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Kozzzman t1_is8wscx wrote

Why is this sub so fucking obsessed with handing out tickets? Just mind your own business. Jesus H. Christ.


StoryAndAHalf t1_is94nci wrote

They do something like hit and run, even with a dash cam, security cam, or your cell phone picture they can drive off and screw you over - you gotta pay for everything out of pocket.


Kozzzman t1_is950h3 wrote

OP isn’t talking about that. He’s talking about parking tickets.


absolutkfx t1_is9i06a wrote

They are the worst drivers because unless their vehicle is 100 percent disabled they just run after the accident.


natsunshine t1_isa44my wrote

My friend was hit by a car with a vandalized plate so the photos that she managed to take was not usable for the police report or her insurance. People who vandalize plates threaten the safety of everyone.