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Hrekires t1_iu0cnks wrote

Temporary housing was temporary and maybe not worth getting 10/10 outraged over? Shocking.


CookieSheaButter t1_iu0hxd3 wrote

I think it was more that it was reactionary rather than based on sound logic.

The shelter population was going to explode this summer even without a manufactured migrant crisis. The eviction moratorium expired while inflation and rent soared. Besides that, the shelter population is always highest in summer.

The mayor, who was warned about this when he took office decided to take zero preventive or reactionary steps. He proposed a laundry list of ideas to help people move out of shelters and into permanent housing. Yet as of today, he has implemented zero with no plans to ever do so. So what do we have? A growing shelter population while average time in shelter is at over two years for families.

The city would rather spend $5300 a month per person (the cost of the awful homeless shelter on Randall’s island right next to the HERC) than take any steps toward meaningful reform.


gothamtommy t1_iu1iko3 wrote

Technically, he didn't do "nothing." He had DSNY and NYPD destroy homeless encampments.


Grass8989 t1_iu0osjz wrote

If Biden didn’t change course, we would have continued to receive Venezuelan migrants and it wouldn’t have been temporary.