearing litter so they could physically see the lot.


spoil_of_the_cities t1_it30vpm wrote

Would have been smarter to mug the tenants instead , Bragg wouldn't do shit


LivefromPhoenix t1_it3t3r1 wrote

You must be unfamiliar with how often landlords get away with illegal rent increases. Most of the time the people these landlords are stealing from don't even realize its against the law.