Submitted by appleciderpie t3_y3isgk in nyc

“I’m not allowed to touch the plate” said the parking enforcement woman when I asked why she ticketed the next car over for illegal parking but not the bike with the obscured plate.

I even offered to take the tape off myself so she could ticket this guy and she laughed it off. The system is broken.



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solo-13003 t1_is8vgx4 wrote

Karen welcome to New York


VenConmigo t1_is8y03d wrote

Saw a car with the license plate's corners folded in like the tip of a paper airplane. Literally 2 screws and a triangle.


_Maxolotl t1_is92ptw wrote

I see so many of those in front of every police station in the city.


coffeeshopslut t1_isa61qr wrote

Why even have a plate at that point?


froggythefish t1_is9s5ry wrote

Oh man, removing license plate covers from Amazon or whatever sure did work!


albertyiphohomei t1_isaugjm wrote

Just roll it in the middle of the street and call 311 for blocking traffic


phil_s_stein t1_isbgkvm wrote

Wow the fact that it even has a plate is amazing.


IKNWMORE t1_isbw0z9 wrote

Call 311 - have cops respond they can ticket and have the vehicles towed.


BoxFullofSkeletons t1_isb3s0q wrote

I didint even know that scooters needed plates lol who cares


DurianDurian t1_isbt5jl wrote

It's got a plate and registration? Wow!


CD20000006 t1_ischtv8 wrote

They impound vehicles for that in NY


Huge_Profit_5349 t1_isgo4zm wrote

That asshole parks there everyday when I go to work there I wanna kick it down so bad


freedom_to_choose t1_isaxurt wrote

That's a local delivery bike, dude. That's why it's there.


fldsmdfrv2 t1_israkg6 wrote

A lot of people are getting rid of cars and going scooter. No plates, no registration, no insurance, cheap on gas, no tickets. Wait until congestion hoaxing kicks in, scooters will be zipping through all the suckers in the cars, toll free of course.


sumreinramee t1_isahcbi wrote

I know a girl who keeps a traffic cone in her trunk. What does she use it for, right? Like, it's super weird. Why have a traffic cone in your trunk? Oh, it's because when she wants to hold a really dope parking spot, she places the traffic cone there so other people don't park there. Hmm, yeah, I told her, you're not being smart. You're being a dick.


RetroZelda t1_isb60aj wrote

that just means when you see a good spot with a cone and no sign posting, that spot is up for grabs with a free cone.


sumreinramee t1_isepcaf wrote

I'll keep it 100 with you, that girl is me. I keep a traffic cone in my trunk so I could hold really dope parking spots when I leave. I do think it is smart and resourceful. They say that Jeff Bezos was smart and resourceful during his come-up, and shit, he still is today. If Baldy McBezos can do it and make billions, why can't I do it, man!


praiseheatdeath t1_isagymd wrote

If piggies are allowed to do it, delivery guys definitely should be allowed to since they actually provide a valuable service unlike the fat fucks in blue.


66Hanuman99 t1_isba6sb wrote

>Decibel Sake Bar

I think the Piggies all downvoted your comment. I gave you an UPvote just to put you back at zero.. lol. maybe make your comment less angry next time? I dont know.....


Davohk t1_isac2vn wrote

You the owner of the shed? Why you so concerned?


naalotai t1_isairvm wrote

The license plate is covered. The bike is avoiding the tolls/tickets.


PBM1337 t1_isa9iwz wrote

Y’all so passionate about this, why don’t y’all become traffic cops?

Also touching someone’s property or even the plates can:

  1. Get you fucked up
  2. arrested

ScenicART t1_isahlgn wrote

because shitlords like this get away with things because the NYPD got their feelings hurt in 2020 and now refuse to do their jobs. lick boots


PBM1337 t1_isaiv7c wrote

Lmao the same shitlords that deliver your Uber eats?


Kozzzman t1_is8wscx wrote

Why is this sub so fucking obsessed with handing out tickets? Just mind your own business. Jesus H. Christ.


StoryAndAHalf t1_is94nci wrote

They do something like hit and run, even with a dash cam, security cam, or your cell phone picture they can drive off and screw you over - you gotta pay for everything out of pocket.


Kozzzman t1_is950h3 wrote

OP isn’t talking about that. He’s talking about parking tickets.


absolutkfx t1_is9i06a wrote

They are the worst drivers because unless their vehicle is 100 percent disabled they just run after the accident.


natsunshine t1_isa44my wrote

My friend was hit by a car with a vandalized plate so the photos that she managed to take was not usable for the police report or her insurance. People who vandalize plates threaten the safety of everyone.