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KaiDaiz t1_itlqify wrote

Recently pushed laws by progressives and dems do suck imo. Good intention but horrible execution, ill thought out and plenty of unforeseen consequences.

Add to your above examples- right to speedy trial by x days but do nothing to address staffing of DA offices that are already backlog to make deadlines set by speedy trial reform possible or properly account for unforeseen catastrophic delays like a pandemic.

2019 rent reforms that limit amount of repairs/updates costs that can be recoup by owners is another.

Ban on background checks in employment that lead to higher employment requirements & higher rejections of minorities to avoid asking about criminal past

Good cause eviction proposal - leads to more housing discrimination especially for families and minorities plus , higher requirements for renting. Also will drive market to create smaller housing options bc no reason to build 2BR/3RB over a studio/1BR bc the faster the tenant moves out the faster they can raise rent under proposal. The larger the unit, more likely tenant with families stay longer limiting rent increase potential.

Proposal ban on background checks for renting - see how well ban on background check working out great in the workplace.

Universal pre-k - sounds great but no plans to fund program outside of expiring grants.

Would like to add electrification of heating and gas ban- which will lead to the cost and liability of heating pass to tenants, higher cost to maintain existing gas equipment which leads to phasing out but cost be pass onto tenants once again.

List goes on.ppl that create/propose these laws don't look beyond the few trees and fail to see the forest.


cuteman t1_itmrk6p wrote

As we say in the private world.... Ideas are a dime a dozen... Execution is everything


WickhamAkimbo t1_itpwgsa wrote

Good intentions are absolutely worthless when it comes to policymaking.


movingtobay2019 t1_itmm9id wrote

>List goes on.ppl that create these laws don't look beyond the few trees and fail to see the forest.

That would require actually thinking.


jacobjr23 t1_itmesa2 wrote

Government guaranteed education loans as well